There, he was overflowing with a smile, as if a round of flowers had been produced in his fattening.

"I can't believe I can put a whole chocolate on it! Glad to hear it!

"Thanks, hey!

"I don't want to thank you. Chocolate tastes best with cheeks, not chicken."

"Come and join us!

Matu, who was confused at first, is also urged by his sisters… to mouth the chocolate received.


"Ugh... Uh-huh!? I've never had this chocolate before, but it was so good eh!?!?

I accidentally opened my eyes to the happy sweetness I felt for the first time.

I'm self-absorbed and gutted as it is.

The siblings also lose and cheek chocolate all over their mouths.

"Amah!" "Hey, hey!" "If you flatter me, you really twist!

Ummi Umi and Basilis nodding back to them that make their mouth around sticky.

Then it's time for me to... and unwrap the chocolate with the wild dog mark, just before I tried to carry it to my mouth.

I felt an intense gaze.

When I saw it, there was a child standing there with a cloth and a runny nose and yodale.

The gaze nails the chocolate in Basilis' hand.

The princess took a sigh of relief.

"... I was going to make this my last chocolate... I don't know what else to do"

Get out of the chocolate party ring and give it to the child.

When he was about the same age, he said, "Is that okay?" He looked incredible, "Basilis nodded loudly.

"Oh, then the smile is the most important treat for the wolf."

He didn't understand the meaning of the word, but he makes sure to snag the chocolate and devour it anyway.

Gordo was also merging for the party wheel when he noticed.

"Wow! Gordo, hey!

"Wow! I'm so glad you're so tiny and golden!

"Come on, Gold and I used to say that, but you really did!

"Ah... oh, still, sort of"

Gordo, who is surrounded by his siblings, was using his hands to stroke each of them.

The smile is furthermore blooming, cheering, and the children gather.

Basilis was appealing to Gold.

"Hey, Goldwolf! From now on, I will make a country where everyone here can cheek chocolate! So Slumdog Mart needs to have a solid production system in place so that chocolate doesn't run out of products by then! Look, this isn't gracefulness from scratching... please! Please, Goldwolf!


Basilis was surprised because Gordon honestly shook his head vertically on this.

He's the only one who hasn't tried to admit one thing Basilis said, so he thought this might be turned down, too.

As if he had seen through that feeling, Gordo says in a out of tune voice.

"I make others smile, not myself...... If it's about filling someone else's cheeks, not your own, I'll work with you as much as I can. Promise me you'll get more chocolate. Mr. Basilis, go back to the castle and remember the smiles of today's children."

"Okay! Wawa will never forget this day...!

"Well... just today, it's special."

When Gold flickers his hands into the shape of a butterfly, like a trick,

... sloppy, sloppy!

and a lot of board chocolate appeared as a fan in big hands like gloves.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!?!?!?"

and from the children, the most cheering today.

"Today is a special day for this country, so it's a big service. I'll give you all some chocolate."

... that day, the ghetto filled with the smiles of the children, as if fattening had become a garden.

Everyone flaunts the chocolate with their cheeks all clean, and everyone smiles all clean.

But... some adults, they were crying.

"Oh... oh...! Dear Basilis......!

"No way, Master Basilis, who was all-you-can-have Wagamama......!

"I said I'm getting a lot of my favorite chocolate from Gold......!

"I can't believe I'm handing it out to the kids without saying a word...!

"Dear Basilis......! What a wonderful heart you have been raised......!

"How many times have I tried to stop you when you work at Slumdog Mart......!

"Whatever hangs on the owner, he gets poked... what a disrespecter, it's an outrage...!

"No way that guy named Goldwolf, expected this to happen......!?

"If so, what a man...!

"No matter how much our royal officials threaten us, without giving in at all, we penetrate our thoughts...!

"I can't believe you're changing our princess...!

"Goldwolf Slumdog......! Oh... a terrible man...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

After a grand chocolate party, Basilis was returning to Slumdog Mart in a spirit, trying to pull Gold Kun.

Along the way, we pass in front of 'Slumdog Cafe', which has a square as its store.

We usually have a neat queue, but only now, for some reason... we were surrounded by a lot of crowds.

I heard a scream and a high laugh from inside, so Basilis asked Gold to sit on his shoulder and take a peek...

"Hahahahaha! Today, this Slam Dog Cafe is closed! For fraud investigation, chocolate is forfeited. Well!!

Guest seats vandalized by mess, and boxes of chocolate brought out of the outdoor kitchen......

And sit on top of it, a popcorn chaser figure......!

By the guards under their command, all the guests are expelled and the employees are in the middle of being held......!

Gold puts on a crowd.

I swung off the guard I was paying around the cafe and approached the popcorn chaser.

"... what does this mean, Mr. Popcorn Chaser"

Goldwolf inquires in a quiet tone.

The dressing lady's voice was the usual old man's voice, as she was always out of tune and tall, but now she's turned off the weird voice magic feature.

With that sinister voice, the popcorn chaser notices.

"Oh, isn't that Mr. Goldwolf? What an outfit, funny!

"What does this mean?" In a strong tone, Osama asks again.

"What, it's settled! I told you about the boxin ', didn't I? If you don't give me the chocolate at all, I don't care what happens!

"I would have asked you to buy the chocolate, like any other customer, side by side"

"Eh, that's such a yadder! Now we're all desperate to get Slumdog Mart chocolate, aren't we? If you do the same, you can't get out, can you?

"Get out, what were you going to do?

Osama knew the intentions of a young man laughing hella while keeping people's stores messed up.

But I dared ask.

To make the person now on his shoulder listen......!

"Well, I told you before, didn't I? Right now, Boxin. Come on, you're not in a good position at the Royal Castle. So to reverse it, I thought I'd catch that female!

"By that (●) female kid, do you mean... Mr. Basilis, the princess?

"Eh, it's disrespectful to call Princess Sama after calling her" Mr. "! But boxin is fine, because with this chocolate, that female kid listens to everything!

"I see, so you're trying to get Mr. Basilis to take it up with the lead minister."

"Soyuko! To that female kid, even the king says no! Besides, if you fall in love with that female kid, instead of the lead minister... the next king isn't even a dream ~! If you're an older woman, do it. It's a gem, do it. It's hard to dress... If you're just a child's female kid, you can make things out of just this awesome chocolate, so it's easy!"

I only have my own people around, so perky as it is funny, and a popcorn chaser who talks about prospects.

The person on Osama's shoulder doesn't even know he's shivering in anger right now.