"Oh, I did it. And you've done a great job so far, dude."

The voice echoed in the store just for the two of them, with such a lack of bone meat that the loving family could not have imagined it had emanated.

Oyaji was a little bonked, and I guess that's why I misheard him, shaking the bull and his face left and right as he grabbed it on the shelf.

I never stopped worrying about such a father, and my son goes on.

"I've always felt uncomfortable. But that became decisive when Popcorn Chaser product pressing began. Didn't you think it was unnatural?

"Hey, what...?

"Phew, in that condition, you didn't seem to notice. The popcorn chaser was being manipulated by someone to push the product."

My voice seemed to keep moving away from me when I said I was speaking at the distance of a finger (lump).

It sounds distant, as if it requires a walking cry.

"Hey what...?!?!?

Oyaji was more vocal than usual, like a headphone-ladder conversation.

"'Cause it's crazy, isn't it? The product the popcorn chaser was sending…"

As much as I thought it was harassing, it was all an unpopular product.

"Oh, that's what...!?!?

Phew...... so far, you still don't get it?

The purpose of the popcorn chaser is to use the 'legendary salesman' to restore the gorgeous smart sales that were decreasing….

If we go back to sales, we'll get the money back to him.

I was never pushing the product to harass you.

But all the items sent were unsold, like harassment.

"Oh, that's......!! That son of a bitch didn't know anything about business, so he was sending it appropriately!?!?

If so, it would be odd not to have mixed unpopular products, too?

It's too unnatural that everything they send is a Worst product that seems to have been aimed at…

It would be more natural to think that someone who knows about business is behind it...?

The mastermind involves a popcorn chaser who knows nothing about business...

I was choosing what to send us.

"Ugh......!?!? Oh man... who the fuck is Soitz!?!?

More than that...

Don't you think this looks anything like...?

"Something, to what...!?!?

When we were little brothers, we talked...

Oyaji became a kick-ass' legendary salesman ', on a misplaced order......!

Oyaji said that, when Oyaji was the manager, his boss had a hell of a powerhouse bastard...

Pretending to be a mis-order, he said he was pushed by a large number of unpopular products.

But Oyaji was selling them out, so he bought even more powerhara boss objection and was skipped by 'The End Branch'......

Even beyond that, he received more false orders than ever before and was pushed a pile of inventory, but made to sell it at all without losing......

You said you pushed the End of the Line Branch to number one in Torqualm territory.

I should have had that experience, but Oyaji was helpless in pushing merchandise from a popcorn chaser.

'Legendary salesman' would have remembered the time and been overcome?

Yet when it comes to what the jerk did......

He yelled at the clerks, intimidated them... and just shook up his gut theory.

That's why I decided to find out about the guy.

I recommended the legendary challenge to Oyaji...

It was to find out if he was a real "legendary salesman" or not...!

"Well...... then!! Then the suspicion would have cleared up already!?!? This is how I got my branch on track properly......!! I would be willing to try and sell a bunch of products from fucking kids that are still being sent!?!? Golhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


You think I don't know anything...?

You think I don't know that Oyaji has already broken the rules of the Legendary Challenge?

In "End of Branch Life," Oyaji killed the reporters he was accompanying and wiped out witnesses...

We caught the medical corps and pressed for cooperation.

That's not all.

They threatened the residents of the settlement at the foot and made them buy the building of this store and the bad stock.

If a brave man cares about it, he can burn down every settlement...

There's no way there's such a person as someone who can be blackmailed and defied.

But if that threat leaks to the outside world, you're a criminal.

That's why Oyaji can be that kick-ass, dispatched reporters...

One after another, I killed him...!

"Become!? What no!?!? The reporters came on their own and just went missing in the mountains on their own!! The gendarmerie has come to investigate many times!! If he's dead, the body must have been found!!

I guess Oyaji was flushed into a gorge waterfall pot on his way to "End of Branch Life"?

I should have felt it with my own hands.

Throw the body in here and you'll never come up again......!

"So, don't pull the bullshit out, gorgaaaaa!! Where did you find such evidence?!?!?

Pi......! and a bunch of true photographs are poked in front of the dick.

Like a bubbly unplugged tramp, spread out in a sloppy fan shape, on them......

Let the medical corps and the settlers work with a whip and create a log house….

On the contrary, I shove a crate full of stock at them crying out loud...

I'm going to take the money like a robbery, you look like a jerk...

And even daylight grandeur, standing by the waterfall pot......

Throw a corpse in your shoulder, you look like a jerk...

It was so clear, it was showing...!

"Become!?!? WHAT IS THIS!?!? Ki, the reporter, it should have all been done......!?!?

"Huh... I was there, all the time... And I was looking... I see everything with my dry right eye," The Day Crowler. "

"Gu Ji Ji......!! But... but that's what it is!! During the Legendary Challenge, I only punished those who worked disrespect with the authority of the brave!! Besides... such a true photo doesn't prove that I'm not a 'legendary salesperson'......!! The legend I built with my life...! Whatever you do, cover it up!! Golhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

None of the true photographs are currently (●) ….

The rules of legend may be broken, but that is why it does not constitute a denial of past feats.

Besides, I'm not so sure if it's true or false, but if all the reporters who were visiting the interview were working disrespect for Oyaji...

Depending on the degree, even murder is not incriminating.

Oyaji was delighted to be reunited.

He had been stripped of his fangs by an unexpected figure, and his voice was absurd, and his shoulders had been jerked off.

"Ha, ha, ha...!! Got it............!! Odd, I guess this scandal made me lose my legs and I was halla trying to stick myself to the seat of General Manager......!! I want to think I can frame this guy who taught you 'The Secret of Rambling'!! This, you stupid bastard...!! Because of this, I was officially going to give you the post of Deputy Director......!! Temporary posts, too, are revoked today, GORUAH!!!!

My son didn't move, even if he dropped his kaminari on me.

He's more like he even revoked his parent-child relationship......

He looked down at his father as if he had even cut off his last edge.