Genocide Daddy crawled through his unfettered body and went for the cave.

It is that cave that I used instead of residing and killed reporters for the first time for some time after "End of Branch Life" began.

Flames looming as close as rough waves.

Tingling heat scorches the skin, causing pain like it is being yasled on the skin.

But now that was gratifying.

In a poisonous and hazy consciousness, it was the pain that stopped him from living.

Escape the burning chase and escape into the cave.

The chilling feeling of being inside the ice room wraps your whole body around.

It was pretty hot here too, but it was more like heaven than it was outside.

But this is not the last place for him. Crawl further into the back.

The back was swirling like a spiral, and it was a ramp descending downwards.

The lights are only orange light that plugs in from the outside, and when you go in the back it no longer reaches it either, but the oysters go on without confusion.

The road went back and forth countless times in branch life at the end.

Even if you can't see, where and what's already stained your body.

Moving on for a while, the flames wield ferocity, the gruesome sound fades away......

Instead, Dododo...... and the sound of water falling looms.

In the dark holes, the lukewarm light shines again.

The way out was... behind the waterfall pot.

Yes, this cave was connected to the top of the mountain and behind the waterfall.

This secret passage, unknown even to the people of the settlement at the foot, was most helpful in branch life.

Somehow I was able to dump the man I killed in a waterfall pot without anyone seeing me.

And now this is how Oyaji was being helped by the cave.

I still drag my highly paralyzed body and go outside.

Drink water, shaking in the abyss of a waterfall kettle.

Sticking his face into the water, he seemed blurred to roam like a flock of white fish without countless white bones ever floating at the bottom.

At the end of his frequent break, Oyaji whips his body again.

He crawled up from the gorge and made sure he rolled down the beast path, aiming at the foot of the mountain.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then I spent quite a bit of time, and Oyaji was flying horses, like cutting through the sunset.

By the time we got to the foot, the settlement had been fussed by a mountain fire.

toward the residents to the right and left and the guards who rushed,

"Whoa! You still have my son in the mountains! You can all die, only my son can help you out at any cost! If I can't help you, I'll kill you all for bravery and disrespect... until you're related! If you know what I mean, just go. Do it! Golllllllllllllllllll!!"

His body was still paralyzed, so he was a small voice for a jerk, but he yelled at him to shred his soul.

And when you take the horse from the settlement, you ride it so that you stick to it and go for a place.

Oyaji couldn't stop the heartbeat.

My son's words never crossed my mind.

Build a goatee and crush everything!

Words as cold as ice resonated with everything and rang like sirens.

And... in that narrow space, he was listening.

"Ohhhhh!? Hot! It's hot! Uh-oh!

"I can't help you!! Damn it! You!! '

In the mansion surrounded by red lotus, he rides himself out the window and screams......

Of the ancient wives, the screams of the flames...!

And that was... not a hallucination or anything.

By the time Oyaji arrived, the mansion, known as The Legendary Salesman's Palace, had turned into black rubble.

"... oh, that was quick"

"The whole mansion burned at once."

"Then you won't be able to extinguish it in time."

"You were left in the mansion, Lady Genocide Daddy, weren't you? Weren't there any servants?

"The servants, by chance, all got the day off and no one was there."

"Oh, that's why the ladies missed the run too..."

"I was screaming hot hot all the time until the mansion collapsed... it would have been painful..."

"I've never seen a man on fire before."

"Genocide Daddy, who is at the end of the branch right now, would be shocked to find out about this..."

K...... woo!

A pile of debris and a crowd.

From there until no one was gone, Oyaji was killing his voice and crying.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Ugly three o'clock when the date has already changed.

In the midst of your palace, which turned into a mountain of charcoal, there was a silhouette like a dying bear.

Gasa, Gasa, Gasa......

Still stirring up his paralysed body with only his mental strength in front of him, Oyaji was tearing the rubble apart.

Along the way, I find something as dry as a black mummy, about two things, but throw them away just because they're in the way.

Oyaji had no words, and he was heartlessly rubbling away.

The whole body is already black with coal.

Even at the end of the branch life, my body never got so dirty.

I don't feel my fingers anymore.

Fingertips were like frostbites, and nails were lost, but Oyaji wouldn't stop digging.

The flesh is exhausted and the cruelty of the arms is no longer a limit.

I can't help it.

Moving down the mountain with a crawl forward, clinging to the horse, and then removing debris with bare hands.

The fact that my arm still moves itself, strangely enough.

It was mental strength and what lies ahead that supported the Oyaji.

Hope for suddenness and a feeling of remaining paralysis.

Together, those two were beginning to see things like hallucinations.

"My sons! This is what I've been secretly saving up for the Legendary Salesman! What do you say, Gorgaah!!

"Ooh, wow!

"It's a mountain of gold and silver treasures!?

"Phew, I can't believe there was such a stash in the basement of the house... that's a jerk"

"This is a preparation for a time of need! With this, I can make the bet I want! Even if you lose everything, with this treasure! We can start over again, and we can keep you as property!

"What!? Can we get this?

"Wow! I can get rich!

'Huh, don't panic. That was when our brothers grew up and we retired, wasn't it? I thought you said, "Prepare for a time of need."

'That's right! I call this treasure "forbidden money"! That's all I've been doing! When I'm done, I'll give you three the PIN numbers to get into this safe by will! But this is not for contention...! It's for us family to be one! Got it, gorghhhh!!

'Okay! Our family bond is forever...! I swear to this treasure with my brothers here and now!

"All right! I'm not gonna do this alone! To get along with my brothers!

"Phew...... ok"

"Wow! Then here, I'll leave the true photos of our four families! If you ever get into this room from now on... look at this, remember! This money is our family's last hope! Keep in mind that this money is not just for me... it's for our family to be one and overcome difficulties and disasters, gorgaaaaa!!

Behind the eyes of a jerk comes the light of hope.

"If there is' forbidden gold 'in this basement...! Our family can start over...! Even if Gorgeous Smart closes, we can start over...! My family got caught, I can start over......!!

At last, all the debris has been removed….

"Even if my family's heart fell apart...! With that money......! We can be one again! Golluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!"

On the handle of the underfloor door (trapdoor) leading to the basement...... Gah! And it took a hand.