On this day, Reincarnation finished his holy service earlier than usual and went to work at Slumdog Mart.

I heard rumors that Goldwolf was making Basilis work under the pseudonym Hamster, and I couldn't stay or not.

The Grand Virgin jumped into the store as she pushed the swing door open with her chest, what she saw......

"Whoa! Reincarnation! Look! You did this to me!

Faces that had never been dirty before, with coal everywhere......

But he was a princess, showing the shiny store with a full smile...!

"Oh well...! Buzz this...... did hamster do it!? Ray, ray, ray, ray!

Reincarnation, that's all I'm already impressed with.

He crouched, didn't even care if the pure white dress was dirty, and held the princess in his arms.

"Ham Tan, Ra!

The pine pack that was being puffed up also gave me a glimpse of a hamster bigger than myself.

"This is how Mr. Hamster shows all of his visitors the shops he has cleaned up."

Looks like a smile, Primla adds.

"It's the first time I've cleaned a straw in my life! Naturally! I'd rather have it decorated as a memorial!

"Totally... I can't believe it took me till noon to clean... but for the first time, you did a great job"

Matu, the mentor, didn't seem to be satisfied.

"Ah, Matu taught you! Ray, wow! I'm gonna call you Matou Mogi!

He was forced to bury his face in his chest, which was also more than his own, and Matou boy found out what it felt like for the first time.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

On that day, cleaning inside the store and outside was the princess's business.

There was no major problem along the way, except that he was watered down by passers-by and protested, and that he was driven around with water by wild dogs.

By the way, it is the Matu boy who apologized plainly to passers-by on behalf of the hamster, as well as the wild dog who covered the hamster and bit him.

"Both of you, have had a hard day. Thank you for today."

And finally, the long-awaited chocolate was handed to me by Goldwolf's hand...!

A hamster that snaps the chocolate by pushing the matou and also pushing the rewarded envelope.

But most of the opening, it popped out of her mouth......

It gave me the joy of hard work, not gratitude to the Golden Wolf...

"Ya... just one!?

It was a complaint.

"That's right. I give you one chocolate a day in addition to the daily allowance."

"Straw... this straw worked!? 100... no 1000 sheets would be unworthy!?

"Mr. Hamster, the consideration of labor is not determined by your status. It depends on the content of the job you ask for and the weight of the responsibilities involved, and the results."

The princess is taught by Goldwolf and brings tears to her eyes.

She thought that because she had worked so hard, she would surely get so much chocolate that she couldn't hold it with both hands, and so much praise.

That's why I was extra shocked.

"So...! Wrinkles, wrinkles, haha...!

Matou, who was next door, sighed in disgust.

"Ha, I'm out again. Wrinkles, wrinkles, say... I don't know how great you are, but you're the same part-time job as me here. Come on, understand."


A hamster waving up his hand with chocolate, like he had an eclampsia.

"Okay, throw it away. You work and work all day today, and you throw away the chocolate that got you hanging in there?


Matu took the princess's trembling hand and led each chocolate to her chest.

"I'll tell you something good. What about chocolate, it's so much better to work and get it than to have someone buy it, huh?

"Oh... is that true...?

"Oh, I work in this store every day, I get chocolate, and I eat it, so I'm sure. Think you've been fooled, eat it."

On his chest, he stares at a brown rolled plate of chocolate in a silver wrap, curling...... and a throat-beating hamster.

But I shook my head plump.

"Yes, no... let's be patient now. I like to eat all sorts of wrinkles cheeky all over my mouth."

"Well, then you have to save up a lot of chocolate. Then keep coming. If you work ten days, you'll save enough chocolate to cheek all over your mouth."

"Oh... right... Because he is the benefactor of his life…. Damn, isn't it hard to say no when you're raised so far..."

By the way, 'benefactor of life' is about a wild dog covering me up at the waterfall.

Whatever it is, the princess wiped her tears with her clothes sleeves all the time when she faced Goldwolf......

"Hey, Goldwolf! Ravages are still working! I'll work at this store until I get enough chocolate from my mouth, so thank you!

"Really? Then please start tomorrow. Good luck today."

Goldwolf does not rejoice or dislike, but accepts the princess's offer.

"Oh well! Then we'll be staying a lot! Come on, let's go home for fun!"

The moment I was held by my mother, did I feel safe... Hamster thing Basilis falls asleep like a dead battery.

Mother tried to invite Matu to the mansion with her, but Matu said no because she had something to do.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Basilis worked with Pine Pack to create what would be a 'Chocolate Gold Box'.

A chest made of paper, inside which twelve pieces of chocolate subside.

Filling this up became one of Basilis' living goals.

And of the young girl, the days of work begin.

At first it was just cleaning, but eventually I was left to serve the products within my reach and also to serve customers.

The guests' pretentious escorts receive high-flying customer service from their Lord, and weep in the shadows.

Finally, errands to other stores and workshops have been entrusted.

The boy and the girl hold hands and make their first pleasure while many of the escorts watch them.


Until now, spoiled by kings and queens, and selfish all she could be, she found out the hardships of those who descend.

That the herbs are divided into mountains and harvested painstakingly.

That many are sweating in the scorching heat to make only one sword.

That something that was made so hard was incredibly inexpensive for her and lined up in the store.

In addition, they are enthusiastically inquisited and bought after wearing gold without….

That there are those who go on the adventure of life.

I swooped back in my fancy chair, cheeked my food all over my mouth... and understood as a child that it was them.

And... three weeks have passed.