The next day.

Can't wait for Basilis to get the chocolate, he jumped up faster than anyone in the Holly Doll family and knocked everyone up.

"Come on, everybody, let's go to Slumdog Mart!

Together with Primla, she headed to the wild dog store with joy and courage...

"It's a lot faster than time, but that's good. Okay, here you go."

What Osama put on her hand offering both the cane and her hands......


Basilis yelled as he spread the apron for children with wild dog illustrations heavily painted.

"Goldwolf!? What is this fabric? Give me the chocolate! Oh, now get in this pocket... NOT!?

"Chocolate will be rewarded if you work at this store all day today"

I was also surprised by the primula I was hearing next door to this.

"Oh, uncle...? No way, Mr. Basilis, as a clerk...?

"Yes," snorted Goldwolf, looking the same as usual.

"There are only three ways to get our chocolate: buy it side-by-side, learn it at Slumdog School, or work at Slumdog Mart... Mr. Basilis wanted my hand. I only hand it to the children I work for, so I'll ask Mr. Basilis to work for me."

"" Yeah yeah eh!?!?

Both Primla and Basilis were surprised twice by this ton of demo remarks by Osama.

"Well, that's true... but I can't believe you let Master Basilis do the labor...!

"Exactly! I have to work! Labor will be what the questioners do!

But Osama silenced the Virgin and Princess in just one word.

"Of course, I'm not saying I can't."

Goldwolf thought, what a......

It was a bold thing to make the princess of this country work as a clerk...!

Primla is just amazing.

- Sometimes, your uncle said...

'I have decided not to have the Lord,' he said...!

Since I started Slumdog Mart, many times in the past, nobles and those in power have been asked to accommodate me.

And of course, the very popular chocolate right now......

But your uncle, he refused to do it all.

"For this store, customers are all equal. Because you think you're just like your family. There's nothing sadder than separating your family by identity, income, and excellence."

We also shared that idea with the clerks.

I was deeply impressed with that thought, too.

I consider all human beings my own children, because there is also something that goes through your sister's mind......

But... but no way...

I can't believe it even applies to the royals...!

Moreover, slowness will be in a position to rule this country, to the princess......!

Ah, uncle...!

My uncle really can't believe we don't separate...!

What an open, impartial, unbiased, colorless transparency......!

I also want to stain my uncle's color...!

Even if this makes Master Basilis angry...!

I will do everything in my power to help your uncle......!

This, Primla......!

This, even life...!

Uncle, let me dedicate you...!

That, before your uncle...

There was quite a chaotic sight.

With his eyes seeping through remorse, he said, "Geez...!" and the princess who bites the apron.

With tearful eyes, he said, "Hawawawawawawawawah...!" and the Virgin kneeling and praying.

In the end, with the help of Primla, Basilis was to work at Slumdog Mart all day today.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"This is Mr. Matu. Mr. Matu, this is Mr. Hamster, who's new in. Tell him a lot of work."

Osama introduced the new hamster...

Yesterday, he was a boy receiving chocolate as a reward.

As old as I was.

Since I am a clerk, I seem to be cleaning up, but my clothes are full of clothes, so I can't hide my indigence.

"Hey, Goldwolf! Are you trying to fool me? There's nothing to teach these poor kids!

"That's not true, I think there are a lot of them. Now, Mr. Matu, let me start by telling you about cleaning."

"What!? Cleaning!? You want me to clean straw!?

... This slum dog mart employs spared and poor children as part-time workers.

They are still children but therefore unable to get a decent job.

So we have to work stealing to live and hurting people to live.

By actively employing them like that, Goldwolf had prevented them from dyeing their hands for further evil.

Among other things, Matu boy went to Slam Dogmart every day and worked more enthusiastically than anyone else.

But he, too, wouldn't have thought it.

I didn't know there would be a princess from this country under me, etc......!

But Basilis is supposed to be patient, so Matu doesn't know who she is.

Hamster is a tentative name conceived by the princess herself.

"Then hamster, let's clean the floor first. Cleaning tools are in the backyard, so follow me."

"Say no! And what's the word against the straw?!?

"Mr. Hamster, now Mr. Matu is your senior. Besides, I'm watching you work. If you decide you're not worth paying for, you don't have any chocolate."

"Gu Ji Ji......!

Princess Hamster followed Matu as she bit and bit the apron.

... and the first one, it was difficult.

"It's not, Hamster, it's a hoe to sweep the floor. I'm going to put the shelves on this hatchet."

"What!? Though both would be the same!?

"Not at all. On the other hand, it's not gonna get any cleaner, is it? You really don't know anything."

"What the hell!? Guru......! but gamma gamma......! If it's to bark at that gray demon, one or two of the cleaning......!

"Not if you're so full of strength. It would scratch the product, wouldn't it? You really don't know anything. I hope so. Is this the lady?

"Do not treat the wrinkles in the same line with such a lowlife! Just because it's scratched, what do you mean?!?

"A customer is coming to buy this product. What do you think when you see a scratched product?

"I don't know because I've only ever been given a wrinkle!

"Then think about it with that dedication. Are you happy to be offered scratchy things?

"Gu......! So, but the wrinkles...!

"I don't know how much of an identity a hamster is, but you and your customers, you know you don't like what's scratched, right?


Primla asks the princess who is being swayed into Matu, like a mother watching over her first use, far away.

Goldwolf speaks up there.

"He says Mr. Matu has a large number of siblings, so I think he's used to treating selfish kids. The way you say it is tough, but you can leave it to him. More than that, let's do our job."

"Ha... Ha!

By the way, at this time, the guards dedicated to Basilis, dressed in disguise and pretending to be customers, were around.

They would have been heartfelt, surprised.

Um, there's a princess who was always all-you-can-have wagamma......

Whilst clumsy, and reluctantly, yeah dude, I was wiping the floor clean...!