Be the eldest son of the Genocide family (family) and the most intelligent (intelligence) …….

Genocide Lower Gorgeous was working on it, the last secret......

It kills the same Genocide Daddy who killed his mother...

What's more, tailoring Goldwolf as its culprit...!

'Revenge' against his father and 'backlash' against wild dogs......

It was about doing both at the same time...!

This has a lot of daycrowlers, his friend, who leaped into it.

First let him accompany you as a butler when you pay a check to a popcorn chaser......

I let the golden chocolate hide a popcorn chaser that changes the color of my eyes.

And Day Crowler further shopped at Slumdog Mart.

Pretend to be a "Lord (or Lord) asked me to shop, but I don't know anything about the potion" butler and ask Goldwolf to choose.

If you are a butler, wearing white gloves is not unnatural in any way.

Day Crowlers, without fingerprinting themselves….

I was getting a potion with only Goldwolf's fingerprints on it.

Not only physical evidence, by the way, but eyewitness testimony is no better.

I once hired him to fabricate Goldwolf gossip, employing 'Goldwolf-style Osama' again.

Around the settlement at the foot of the end-of-the-branch, it feels like avoiding people, if you let it url......

Testimony that I saw a goldwolf-like man on the day of the incident would come out as much.

And then, as a final finish, the purchase order and report received from Genocide Lower, in the "End of the Branch", will be published in the newspaper….

"The legendary salesman was the glory of deception! Genocide, Master Daddy's, reveals who he really is!

If you put it on the headline, for example, tomorrow's Hurlberry Small States will make a fuss with a huge scoop.

And one side of the evening paper that day, of course...

"Dear Genocide Daddy, found in a burnt body at the end of the branch! Of those who have been stripped of the fame of the legendary salesman, a crime by remorse!?

... at this, it's over (Zazzle All) Huh...!!

The former god of commerce was deprived of everything and disappeared from the world......

A new business demon leaves the world after a moment of glory......

Exactly God is dying and the devil is leaving...!

"... Phew. I mean, this is what happened."

The endless branch, which was just for the two parents and children, was plugged in by West Nippon like a giraffe knife.

At his son's feet, he's already lost his ankle, his father.

"Ugh... Guh! Oh, no... things...! Let... let...! Accumulate... or...! Gorga......!

The rage that always seemed to stretch my cheeks is no longer the decay of prosperity.

It was no longer to my son, like a relic, a mummy who had risen from the past.

"Phew... well, I'm going now. If you're talking about my brothers, don't worry."

In contrast to his father, who was losing himself more and more, he was regaining his usual self.

As you sigh, grab the gorgeous smart logo match that was on the accounting counter.

... Shh!

Beyond the flames that were born by rubbing, there is the figure of a father crawling in roar.

He was reflecting it in his eyes like the illusion Match had shown him.

"Phew... now, goodbye. Whatever you were, you were my dick."

I tried to throw the flame into a herbal shelf of burning dead grass, every illusion, at that time......

He felt a nasal irritation.

When you shift your gaze to the windy, rattling windows, you get a burning sunset.

No, that wasn't just a metaphor.


Oh, my God, the sky, the woods, the meadows, one side...

Isn't that an orange flame......!

"He said it was a mountain fire!? Why at a time like this......!?

He threw away the burnt out match and ran out.

On the way, I snap the cloak that was on the hanger rack and pop out.

And breathtaking.

Forward, no, omnidirectional......!

A flame like a high wave saw just what was looming now......!

The main road to come to this' Endless Branch 'has already been swallowed by the scorch......!

A tough sea of flames as far as I can see no longer......!

"Why......!? Why didn't you notice it before!? Why until so much......!? Damn............!!

Genocide Lower glances behind her back.

A jerk crawling from behind was reaching out.

"Ma... ma... me... Wait... Mm... Son, …"

But I didn't get that voice.

His son covered himself with a cape and jumped towards the flames.

Crawling out of the store a little late, the old man feels a great deal of enthusiasm on his skin.

And... as I miss the old days, I narrowed my eyes.

- From the way this flames around, it's not a natural mountain fire...

Someone sprinkled oil around and set fire to it...

... the way it burns spreads is the same as then...

Oh... I was watching a wild dog in flames from a safe place at that time...

If it came from a wild dog, was it like this......

Now... standing on my side, staring at this flame...

What the hell, where and when......

The man was in the exact same place as the old man.

"Yay... Yay! Now if you and your brother burn to death...! You can be the head of this country!

From the top of a succession of mountains he watched the mountain next to him surrounded by flames and was leaping small.

It's quite a giant body, so it sounds like a gorilla is excited, sounding its undisturbed footsteps around.

Without noticing, such as that they are already under siege….

"He says he's on bail for arson, but I didn't know he was going to arson again... This is a pretty serious illness."

It was a big man who came out of the bush.

The guards follow.

"So, who is it?!?

"It is the source of the Gendarmerie Bureau and the Section Against the Devil King's Believers (Sanitast). It's unforgivable that a brave man in a position to lead people to arson. Genocide knuckle gorgeous! You're under arrest for arson! Wonderfully, it's on the rope!

"Ugh!? I thought I could be HQ Director because of this!? Well, you guys want to be HQ directors too, and then you're here to take it aside!? I won't let that happen! I won't let you. Whoa!

Genocide knuckles pull through the roots of the trees that were on the side and begin to buzz around at will.

The guards blew up one after the other, as if they had taken a direct tornado hit.

Saucony lifts the rock that was near the defeat, knuckles and throws a bun.

"That's it!" "I don't give a shit. Duh!

Received a wooden horizontal giraffe, the rock cracks into plenty.

At the same time, the tree broke like a bat that received a fastball.

Two big men who guessed they weren't just each other.

I hit them almost simultaneously.

That wasn't smart enough to be called a fight.

An auspicious arm like an iron column is swung up with a whirlwind, and a fist like a meteorite roars.

That's it, right! Left! Right! Left! And it continues constantly.

We won't let each other dodge or glance at each other, and we'll even have a punch storm like a wind god.

By the looks of it, it was a kid's fight glue punch, but it wasn't that raw and gentle.

The wrapped trees are knocked down, and the rocks are shattered and scattered.

However, it was a sight like the monster was fighting for.

The guards can't even help the force that's going to crush them if we get close.

It's like watching a hero fight from a different planet.

But also the fierce battle, finally, the end comes.

The monster of evil couldn't stand the attack on his abdomen, and he finally woke up.

The hero didn't miss that moment.

With his hands wide open, his face stuck out defenselessly, his ears glanced,

"I got it... there it is. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!


Full-bodied, sandwich binta......!

"Ugh!?!? Ah... crap...!? Ahhh!?!?

Genocide knuckles turn their eyes and squeeze their painful breath out of their lungs.

I fell into a thousand feet and lagged behind, as if I had lost my sense of direction.

Crack and heavenly looking face.

He also peels off his white eyes like he's finally standing, and from the edge of his mouth he's blowing bubbles.

"Oh... well... not bad... duh... duh... Heh... tell Osama... tell me... get it... I just... did that... what... so... So... bad... is... the... osama... what... duh..."

...... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

I fell after repeating words like every wow, and then I stopped moving.