Kramer, too, was pushing on 'Slumdog Mart' because what...

She was the princess of this little Halberry country.

Basilis Hurlberry.

A grain of kings, he is only a six-year-old toddler.

Reincarnation put her on her lap and listened carefully as she comforted herself with what was......

Now in Royal Castle, chocolate with wild dog marks seems to be endemic.

Of course, Basilis said he was captivated by one mouthful.

She immediately ordered the minister to pursue a monopoly on chocolate.

The suggestion from the minister, however, would be to suffer from chronic chocolate shortages, as Goldwolf was all poking around.

And finally, she can no longer be there or even...

So we're out of the castle and here to file a reverse complaint against Goldwolf.

"Even if we line up all the ministers, the chocolate we get is one pound a day......! Now the wrinkles are completely unsatisfactory! Reincarnation, Primla, and their cooperation! Even if I show such grace, I can only assume that this gray marshal is ruled by the devil! Purify the Virgin's power!

Crying, so I can tell my mother, Bish! and Basilis pointing to Goldwolf.

The Virgins make amends.

"Also, I'm sorry. Dear Basilis, The manufacture of chocolate has been followed by an increase in production, which is completely inadequate…. This is also all because my quote was sweet. If I am to be punished, I will be punished by my uncle...!

"Gol's such a good kid, isn't he? As angelic as it is for my mom! Of course, Basilis is an angel and a cub ~. She's a good girl, so until you can do a lot of chocolate, don't be patient ~"

"Squirrel Tan, Ame, Give, Ugh..."

And, where I couldn't be a sister-in-law, I didn't get to remind myself of a princess who had grown up all selfish.

Anyway, she's one daughter, so even the king says it in mellow.

The ministers could not be scolded because they could speak to the human resources within the royal castle.

For a girl who's getting what she wants, it's also impossible that this Osama, who never says "Jesus My Lord," has looked as heterogeneous as the devil.

But when Basilis cried and cried like a child before the lion dance, the grey devil did not change.

"No matter how much the princess of this country asks, you can't treat her special. If you want our chocolate, just like any other customer, buy it side by side or enroll in Slam Dog School. Oh, excuse me for a second."

In the middle of the conversation, a boy peered into the customer service space, so Goldwolf broke his hip and stood up.

royalty, and he's in the middle of talking to someone who slowly becomes the number one person in this country......

Osama has been interrupting along the way, prioritizing the response of a needy boy.

"Thank you for your hard work today. Thank you for today."

Besides, I was taking it out of my inner pocket and giving it to the boy...

It probably contains a daily allowance, an envelope and….

A chocolate with a wild dog stamp that the princess now exactly wanted, enough to get her hands out of her throat......!

Even then, she screams out like she's on fire.

"Ghaaaa!? Isn't there! Isn't there!? Oh dear, I did not come to you to be frightened while keeping what I have been so eager for!?!?

But the grey devil doesn't look bad either.

"He's been working part-time for me at this slum dog mart. We give a piece of chocolate along with our daily wage for a minor part-time job. This chocolate is his share, so I couldn't give it to you."

"Too Grungy......!

Basilis, who was eating up his teeth so much that the spark seemed scattered, finally exploded.

"Ugahhhhhhhh! No more patience!! This Slam Dog Mart has been destroyed!! Ask Father to crush all this store!!

Those who were on the spot suddenly turned their backs on the outrage.

"Oh, no!? Forgive me for that, Master Basilis!

"My mom won't allow me to lose this store! Meh, it's me, meh!

"Squirrel Tan, Ra!

The three sisters cried and moaned, but the princess's eruption grew worse.


"When we run out, you'll never get chocolate again, will you?


In a word of the gray devil, the eruption subsided perfectly, as if it had blocked the fire exit.

I can think of any way to get chocolate, even if I crush Slumdog Mart......

To a girl who is only six years old, I can't think that far.

But that didn't end there.

She was still inspired by her feelings of dislike.

I was born with this, I've never lost no matter what I did, and I've brought everything down......

After everything I've done, she's finally met.

It's not easy to come true, to something called a wish......!

It's not easy to be invincible, to something called a human......!

Before my first concept, my first obstacle at birth, I finally woke up, although at first I took the lag.

The princess who reigns at the top of this country, as one person......

Rounding up status and honor, as only one girl......

I vowed to challenge this Osama to battle...!

"If...! Remember! Whatever, no matter what, the wrinkles...! Let me give you the chocolate! Chocolate handed to me because then I have to fill these cheeks......! I don't care anymore!! Ask your father to destroy all these demon stores after that!!

Then Osama broke slightly, losing the temper of the girl.

"Really? If that's what you're going to say, give him some chocolate. Just don't have enough for today, so come to this store tomorrow."

"What!? Is that true!?

"Yeah, come at 8: 00 in the morning. If you're late, there's no chocolate."

Over this period, conditional is catching......

The girl rejoiced because she was finally able to pull out what could be termed a concession from the devil who didn't give in hard work.

"Wow! Because tomorrow is early, and it's troublesome to come here from the castle... Reincarnation, I'm staying at the Mansion today!

And to this decision, the Virgins also bowed their breasts greatly.

"I like that! Mom, I'm gonna make a bunch of treats!

Then I will contact the castle.

"Squirrel, yes... together... right...?

Primla just got in touch with the king, and he was just making a fuss when he found out Basilis was missing.

But it was decided that it would be safe if he were in the Holly Doll family, and the princess was allowed to stay out, conditioned on the granting of exclusive protection.