This is a paragraph in the 'Legendary Salesman' commotion.

Shaomao also for training, after returning to Henry Haochee......

Though there is ambient noise, the usual routine is back, about the afternoon with 'Slumdog Mart'.

Those who work in this shop are given a one-hour lunch break in turnover.

Of course Goldwolf, the owner, is no exception.

I was just finishing lunch with my secretary Primla today and taking a breather in the break room.

"Sounds like you've had a lot of brave misdeeds lately...... I can't believe the brave man was doing such a bad thing... I'm surprised."

Like a well-behaved cat, Primla said, who was watching the paper with Goldwolf.

Goldwolf answers quietly.

"Bad things always come out bright at the end. The more you hide, deceive, and stack up, the greater the recoil when it collapses. People always have to pay for the bumps in what they've done. Be brave, that's no exception."

"People are bound to pay the bump of what has been done... So be careful what you do."

Primla repeats his uncle's words as he engraves them into his chest.

Girls like the Virgin, who have no scratch at all, are precisely the ones who deeply remember the words in their liver......

The more brave men in the world who can't turn their necks because of their claws, the more they bruise their words......

The world is ironic.

Osama laughed masochistically, as if he were one of them.

"I'm in the middle of paying my ass right now, too. I need to process 100,000 vouchers for Gold. I was going to arrange a large number of staff dressed in gourds to get them to deal with...... I can't believe there was a trick in the bluff to be 'Tickets to Jump to Gold'..."

"Ladies and gentlemen, since you learned about that trick, you've blurted it out and brought it with you... Sorry, my sister has bothered your uncle again..."

"No, Mr. Primla doesn't have to apologize. I shouldn't have checked my mother's vouchers."

"Sister, it looks like you were going to set up a 'hazy ticket exchange' in the store to collect tickets to jump. But it looks like Ate hassled me. The voucher now seems to be traded among your uncle's fans at a high price."

"Really? Fostering a second market is not a very good thing."

"So, officially, why don't they sell you a" Let's Jump to Gold "ticket? Of course, with a blur...... That way, they won't trade at high prices."

Primla is more serious than her sister, so even if your uncle were to be hugged and you were to bake more yakimochi, I would make these suggestions.

But still, the person in question didn't seem to be in the mood to ride.

"Um, that's kind of... If they hug you any more, you won't be able to work in stores. And this boom will be temporary."

"Temporarily, you say...?

"Now it's the rarity of the topic of 'The Legendary Salesman' and you all just want to hug it. Now that the noise has come to a close, I don't think anyone like me will want to hug you if it passes. Not even 100,000 vouchers will ever be used."

"... Um, excuse me, Uncle. I feel that this boom is not temporary. If you can be a fan of your uncle, I don't feel like there's going to be more..."

This Osama always showed a sharp reading in business and adventure, and never took it off.

But on this matter, the hassle is also hassle, great hassle.

Primla is going to be right......

I still don't know that fact.

And the person who was to make that kick-ass appeared snuggly in the break room.

"Primla, hey, hey, hey"

Reincarnation to invite, with only a face out of the open door.

"What is it? Sister, if you need to talk to me, here..."

"This isn't a good place to talk. So please, come here for a second, hey?

Persistently invited, Primla takes up her seat.

I said no to my uncle, and then I followed my sister.

Reincarnation, who snapped her sister into a dressing room for women's employees, sneaks out the pieces of paper.

The table of paper pieces (toys) is a graffiti of the pine pack, behind it….

● Mama

○ Primla * from now on solicitation

● Pine.

● Bar.

● Bri

○ Miglare * Bar and Bri solicit

● Charles

● Sugar

● Paleen.

○ Shaomao * Solicited by letter

● Luc.

● Pull.

○ Kulalalaka * I'm going to solicit

● Ms.

My sister's name, her own name, and the names of all but one familiar face, were unexpected.

The list went on long after Miss, and was the name of a slum dog mart female employee.

"Sister... what is this...?

When my sister visited, my sister answered with a rough nose with Hunce.

"This is Harlem's list! Mom, I've made up my mind! He said he'd make Gol's harem!

"Yeah!? How could you do that!?

Then Mother looks a little drenched.

"That's what I decided to do since the last tour. Whatever Mom or everyone else did, Gol wasn't happy..."

Mother wore Gold's goose butt with "Tail Moving with Emotions," a Slam Dog Mart product.

Even with so much service from the legion of beautiful girls, Gold-kun's tail didn't even move with Pickle.

It was for this reason that Mother rarely had wrinkles between her eyebrows during the tour.

"So my mom figured it out. I'm sure Gol won't be happy with a few girls...! So try to make a sneak harem and please Gol!

"What!? But Harlem was not allowed only by the brave......!?

"It doesn't matter! Whatever the world says, if Gol and the girls can be happy, that's not the best!?

"Oh, that's... That may be... But what did your uncle say..."

On top of the harem list, further pieces of paper were put on board.

That's, what...!

'Tickets to hear Gol say anything' eh......!

"Ko, this is...!

"Yes! With this, Gol will have to admit Harlem too!? And that's not all! To the point of attracting 5,000 Harlem endorsers and becoming even more of a top newspaper article, I'm going to make a big announcement! If you do that, Gol, you won't be able to say no!?

"What!? How...!?

Primla without surprise.

First, how do we gather endorsers?

If you're just a fan, using the current boom is going to get you together......

Harlem is the same as marriage and is treated like a spouse.

I don't see how many women the world wants to marry because of the fan club feeling, even though it's uncle Boom.

When it comes to 5,000 people, it's the same number of Ladies in Godsmile's Harlem.

The same harem as a brave man called 'The Man Closest to God' is exactly the place where God is fearless.

What's more, it's nothing but madness, not brave or anything, just Osama's declaration of the establishment of Harlem.

How do you make a topic that's just so crazy a side of a newspaper?

Mother, however, was confident, while soliciting multi commercial law.

"I've only spoken a little, but they've all been ok! We've already gathered nearly a hundred people, so about 4900 more are just around the corner! Plus, the way to get on one side of the paper is to get the two Big Bang Loves to help!

From what I hear, the two Big Bang Loves haven't seen Osama since the tour, and I can't wait to see him.

But it was thanks to this mother's grand plan to contain that trembling feeling.

The gals tried to run to tailor Goldwolf to the manager.

But on the brink, he decides that the formula to fail is huge, and stays.

Then, on the occasion of the Harlem exhortation from Mother, he redirected to an operation to drop Osama with the force of numbers.

Furthermore, they declare that Miglare, the producer, will definitely let Harlem draw them in as well.

I thought we couldn't just be happier than we knew how Miglare felt about Osama.

Charisma Galtrio, complete with harem......!

That was the goal of the new life of the Gale twins.

As for making the key topic, they say the tour is over and they have developed a new grand magic.

Combining "Burning Barrage Drum Solo" and "Blizzard Blitz Pentatonic," I realized that a great deal of energy would be created and there would be a big explosion.

New grand magic is the only thing that makes it a big topic.

Moreover, when it becomes also the idea of a pair of charismatic models right now, the media will come to the interview.

So there will be a big presentation in the form of a stage event.

The name of this new great magic

"Big Bang Goldwolf Love" and......!

Of course there can't be a reporter or something that doesn't ask where it came from.

So further, big, big, big announcement......!

The packed 5,000 endorsers take to the stage simultaneously......!

"We...!! I swear here to go into Master Goldwolf's Harlem, sooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

... swear sooooooooooooooooooooo!!

...... well uhhhh!

... Ahhh...

After imagining the pattern of that press conference and the side of the newspaper......

Primla returns to me.

"Ho, really, your uncle's, Harlem, but...?

Those eyes were moist, as if they were still dreaming.

It's already halfway down, but Mother hits it even harder.

"Yes! Besides, Gol, the first lady of Harlem, Primla, it's you!

"What...!? Yea eh!?!?

The girl got a look like the moment she bathed in the Grand Prix spotlight in an audition her friend applied for on her own.

"Primla would also have a" ticket to hear Gol say anything, "wouldn't she? You use that to get Gol to choose the First Lady!

"Wow... I can't believe I'm the First Lady...! Oh, no, it's not! What about your sister...?

"Mommy's fine! Because my mom will be Gol's 'first mom'! Primla is going to be Gol's best daughter-in-law, and Mom is going to be Gol's best mother! That's not very nice!?

"Wow, I don't know if I can be the best daughter-in-law... Ha... I'm coming in...! Let me enter your uncle's harem, too!

...... Gakowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

Another, the sound of fate's gear carving time rang somewhere in the world.

... people must, the twist of what has been done, have to pay...

That is no exception, even if it is a brave man......

And that... even that Osama wasn't an exception...!