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That sound that dominated the room was indescribably offensive.

If you're a decent person, you can't stop being scared...

I feel the disgust of countless flies all over my body, with my skin, its sound......

"... ugh"

Genocide Daddy regains a bitter consciousness, like in the morning after a deep drink.

"Ugh... here... is...?

Because of the poison and the strange awakening, my vision is uncertain.

His whole body was strong and he didn't move, and he also finally turned his neck to look around.

The sense of equilibrium is also uncertain, whether it is put to sleep or whether it remains standing......

The interior is coloured with luxury furniture of his choice, reminiscent of the mansion before it burns down.

This is... a separate room in the basement, an emergency bedroom, Oyaji thought.

The basement of the mansion is not only equipped with a safe, but also equipped to allow just four members of the family to live in case of disaster.

I realized I was in a standing state to see from the landscape in my eyes.

If you're being put to sleep, the ceiling first gets into your eyes, but you can see something similar to standing.

But... my body doesn't move. I can't move.

It's as if only the brain is awake and the body is still asleep......

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Still ringing somewhere, staring at the unpleasant noise, looking around......

Right behind me, I noticed a shadow standing.

"Have you noticed, Oyaji?"

That's what the person says, he comes around in front of the jerk.

It felt like I was the other...... it was the love of his two eyes.

"Ugh... apparently, I fell asleep... Fang, you brought me here."

"Oh," his face nodded just like himself.

"Apparently, I overdid the imposition... I don't know what my body's gonna say..."

Oyaji thought his body couldn't move because he overlapped too much impossibility.

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"By the way, what's this weird noise? Cut it out. Hey, it's not easy to sleep..."

"I can't do that," his face swept to the left and right.

"Why... gorga..."

Oyaji roars without power.

His affection showed the wall right next to the oyster.

My body still doesn't move, so when I twist my neck and look in that direction, there it is......

There was a big look.

Even large genocide knuckles are specially ordered so that the entire body can be seen, and the wooden frame is also made of a platinum maple that has been luxuriously used.

It is a delicacy that is not strange even if it is in the royal family, but in the workshop I made it, I managed to complain about the scratches and got it for free.

The workshop was crushed because of it, and the family that operated it said it was heartbroken, but even that was a martial arts tradition for Oyaji.

No... I don't care about that now.

Oyaji was peeling his eyes at himself in the mirror.

His body is designed to come from a different world than here...

If I were to mention something strong and similar, to something like a barrel... it was just in there with my neck out.

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Its hellish, torture-like, eye-catching objects tremble into small pieces and constantly emit deafening sounds.

"hey... what, this is... gorga!?

The consciousness is blurred, and the anger of a good man is powerless.

He was also savoring the feeling that everything he heard was far away.

This is it, dude...

It is a magic device used by Demon King followers (Sanitasts) to become Demon Possessors (Delibishes).

Demon King followers (Sanitasts) have taken the Virgin and put her in this.

Whoever gets into this gets his whole body drained of blood and becomes like a mummy......

And the followers of the Demon King (Sanitast) transfused the blood they had drained to themselves this time...

They're going to replace the whole blood that's in them.

My own blood drained is dedicated to the devil as a tribute......

And with the body that became the unclean blood of the Virgin, she continues to worship the devil and defiles her own blood...!

As I repeat it, it stains the devil to my heart......

You can be a devil possessor (Delibish), so...!

What do you say...?

Quite, don't you think it's crazy......!?

"Yikes... Genocide Fang Huh!? I can't believe you were a Demon King Believer (Sanitast)......!?

Hurry up, Oyaji.

I'm not a demon king worshipper.

If that were enough, it would be more meaningful to study the magic of turning beer into piss.

Well, from the demon king followers (sanitasts), I pretended to buy this magic device...

"So, what for...!?

Don't you see...?

Actually, I've always thought that a jerk is a pretty dumb...

Sometimes I wonder if my brain and bowel contents are being replaced...

So often I can't believe I'm a "legendary salesman"...

But, well, it's the last time I think about it, so I'll tell you what.

I'm on bail right now, but I'm being prosecuted by the Gendarmerie.

You know, because there were some jerks at the trial then.

As I know, it's the 'lion mask' that caused the complaint commotion.

Of course, I'm not going to admit it myself... but the Gendarmerie wants to match the mask with the blood left on the scene with my blood.

... you know what I mean?

What, you still don't get it?

Totally...... you're a brain like a dried cat hun.

After using this magic device to replace my blood with that of a jerk...

What do you think will happen if I take a blood test...?


The mask and the blood left on the scene no longer fit......!

I can prove my innocence...!

So if you win the acquittal, it's this one...!

I have become a good and brave man tormented by a misinvestigation by the Gendarmerie...!

Clear and return to the surface stage, now you can attack the Gendarmerie Bureau......!

If I could use this scandal to get the Minister of the Gendarmerie to lose his legs on Oyaji......!

Even to the popcorn chaser bastard, incorporate......!

Now that Oyaji is gone......!

I can be the General Manager of Gorgeous Smart in this country... Gorgaaaaa!!

"Right... Yes, it was... Am I really, really going to lose everything? Knuckles, Lower... status, honor, job, place to live, wife, money, all taken away... The rest of my life... Fang, to you..."

Oyaji was drained of blood with this magic device and will soon become a mummy...

Don't worry...

You're gonna live forever in me...!

"Oh, good... why... You wore me out... Only for a moment, you saved me...... Lower robbed me of" Forbidden Gold "... and lost my last hope... and gave me my last peace..."

Oh, is that the story?

I can't believe you haven't noticed yet. I knew you were a real jerk.

Even a sick loba seems smarter than a dick.

I received "Forbidden Money"... it's me.

I don't have a $1 (ender) left on hand because the wild dog motherfucker fooled me.

How did you figure out the PIN number for the safe?

I know, that's about it.

As much as we're using our brother's date of birth as a PIN...

You don't know. But you thought?

Even at the time of the will, you were going to announce how you loved our brothers, and appeal to them?

Oh, apparently......

I think I took it from you to the last farce of my life.

Come on......

Shall we end the chatter?

All you have to do is defeat the lever in this magic device, and Hill will suck all the blood from the body of the wolf in a barrel.

They want to suck blood as soon as possible, and they're crawling around their bodies... and they're already feeling it on their skin, aren't they?

Being sucked of blood all over your body sounds like a lot of pain...

It's going to take a while, so any temperamental Virgin won't be able to stand along the way, and she's going to bite her tongue and die herself.

It seems that despair and screaming can also be a contribution, so the Devil King's followers (Sanitasts) can't commit suicide by chewing on the Virgin's mouth.

So you're gonna let him suffer to the end and die mad.

I wish I could get blood, so I don't mind you dying along the way...

When I bought the magic device, they also put it on me with the service, so I'll put it in my dick.

Fine. In this basement, how much you screamed won't leak outside......

So cry as much as you like, call me...

Bye, dude...

I'll see you inside me next...

""... Gachan!!