Minister of the Guard Bureau of this country, the long mouth of the popcorn chaser will not stop.

"I don't know how old that female kid is, but if she's royal, she can marry from the age of nine... It doesn't matter what kind of post you're in charge of anymore! If you catch that meth kid, you'll be king! If you become a king and make this small country a Seven-Lux country, you will be praised by Boktin, my dad! That way, you will be chosen to succeed my dad and become the king of a great power!"

Gold and the princess on her shoulder listened to the confession in silence... so far.

The princess couldn't help but explode because Gold was holding her ankle with his hand and sending a signal.

"Now, enjoy", and…!

"You can be king with the awesome chocolate from the awesome store!? And it's not such an awesome little country, it's a great big country! Boxtin, I love it! But come on, Mr. Goldwolf, didn't you wonder? Why did this boxin suddenly come out to exercise such strength... That's a great opportunity now!"

"... because Mr. Basilis is in the hospital bed right now"

"Oh, I know!? Even the owners of the great stores come in with information about it! That meth kid, he's sleeping sick right now! If you take your favorite chocolate there and this boxin goes to see you...... you're already a dick!

Right now, only a very limited number of human beings, even royalty, know that Basilis is at Slumdog Mart.

It was notified as an official announcement that he was on the ground with a sudden illness.

That would also be natural.

If the princess finds herself in this place, she will push everyone who plans to overthrow the nation.

And... the princess of the moment was trembling.

I am close to myself, one of the ministers......

When I saw him in the castle, he lay flat with momentum just licking his shoes......

I didn't know you were thinking about this, big one......!

"But the other ministers in the castle seem to think the same thing. I can't believe I managed to get such a great deal of money to surprise just one or use my men to queue up for the lottery... That's right, people in small countries who do it are different! If you're a big country born boxin, you can do this and use your head, for free, to get a lot of... Well, even with all this... I only eat fine chocolate for boxtin, so I don't need it!"

The popcorn chaser took some wild dog stamped chocolate out of the box of chocolate he was sitting on......

He stomped gritty from above, sprinkling at his feet, breaking a frozen puddle of water and playing.

"It would be better to play like this! Hahahahaha!

... This interaction did not reach the crowd around.

It's just... all those on the spot, they did watch.

Like a beast released from restraint......

A girl, like a little lion, jumping from height to height...!

"Oh my...! Out-of-the-box!

And... the moment its claw-like soles capture the faces of those who were trampling on 'Easy Chocolate'...

Sure, I was witnessing...!



At the moment of impact, the casket the girl was wearing came off and her beautiful long hair spread.

Young man's, a nigga face that never got nosy......

strained, deformed in amazement and anguish.

An erupting nosebleed, as if you ate too much chocolate.

Still keep eating more, splashing teeth, as if they were decayed and removed.

As if I got lucky with a yab doctor, even healthy teeth, put together and gossip......!

Not much of a shock, the popcorn chaser fell from the top of the box where he was sitting.

With the girl on her chest, Shizu slipped on the ground after.

"Come on, come on, come on! YEAH!?!?

Young man leaning like a flipped spider, dodging blood from his crooked nose and missing teeth, nose and mouth.

"Shut up!! Popcorn Chaser Huh!!!!

But they dropped the pishari and the kaminari, and the scream is forced to end.

That's a tough drink I don't think of as a child, and even the guards who tried to rush, they get stiff.

"I won't let you say I forgot my face anymore...!

The girl looking down in the mount position, backed by a burning sunset, her long hair upside down like a flame.

That look that punches angry hair heaven.

The opponent said he was a young child, but the popcorn chaser was completely atrophied.

"Hii... Hii!? Master Basilis!? Hey, why are you here...!?

I move my toothless mouth fuzzy and manage to scream just that.

"I don't care about that. Yikes!! You… I didn't know you planned to call the womb a female child and even sell this country…!!

"Ugh... Ugh...!! Huh... Guards!! Guards ~!! Ko...... you fucking kid!! I'm kicking my boxin, I'm kicking my boxin!! Besides, I'm cheating on Master Basilis' name and trying to threaten my boxin '!! Kill this fucking kid! Kill me!! Hurry up, hurry up!!

But the guards hesitated.

"What are you doing? Come on!! Come on, come on!! You can't be such a fucking kid like Basilis!! Master Basilis is now lying on the hospital bed......!! You can't be here!! The assault on Boxtin, the minister, and the royal...... and deceiving the princess's name is a felony!! No more arrests!!

The young man completely reopened and screamed in a golden voice.

"In the name of this Guard Minister, Popcorn Chaser......!! Execute this fucking kid, oooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Those who do not obey, also neck it. Uhhhh!

To that extent, the guards, their men, have to obey.

It surrounded Basilis around a falling popcorn chaser.

That number, more than thirty......!

Gold, who was in the wheel, leaned in and reached out, lifting Basilis.

"Well done, Mr. Basilis. Leave the rest to me."

As I say, I carve her on my shoulder again.

The voice color was back to the usual golden, high-toned one.

It's quite a predicament, but it doesn't make me feel any whim.

The princess, who no longer believed in Goldwolf more than anyone else, clung to the big head of the dresser.

"Alright... let's believe it! I'll approve you as royal, so if you get busted, do whatever you want!

"Ahem!? What are you doing? Kill that dressed animal with me! Kill me! Kill me. Yikes!

With hysterical screams, the lid of battle opened up in abundance with gapaa.

... Well, I just said...

The lid will soon close...


No matter how many guards are trained from time to time...

There are more than two digits difference in power, all of them, even if they had weapons...

I once beat an Osama opponent for just leg judgment while dancing with a woman against a large number of active servicemen...

It couldn't have been a battle.