"Oh well! Look, look, Gol! I made made-up clothes to serve at the cafe!

Uniform unveiling of a limited time cafe in the corner of Slumdog Mart's office.

Reyn Carnation dressed herself up and danced like a first-timed girl.

The maid clothing was based on a white apron, a piece of water or pink pastel color, with multiple variations.

All of them, cute designs as if they had popped out of Wonderland.

And Gold-kun's appliqué is heavily embellished in his chest, as if he had fallen on a dog on his way to Wonderland.

"Mom, I dreamed of wearing these maid clothes to serve you! I can't believe Gol is a really mommy-thoughtful kid to fulfill my mom's favor ~! I'll give you a good girl's cheeks, so hang in there!"

"No, that's fine. Is it possible Mother is going to stand in the store too?

"Yeah, of course you are!"

"But even with a mother, I can't believe it's a paycheck... If you did that, wouldn't you lose the majesty of the Holly Doll family?

"Oh, I can't believe it's majestic... Such a scary thing, Mom. It's not even close! Mom, if everyone has a smile, that's fine!"

"Baby, as of the word, there's no more majesty."

And, Charles Lunlot, who was lying next to me, goes in.

"Why do Nights of the Round Seven athletes have to dress like this?"

She said bumps when she was dressed in maid clothes, but she looked best in a way in this because she had blonde twin tails, ribbons and her face was adorable as a biscuit doll.

"It seems so low."

Midnight sugar like turning from redneck.

"I adore these clothes full of frills!"

Glass paleen looking even younger because of her clothes.

"Oh, I can't believe I'm dressed like this at this age... Isn't that weird...?

A little bit of an evening shoplifting, Miss.

"You guys look great."

Primla, who watched from the bustling women, seems as happy as I am.

She also shows plenty of beautiful girl maids she can't beat.

"Pritan, let's do it!

The hugged pine pack is also dressed as a tiny maid and extremely destructive.

Whatever it is, it's been a maid of honor… the cafe was so full of people that they didn't think it existed on this planet.

By the way, I'm not here right now, but after this, the example surprise staff has also been added….

"Slumdog Cafe" will be so full of paradise (paradise) that you can no longer find it searching for the galaxy.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The café opened in a large city with a good balance in each territory in the Hurlberry Small Domestic, especially a large crowd of people.

Even so, it is not indoors, but a fully open cafe to rent the square.

In addition to the popularity it had already gained with chocolate, the unprecedented 'café specializing in chocolate' ….

Plus the Holly Doll family Virgins and the charismatic models, Big Bang Love, advertise in maid clothes, but there won't be any more topicality.

The nobles and royalties, who were naturally featured in the newspapers and who saw it, all visit the café.

Spring is the season.

Warm sunshine and soft wind.

Admiring the new greenery of early summer is, of course...

Wild dog stamped, chocolate drinks......!

This became a fitting word among the upper classes.

First, when you enter the store,

"Oh, well, there you are!

"Welcome, welcome to Slumdog Cafe"

Oh my god, the prestigious Virgin, the firstborn and second daughter of the Holly Doll family, welcome me to the left and right, like a statue of a soft rigid man...!

Luckily, from around the back of their heads, they say, "Yes... they are..." and the three women sometimes see chills.

Many nobles and royalty officials bowed down to this.

I don't know how many rumors I've heard, but when I see it, it breaks my knee unexpectedly, not much divinity.

"Hmph, customer, come this way...... haha"

And my sister, who doesn't do anything but gets a colorful exhale, puts me through the seat......

"Just make up your mind," "What are you drinking?" "Come on, what are you doing, hey!?

The little trio comes to pick up the order.

By the way, the menu has four drinks and four sweets.

Chocolate with Latte Art

Whip chocolate

White chocolate with latte art

Whip White Chocolate

Chocolate Roll Cake

Gato Chocolate

Chocolate cookies

chocolate fruit

The most popular was Gold-kun's chocolate drink with latte art.

And the deliciousness of board chocolate and the harmony of cookies make you queasy, chocolate cookies.

I come here and the clerk's response gets soggy for a long time, but after this, either the mountains or the valley.

"Ha-ha-ha, for fuck's sake! This sucks! Too bad, I ate a bite on the way to bring it! But never mind!?

"Hmm, this, the one you asked for.... less than a sample? Hmm, the illusion of your eyes."

If you do it, and it's friendly, or if you do it, and the unscrupulous gals, they bring you what you ordered.

In particular, the young women went semi-frequent.

The charisma gals that I've only seen in newspapers and magazines at any rate appear as just made-to-measure gals......!

There couldn't have been one person, such as the one complaining, even if they were stuck or in some cases subjected to further salt responses......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Slumdog Cafe", as Osama aimed, called in many royalties and nobles to make long queues day after day.

Celebrities who don't usually line up, apart from talking about it if it's also a talking cafe.

Join the line with joy, even if you are made to be with the common people.

Some pressed me to wield power and let them go inside as a matter of priority.

"Oh, well, it's a good town. Wagamama, say the child, meh, meh! Meh, meh!

In a word from Mother, I was able to repel it lightly.

And even more lucky chase winds blow.

Charlotte and the Legion of Elementary Schools once participated in a swordsmanship tournament.

They had already beaten 'Antrea's Choice' and 'Rutan Vesta's Choice', but it was a competition that further determined the country's representation,

"Halbury Delegate Selected for Gorgeous Smart Cup Elementary School vs. Swordsmanship Games"

So, what a light victory...!

There were two major winning factors in this.

Firstly, that the gorgeous smart of this country had already withdrawn and that there had been little (●) obstruction from the brave men who became Commissioners.

And the other is the Wow Knights', mobile sales......

When the license to operate in Wangdu was not granted, Slumdog Mart was selling by street, but they put it on and punched into elementary schools everywhere.

In that quarrel business, I beat up the arms of every elementary school...

I totally overwhelmed them before I fought in the tournament...!

Many nobles and royalties had come to the tournament venue as guests when it came to selecting representatives of the country.

example lady, who climbed the winning table there to conquer the

"The 'gorgeous smart' in this country has been completely eradicated by the Atashi! With the Slumdog Mart weapon! The sword of a wild dog is the sword of the truly strong!!

and so on, so fierce chase winds begin to blow.

Limited time cafes and wins national competitions….

No longer are the upper classes prejudiced against wild dogs......

Completely, it's a thing of the past...!