The royal castle of the Hurlbury small country.

Two well-dressed young men were walking towards Castle Town on a giant bouncing bridge over the main gate

With only one eye on his outfit, he can tell he is a brave man and his butler.

A young man in noble clothes walks forward and a young man in butler's clothes follows behind him so that he knows the difference in identity around him.

But when you two get in the carriage, the butler clothes youth suddenly becomes rude.

Led to a seat like a sofa, he began to remove the butterfly tie.

"Ha, this is the last time you dress up, right?

The carriage runs out and a gentle vibration wraps them both up.

"Oh," the young man nodded as he sat back in a crisp position face-to-face.

"It's been a long time since I've worn such cramped clothes, so it's been tough."

"Phew, don't say that, Day Crowler. I put it on the scoop, so be patient."

"Right, Genocide Lower. I can always feel good when I'm with you, so even when I was talking to that minister, my face was going to be so much better."

With one finger and thumb of both hands, a day clowler that catches the ends of your eyes and lips and makes you smile.

But Genocide Lower, through with sigh.

"Phew... what better way to prepare for another scoop than that?

"Perfect, yes this"

Hand me a thick envelope, removed from the inside pocket of the jacket.

"Everything you asked for, it's in there."

And a "hoo" sigh.

But it wasn't the genocide lore that emitted it.

"... what's up?

"You've been following all the sighs from time to time, but you're wondering if it's going to be a sigh for a lot of people. No, I'm sorry to hear that."


"Sometimes when you hand things over like this, your hands touch each other, right? I like that feeling. I still am, but we were both dressed up together, so I thought it was a shame."

The Day Crowler still looks out of place, hands pared, and shows off the white gloves in silk.

Here Genocide Lower finally dealt with me.

"Phew, I'm not sure about that preference... I'm sorry to hear that. Either way, if it's white gloves, I always do."

"I know, that's true. Ever since I was a kid."

The carriage stopped in front of the 'Gorgeous Smart Hallbury Small Country Headquarters' building.

"Looks like we're here. Ah... are you going to be there soon?

The Genocide Lower nods "Oh" as the posture and dimension of the ride remain irresistible.

"That's right, I'll call him (●) too. I should get back to work and get ready."

"I don't know who's watching. Unlock the disguise inside HQ and go back so they don't find out."

"I know. Well, good luck with that."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Oyaji was screaming.

In front of a splendid log house, unbeatable by the endless branch that once was.

"I did it! We did it. Whoa, whoa! Watch or hear, sons. Yikes!! I'm finally at the end of the branch and I've accomplished my legend oooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Golllllllllllllllllllllllll!!"

In this way, three times in the morning, noon and evening, it was Oyaji's recent routine to shout in one direction of the King's capital.

If it is always, the only thing that returns is the mountains......

Today, finally, did you get that thought?

"Oh, I'm listening."

To the voice from the hiking trail, when the Oyaji turns haha, there......

"You did it, dude."

His son stood, as if he had regained his childhood smile...!

"Yikes... Genocide Lower Huh!? You came, gorghhhhh!!

"Phew, naturally. I asked him to challenge this legend."

Extremely impressed, Oyaji gushes his son's body! And hug.

"I had a bit of a yaki turn too, I had a hard time... I managed to get him to do it, Gorgaah! More than that, what about you!? Is' Gorgeous Smart 'working!?

"Phew, I've got a few reports on that."

"Right! Then this is not the place, let me hear it inside! It's closed today, so no one's coming in the way! We'll talk tocoton without water for parents and children, gorgaaa!!

Then Oyaji led his son to the branch.

In the early days of challenging "End of Branch Life," Oyaji couldn't even build a plugging shed, he was a caveman.

But now you can set up a fine log house and call the interior a 'shop'.

Not a bad assortment, much better compared to bad personal stores, etc.

In the beginning it was a terrible Before-after, as if man had mutated and evolved all the way to the civilization of this era at once.

From what I hear, all the products sent by the popcorn chaser are also sold out.

"That son of a bitch, he's still sending me all those garbage products! But it was the" Legendary Salesman, "not to me! Sold out today! What do you say, gorghhhhh!!

"Phew, that's just great... No matter how old he is, he's our brother's hero."

"Ha, ha, ha, ha! So, what about that store over there, Golha!?

"About that...... Finally, it's done."

When his son took something out of his pocket, he put it on his palm and offered it.

On top of snowy, pure white gloves is a vial with liquid like a snowdome.

"What I've been researching is finally finished."

"What!? Could this be a fruit potion......!? Did you finally recreate the flavor of Slumdog Mart, Gorgaaa!?

"Oh... could you try a drink?

When Oyaji snapped the vial from his son's hand, he snapped the seal and opened it all at once.

And peel off your eyes.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!? This is exactly, the flavor of Slumdog Mart potion......! You did it, didn't you? Whoa!

Oyaji cracked the empty bottle on the floor with much excitement.

... Pareen!

"If you sell him alot, Slumdog Mart loses its main product and is devastated! We can smash them all at once, gorgaaa!! How lucky you are to complete a new product in conjunction with your legendary accomplishments! Have a press conference at the same time and fight back! Gahaha! Damn you, that fucking wild dog......! Give it to Gitta Gitta!! Golhhhhhhh!!!!

It's too expensive. Not really, Oyaji was getting dizzy.

I can't stand any longer and it takes more than a shelf.

His face was slightly bleeding out, but he grins niggly.

"You did it, Genocide Lower! I knew you were the one who deserved my right arm......!

"Oh, I did it. And you've done a great job so far, dude."

But my son...

When I was just reunited, I didn't smile anymore.