"Yay...! We did it! Wataru finally did it......! We finally beat that gray demon!

The princess, who received the twelfth board chocolate from its "Grey Devil," exclaimed softly.

Matu, who also received the chocolate, as well as the Virgin and the other clerks, have blessed me.

"Good luck, hamster. It was my day off, but I can't believe I kept working without running away..."

"That's right! Ravages are irritating! Oh, well, let's just say I cheek on the chocolate I've been gambling on! Matu, don't you have to eat chocolate? Then let's cheek in front of this gray demon with the woes!

"Oh, because of that, but I'm going home. Where no one's seen it, I like to taste it carefully and eat it. You've worked hard for days too, taste it and cheek it up, bye."

Pounding the shoulder of the hamster, Matu, like the wind, left the store.

Lonely drop that back off with a tightly heavy 'chocolate golden box' for the girl.

"Matu always leaves just once he receives the chocolate...... At the end of the day, I thought we were together..."

"... do you care?

Looking back to his tall voice, there...

Gold was standing, the mascot character of "Slumdog Mart".

"Why should we care about our civilians?" However, as long as we hang out at the end and admire the way the wrinkles cheek... "

"Let me tell you why Mr. Matu can't do that. Come with me."

Gold reaches out.

The hamster, after only a short tour...

Gently, I shook that hand.

Gordo turns to the Primras.

"I'm kind of going out with Mr. Hamster. I'll be away for a little while, but after you, please."

"Yes, I did. But which way?

"If you are the one who governs this country, it is a place where you should never turn away"

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The hamster, drawn to Gold Kun, goes on a lively boulevard with a slum dog mart.

If you find out there's a princess in this country, it's imperative that you panic, but you're in disguise, so you don't even notice the different people.

The guards who were blinding their eyes around them were not concerned.

If you are inspecting this city as a princess, you can surround her tightly and guard her.

Now that I'm sorry, I can't escort you to the front door.

But I was a little happy.

If it was before, you could walk fifty meters and say, "I'm tired! No more wrinkles, no more steps!" and wasting time, that princess Wagamama...

I'm walking on my own legs without complaining...!

And there was some surprise.

Gold is walking with the princess's hand, but he wasn't the only one.

The contents are indeed supposed to be the owners of Slumdog Mart, but the movement is exactly, The Bodyguard.

Avoid crowds that get harder to see from the guard, and don't walk on the wall either.

Gracious VIP protection is harder than anything, but it always gives me an easy position to see, as if I were part of the security staff.

It looks easy to do, but this is actually quite difficult.

Because there's no point in undermining the mood for protection.

In that regard, that wearer escorts beautifully without compromising the princess's mood.

If the princess shows any interest, she stops properly and takes time to look closely.

"Are these kids playing Nani?

"I'm peeling shrimp purchased by a tavern or restaurant. Peeling shrimp is a hassle, so I'm paying them to do it."

"Does that mean these people are doing 'work'!? Even though it's smaller than frizz!?

"Yep. They're only small enough to work with shrimp peeling"

"Not so! Why do you have to work when you are so small!?

'Cause if you don't, you can't live.'

Children who were sitting in alleys and shrimp peeling.

They take a cage with stripped shrimp to the back entrance of the restaurant.

Then a cock-like man received it and put just a little money on his hazy hand.

"Ha, just, that's all......!? I peeled shrimp until my hands were so much, that's all I get!? And there's no chocolate either!? Isn't that illegal!?

"No, it's not illegal. As for wages, this is the amount of the market in the region."

Gold and the princess stepped into a place called 'The Glades' one by one.

On the outskirts of the city, houses line up like temporary homes made of non-brick slabs.

In the houses, where the doors also did not exist in Loch, were dwellers dressed in thin dirt, cloth clothes that were too crude to call them.

"Ugh......!? What is this place......!? Why do these people live in such a shabby place, dressed like filth!?

"Only here, because you can live."

"I can only live in such a hellish place......!? Are these people felons or something!?

"No. It's innocent people, not guilty of anything. Besides, this place is better yet. When you go to alleys and river plains, there are people living in even worse environments. Here we are."

Moving his gaze ahead, which Gold indicated with his big hand, there it is......

I worked with you until just now, you look like a senior clerk...!

"I'm home! Your brother's home!

Matu, carrying a worn bag, yells at the shattered cabin again this...

Young children jumped at me straw enough to wonder how I was stuck in such a small cabin.

"Hey there, welcome back!

"Oh, guys, were you being a good boy?

"Yeah, I was doing good!

"Well, I have to reward you today! Here!"

"Wow! Chocolate!"

"There's ten of us, and we'll eat them separately."

Gold talks about wild dog stamped chocolate, staring at the children who divide it into ten equal parts.

"Mr. Matu is a family of eleven and has no parents. The oldest Matu works to feed those kids. He works at Slam Dog Mart, then he makes the day's money, he shops, and he gets chocolate as a souvenir, and he goes home."

"Oh... you were...! But if you split one chocolate for ten, you can only speak of one piece...!

"... that's what this country's... No, it's the state of affairs in this world. Some people create laws that allow them to monopolize wealth… because they are making a large number of people unhappy and a small number of people move in a way that enables them to have enough happiness."

Put your hands on the shoulder of the girl who lost her words and continue further.

"The few share delicious things only among the few. Even if it is in excess quantity, they will not give it to the multitude. Because if we do that, we will not be able to cheek ourselves with delicious things all over our mouths and hungry with all the ripples. And that behaves as it should. Many people don't even know they're being used by a few, and they're always hungry."

"Oh... who is it!? What about the few...!?

"It's... brave... And you royalty and nobility."

"What the hell!? Wah... Wrinkles are different! No, no, no, no! The wolf, the slacker, is the ruler of this kingdom...! Wishing all the people happiness from day to day!

"No, it's the same. Mr. Hamster said he likes to eat everything cheeky, right? That's normal, so he pressed me to give him the chocolate... Can you still say the same thing when you look at them?

...... gaggarhhhh!!

And, in the girl's head, the grand piano is pounded hard.

And I got sick of it.

On the chest, for a girl today, is a treasure chest more important than anything else.

I've never felt this way before.

It was also the first time I had something that seemed so important.

But...... hamster......

No, now to the girl back in Basilis, I was no longer lost.

Kick, raise your face, and walk to the children with a powerful foothold.

"Come on, chocolate, that's delicious!

"Well, taste it and eat it."

"Oh... it's gone..."

"That's fine, I'd love to give it a full blast..."

"Come on, I want more chocolate!

"Oh, I'm sorry, I don't have any more. I'll get it again tomorrow."

"Don't you have any?

"Oh, I don't have your brother's share anymore. I've been eating at work."

"It's delicious when we all taste it, so let's stick together tomorrow!

"Right... but brother, I wonder if I can gamble...?

"Don't lie to me"

On the boy's chest, a dossy plate of chocolate was pressed.

"... Hamster!? How did you get here!?

"I've come to hand out chocolate to his siblings."

"... wow!? This one has a lot of chocolate!?

"Wow! I want to see it!

"Come on, take them too, one for each of them."

"What!? Are you sure?

"Thanks, hey!

"Wait a minute, hamster! We're not taking any chances!

"Don't get me wrong, Matu. This is not a charity."

"You're trying to distribute chocolate to the poor at the whim of a lady! If that's not a gift, what the hell is it!?

"This is how I give back what I have been flattered with."

Basilis is more serious than when he decided to work part-time at Slumdog Mart...

Then, with a clear look, he declared:

"Besides, it's not a whim or anything...... I made up my mind...!