This was some time after the Genocides were convicted and imprisoned in prison.

At noon one day, a primula enters the reception room at Slumdog Mart headquarters.

She came to clean up the tea she had served to the visitors of Goldwolf.

Totally chilled, with unspoiled tea on the basin...... the girl asked as she seeped through her year-to-year anxiety.

"Um, uncle...... The customer you were visiting earlier, Mr. Popcorn Chaser... is the minister of the Guard Bureau, right?

"Yes, it seems you have spoken to me"

Osama fills the leftover tea all at once and puts it on the basin.

"If you're as good as the minister, you're supposed to be called, but I can't believe you're here on purpose... Um, could it have been a big story?

"Slumdog Mart" became the country's best "Adventurers' Shop" with fame.

But how many names have I named, and the owner, Goldwolf, is a civilian?

Whether you call them unilaterally or give them to those who use them...

Because it's not normal for someone like a minister to come all the way out here.

I wondered how important Primla was talking, and I cared.

This is all the more true for her, who has previously been suspended from the Guard Board.

Goldwolf perceived her feelings and replied with a bright voice.

"It was a good story to keep. Because now that Gorgeous Smart has withdrawn from this country, Slumdog Mart seems to be the best tax revenue from shops"

"Really? Sorry, I wasn't asking...... They were loud enough to hear the minister even from the office next door...... And when I got home, he seemed pretty upset, so..."

"Don't worry about it. More than that, Mr. Primla, for a limited time, I'd like to start a new store."

"What? A new store, is it...?

Primla blinks her big eyes from the topic of the stick.

"Yes, its name is Slumdog Cafe."

"Cafe, you say...... Um, can I get a cup of tea or something, you know, a cafe...?

"That's right. It's the cafe."

Primla can't stop blinking, as if water had jumped into her sleeping ear.

"Huh... Huh? Why do you suddenly have a restaurant...? That too, for a limited time......?

"It's for topic making. In honor of Slumdog Mart's expansion throughout the Halbury Small States, we're opening a café."

"And when you say... Your uncle is trying to attract new customers, right?

Primla asks to rebut the foundations of commerce she once learned from Goldwolf.

Osama taught the girl:

"If you think of any new measures, Mr Primla, please clarify the 'subject' and 'purpose' and 'effect' that accompany it. Measures that are unclear are not very effective if they are done"

The girl remembered it.

By the way,

'Target' means which customers are targeted by the measure.

'Purpose' is what you want to do with that measure.

'Effectiveness' means the implementation of the measure and what benefits will it derive.

Goldwolf nodded deeply at Primla's question and answered on those three points.

"Yes. 'Slumdock Cafe' is intended for 'Royalty and Nobility' …. The aim is to 'make them aware of the slum dog brand'. The effect is" Shipping Customers to Slumdog Mart. "

Osama was looking to use the cafe as a stepping stone to lure the wealthy to 'Slumdog Mart'.

Until now, 'Slumdog Mart' has commercialized the general audience, the so-called equally sized adventurers and students, as its main target.

But the next step is to take in the wealthy as well.

There are several reasons for this.

First of all, that now that 'gorgeous smart' is gone from this country, it is a great opportunity to create a receptacle for the wealthy.

For the wealthy, equipment such as swords is closer to a sense of courtesy and decoration than practical.

Although I wear it from time to time, I rarely actually use it like an adventurer.

That's why I tend to spare no money and want good quality, like a hobby.

No, I'm strictly just obsessed with the 'brand'......

They don't imitate like running to Slumdog Mart instead where the 'Gorgeous Smart' they were hitting disappeared from the near field.

All you have to do is take the time to get in the carriage and stretch your legs to the 'gorgeous smart' of your neighbor.

They know the existence of Slumdog Mart, but they don't look.

From this, you can see how it is captured by the brand.

That is why, if we do not take this opportunity to acquire the wealthy, 'gorgeous smarts' could be used as a stepping stone to rebuilding the demand for the wealthy when they re-enter this country.

Osama not only drives the 'gorgeous smart'......

Take in all the general and wealthy….

My lord, I will never forgive business again, I intend to build a castle of wild dogs in this country...!

"Slam dog mart quality is no less than gorgeous mart. I'd rather say it's outweighed. All you have to do is call the wealthy people to the store and they'll love Slam Dogmart products."

To Osama's words the girl, like an honor student listening to class, nods yeah yeah.

"I see, so you're talking about making a topic for it. The royals and the nobles will love tea, so I think it's good."

"Yes. But you can't do it in a regular cafe. Because they have luxury cafes to go to. I just got a new store, and they won't be coming. That's why we need to make it a different cafe, to draw the attention of those who love rare things."

"Different cafe, you say...?

"It's... it's a cafe specializing in chocolate"


To the words spun from Osama, the girl almost drops the basin she had much of a surprise.

"Hey, is chocolate that sweet chocolate? Damn...... such a cafe, never heard of it!? And how could you have a cafe like that!?

"Slumdog Mart now sells board chocolate, right? Because it's going to be popular with royalty and nobility."

Instead of predicting the future, Osama describes it as if he had seen it on the spot.

"What? Really? I do sell board chocolate, but it sells normally all the time......?

"You'll be able to sell it from now on. But in board chocolate, servants just come and buy it as a use, right? But this time the target is the people who will be their masters..."

"Well, if it's a cafe, you can't use it, so you'll be here in person."

Although Primla was convinced of the argument, she was still skeptical.

Because it's...

Board chocolate for sale at Slam Dog Mart hits royalty and nobility hard.

Because it is made up of the big premise.

If chocolate isn't more recognised in the first place, it doesn't make sense......

And she thought...

Gosh, then a few days later, "Slumdog Mart" became more prominent as a servant-like guest, who didn't seem like an adventurer.

What they bought in their hands was not weapons, potions, etc.

Wild dog markings, board chocolate......!

That's not one or two, either...

Ten to twenty pieces, blast to buy...!

At that time it was already Goldwolf's decision to put in place a system for increasing the production of chocolate......

Instant kill......!!

Mixed with armor and robe adventurers, deacon and maid clothes queues......

They all asked for chocolate so much that they didn't think it was a selling level......!!

All Slumdog Mart employees had their necks tied.

Why all of a sudden, the chocolate started selling, and...

It is indeed a very tasty chocolate, but it has not been advertised in any way.

Even assuming it spread in word of mouth, why not from the common people, but from the wealthy......?

I had no idea why, but there was no hippo figuring it out.

And to Goldwolf's idea, there was no longer anyone to disagree with.

Preparations for the Osama proposal 'Slam Dog Cafe' can proceed on a steep pitch.

Of course there was no way that person wouldn't eat up at such a delicious looking event.


Boom that name all over Halbury and it's already reaching country scale, everyone's mom......!

Mother Reincarnation, that person......!