The audience that was gathering around Slumdog Cafe was very excited.

Anyway, the guards, symbols of state power, and the wild dog mascot, familiar to the common people, were standing around...

Besides, the battle doesn't stink of blood, it's funny itself.

Like a cartoon cartoon character, Gold is very busy gluing around the box in a loose shape, up on the table.

The guards who chase them in bundles, at some point, take their feet off by a set string and fall sutte ~ n......

I stomped on a mop that was falling on the floor, and I was beaten by a BYO ~ N up pattern, and I stayed hit.

The girl on Gold-kun's shoulder was also poking the heads of the guards with a stick in her hand.

That's delightful and painful.

The audience laughed heavily whenever one of the guards was hit, as if watching a comedy show, and even screamed delightfully when it was exhausted.

And... in about an hour, a pile of Novi guards can be raised.

"Ugh... wow!? So, who is it? Someone uhhhhhh!?!? Here are the wild dogs that will overthrow the state. Well - Sooo!! I need a guard... No, I need a gendarme...!! No, no, call in the army YAYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?

As if to echo the screams of a popcorn chaser, he pushed through the hedges and the heavily armed soldiers appeared with a large shield.

The army of mob crackdowns has been thrown in the wake of the commotion...!

"Ya... Yay, yay, yay, yay! No matter how much, you couldn't beat this oooooooooo!?!? What happens to the guy who defied the boxin......!! Ladies and gentlemen, do it. Come on. Whoa!

But the wild dog didn't move.

Of course, the girl on her shoulder.

On the top of the piled table, they took the minister of evil, his men...

And he looked down upon many people.

Behind you is the royal castle of the Hurlbury small country and the sort of sunset that surrounds that castle.

He was carrying every castle and showing the great beauty as if the light was shining behind him to those under his eyes...!

"Quiet - Yikes!! Quiet, quiet, quiet!! Shh, shh, shh!

A girl at the apex roared a voice that made her feel young but majestic.

And as he continues, his fist is raised to rush through heaven.

"This bangle is out of my sight!!!!

There was a golden bracelet wrapped around the girl's wrist......

Moments of sunlight and a blinking glow......!

...... Dobba!!!!

That's so much that you're going to hear a loud noise...

The heavens were amazed, and the earth moved, and the plaza was swept away.

"Who do you think you are?" Wawa is Princess Halbury, Basilis Hobaris Halbury!! Straw who is also the next queen of Halbury...... head high!! Hike it!!



And the city fell down in unison.

Popcorn chasers who slept on their backs like dying spiders also

"Hih......!? Hiya!? No way, really, I can't believe it was Master Basilis......!!

I crawl with shubbs and flatten myself.

"Popcorn Chaser! That was a blame for taking a bribe from Gorgeous Smart and getting removed from the next lead minister candidate......! After that, you were going to be demoted to The Funny and Useless Chair Minister! That it was unacceptable and went into outrages like this one...... I really wanted to forgive you!!

"So, but...! Oh...... listen, Master Basilis!! The wild dogs who are there now keep the chocolate to themselves... we were tormenting the royal family!? Didn't Master Basilis make a fuss about chocolate now too!! That's why this popcorn chaser thought about Master Basilis and tried to punish the wild dogs and make them spit out the chocolate!! So...... all the bad is the wild dogs there so sooo!!

"You think I don't know anything about straw!! I know so much better about this wild dog than that! No one else is more open and just than this wild dog!!

Basilis clung to Gordo's face, saying so.

"That's about it, and when you come... There are a lot of kids in this world who can't eat chocolate even if they want to... I don't know about singling that out for private personal cravings, even treading on the lashes, etc...... Language Way No!! Guards! Draw him around the king's capital!! Plus, I'm going to go after him and give him a maximum sentence, so be prepared!!

"Ha... haha!? Damn...... no!! Oh, no, no!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

A popcorn chaser that can be pulled by the guards who have been my men until now.

That ugly scream was always dedicated to the city of dusk.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Instead of wangdu, popcorn chasers set off on a pull around tour of the entire Halbury small country.

On his way, he was fixed to a wooden frame like a truncated platform and was treated by many folks as a 'fuzzy and useless chair'.

Left unattended at night, too, to pee on drunks and wild dogs......

The worries of the homeless kicked me around until the shape of my face changed.

After that punishment, the popcorn chaser was formally charged with state overthrow and forcibly returned to the Kingdom of Sevenlux.

Originally he was sent in for an alliance, so I just made a few scandals and the king was going to meditate on his eyes too...

I cannot remain silent when the idea of calling my beloved daughter a female child, and of ascending to the king in footsteps of marriage, and making Halbury a Seven-Lux country, comes to light.

On the contrary, King Sevenlux has been framed to apologize to Halbury, a small country.

The spearhead of that anger, of course, is directed at the popcorn chaser that has been sent back.

He, on the face of his father, King Sevenlux, as a muddy fool......

Nowadays, they're playing a clown in the castle.

But was he really, useless bong...?

As a matter of fact, I have contributed greatly to the development of Slumdog Mart.