It may no longer be necessary to explain, but all of this is a return of interest from that (●) Osama.

Osama was tailored to Operation Gorgeous Smart Destruction using only the Gawa of Operation Slumdog Mart designed by Genocide Lower.

First, he ordered Barluminte, the Immortal King, to acquiesce the gorgeous smart constructors to inflict various inches on the Land of the Immortal King.

But they suspect me of not being resistant at all, so I let them get in the way there with traps, monsters, etc.

And the rehearsal with Zepuros, which was repeated many times after the construction was completed, was also secretly kept under surveillance.

The final rehearsal and the gorgeous smart staff who completed the final check of the various tricks.

Their show is ready.

All we have to do is wait for tomorrow's production...

From there it was Osama's turn.

Gorgeous Smart's prepared "Immortal King of the Mural" is aflecco, but orders Barluminte himself to do so.

Further through the night, the renovation work involves the total mobilization of the immortals.

The Wild Dog Side trick has been completely altered...!

Osama also knew beforehand the trap that would bring him down.

The truth is, many of the traps that were set on tour were only at the kids corner level for Osama, who was going through purgatory.

Even if it was a bump production, I could have thrown all the traps... then it doesn't make sense.

That's where it was conceived to be a wearer with a variety of functions.

This involves the Gold-kun mask, which was unexpected for Osama, but used as a boat to cross.

Instead of dodging the trap, he tailored the scenario of accepting all the traps with the ability to wear them...!

Why didn't you avoid the trap and try to get caught on purpose......

This was for two reasons.

First of all, repeatedly avoiding, he said, 'Don't you know the information about the trap beforehand?' and to be suspected by Genocide Lower.

Osama is the shadow owner of the kingdom of the Immortal King, but he couldn't give it a hint of being enlightened.

And the lid is a performative effect.

If you dodge it, the threat of a trap will not be passed on to your audience.

It was decided that the stunt being struck would take more numbers than the stunt just in front of the car.

Moreover, in "Judgment", which was carried out on several occasions, Gordon was clearly seen worse than the brave.

It was through that handful that I was able to grasp the heart of the audience, which was a Zepuros monochrome.

By the way, the biggest tricks this time around were the pitfalls that framed 2,000 people and the hectic launch fireworks.

As for the pitfalls, in fact, there were several places set up in that audience, which in the worst case scenario was a sinking shootable build for each stage.

The destination of the hole leads to the facility when capturing and accommodating the living.

The 2,000 gorgeous smart staff who fell into the hole will now be in turn receiving the White State of Barluminte.

And hectic fireworks......

Launched by Black Cloud Heaven, this one shot was not a reversal full base Sayonara home run noise.

To parable, it hit the helicopter the terrorists were about to raid the ballpark on right now......

That crashed into their home base and the explosion flamed......

Coincidentally, a resolution rally was held at its home base, and the terrorists were gathered from all over the country, so it was swept away...

It had developed into such a sweep (panishment) that all terrorists threatening the country had been wiped out.

I can't help it.

After Rydboy Zepuros, the leader of The Ryke Boys, who was the top idol of the moment, confessed that he had held several women in his hands in the past......

"Brave man...... Ride boy Zepuros was...... heck yeah!!!!!

- Huh!!!!!!!!! "

And so on, after shouting all over the country through the propaganda...

"Brave Ride Boy Zepuros Was Heckley"

It's even more like a precaution, because I launched a set of fireworks...!

The press also wrote this in the newspaper.

"Top Idol Distractions......!? Master Zepuros is a heck of a lot to admit to!?

"The setup fireworks belong to Gorgeous Smart!? The myth of disfriendship with Master Genocide Lower has surfaced!

"Master Zepuros is a serial killer heckle...! The Immortal King foresaw it all...!?

The argument was predominantly these three.

That Zepuros, who became a madman, prepared that fireworks of his own and confessed his sins in a way that went off track.

That the tour was organized by Gorgeous Smart, so Genocide Lower set it up.

And at the end of the day... this theory was most accepted...

By the judgment of Barluminte, the Immortal King, Zepuros went mad, and confessed his sins.

The newspaper didn't even have Osama's 'O' lettering.

Of course, the reporters were also visiting Slumdog Mart for an interview.

"I can't believe Mr. Zepuros had so many women in his hands...... I can't believe it"

"Master Zepuros has also come to this Slam Dog Mart most of the time. You said something about bumps by yourself."

"Zepuros, honey? Is that it? More than that. Look, look! Finally, we got Gol a ticket to listen to everything he says!

Nothing in particular ever became an article when it came to this.


This problem also flies on the former companions of the brave.

He is a member of The Lyke Boys,

Rideboy Ghizalm

Ride Boy Halvard

Ride Boy Partizan

held an emergency press conference.

So, in tears, he pleaded the innocence of his leader.

That propaganda was made by the Immortal King, saying it was an illusion...!

And Zepuros said he was repeatedly tortured and made to confess his innocent sins...!

And, furthermore, they...

I wet my leader, to defeat the Immortal King...

It may still be in the underground labyrinth (dungeon), to retrieve the leader's body….

He punched into the Land of the Immortal King and declared the Battle of Barluminte...!