All that did was harm to the Halbury Small States, Popcorn Chaser.

What is the only good deed he brought to this country, the bong of a great power...?


Wild dog stamped chocolate from Goldwolf......

To the maids, I threw it...!

Once Osama was called to Bonbon and asked to bribe him.

But Osama refused and instead left a couple of plate chocolates.

Chocolate only speaks of the finest, but of course I didn't get any hands on such cheap chocolate...

One day, when I sneezed, I was throwing it at the maids who came to clean it.


Why did wild dog stamped chocolate suddenly boom in the royal castle......?

The secret was hidden here...!

The chocolate thrown from the bonbong was never thrown away, because it was a waste and the maids ate it as an ostrich.

And... everyone caught an eye for its so deliciousness.

"What...? What is this...?

"hey...... hey, this chocolate is not delicious at all!?

"Ugh... Ugh! Surprised......! Why is it so delicious when it's a regular board chocolate!?

"It's nothing like the chocolate you usually eat! Plus, it's so much better than the chocolate we serve to the royals!

"Where are you selling this!?

"Er... he said it was a slum dog mart!

"What, that's just an adventurer's shop in Castle Town, right?

"Why is the adventurer's shop selling chocolate...?

"I don't know, but anyway, tomorrow, we'll go buy it for you!

Here first the servants captivated the chocolate with the wild dog mark.

If that happens, the rest is with nature...

"Hey, I was so happy to serve that chocolate to the customer I saw today!

"Ladies, I don't usually like chocolate, but it was so beautiful!

"Me too! They asked me what brand of chocolate it was!

"But you wouldn't think that instead of 1,000 yen (ender) a grain, it's 100 yen (ender) a piece of chocolate..."

"Usually 10,000 yen (ender) makes people roar over chocolate. I knew this chocolate was really delicious..."

"That's what I think... I did"

"Huh? What?

"I turned Basilis' snack chocolate into this chocolate."

"Yeah!? Oh my god!?

"If I found out you fed such cheap chocolate, Master Basilis would be so angry!?

...... bahhhhhh!!

"Wow!? Master Basilis!!

"Duh, what have you done!? I can't believe you went out of your way to a place like this...!?

"... who made this chocolate ah!?

... No way...!?

Osama was expecting this to happen, to that bong bong, presenting chocolate......!?

That chocolate isn't just sarcasm about bonbong......

To bring the wealthy into the store, it was a sprinkler......!?

On the contrary, let even the princess of this country come to the store......

To make it work, to correct, call water......!?

On the contrary, on the contrary...!

It can also be the cancer of this country, to remove the bonbong......


No way......!?

No way, no matter how much...!!

Ari Nai (In Possible) Huh......!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Judge Oka at Slumdog Cafe, the next morning...

Basilis is returning to the royal castle.

Fully back at the princess in front of the familiar Slam Dog Mart, she was looking up at Goldwolf.

A few weeks ago, when I called the devil, the stinging tone completely changed......

It was calm and full of trust, as if dealing with angels who had now fought with it.

"Thank you for your help, Goldwolf"

"Welcome and thank you for working"

"Mm-hmm. By the way, isn't that person interested in a ministerial position?


"Mm-hmm. I mean, you're a homemaker. It's also dedicated to the flesh."

In the status of minister, the elderly are in the highest position.

Moreover, when slowly becomes queen, also exclusive to the princess, its power is immeasurable.

Anyway, the authority of the elderly is diverse, even to the political, economic and military life of the nation.

Assuming Osama gets in, Slumdog Mart in this country got an absolutely invincible star, as well.

Even if there was a gorgeous smart re-invasion, it would be completely eliminated.

"This time, the wobble woke up. But the wrinkles, they are still young. I may continue to go the wrong way. But if I did, I'm sure I'd go the right way at any time.... What do you say?

If you are a normal person, what a waste of words......!

and would have rubbed his forehead to the ground, and trembled his body in the utmost pleasure.

But Osama looked down at Basilis as he stood, as usual.

Just like when we met, like dealing with one girl.

"I'm offering because of it, but I refuse. I've decided not to have a husband anymore."

The escorts, who were on one knee around and nagging, eh!? and give you a face.

But the princess nodded satisfactorily, as if she had expected the answer.

"... well, okay. So, can I come back to this store again?

"Yeah, sure. Guests are always welcome."

Basilis was grounded at Osama's feet next after closing the conversation with "um," speaking to the boy.

"Matu, thank you for your help."

But the boy, pulling his hands and feet in like a turtle, was getting smaller and trembling.

"Oh, I'm sorry!! I can't believe she was a princess......!! I'm so, so sorry for all the disrespect!!

"Never mind. Also, can I go to your house?

"SO...... SON!? I can't believe the princess is coming to that place......!! No way!! Please, forgive me!!

A boy who fears even and never tries to give you a head up.

On the girl's face, it depends on a touch of drizzle.

"Well... well, tell your siblings hello"

At the end of the day, Basilis gets in the big carriage he's been waiting for in front of the store.

Then your mom will follow you to the castle.

That said, the reincarnation continued later as well.

When you are also the Grand Virgin, it is not uncommon to have a royal family with a carriage.

As someone who had long kept the princess's personality, it would also be natural to accompany him to the end and report back to the king safely.

Before "Slam Dogmart," the carriage runs loose.

Around it, many of the escorts ride their horses to consolidate their protection.

Those who had gathered at the store had dropped off the carriage as it dwarfed the boulevard until it disappeared.

Goldwolf, who was at the head of it, looked back after a while,

"Good luck today, gentlemen"

I gave the same voice to the clerks who were behind me.

... This Osama took in the wealthy, inspired by just a few chocolates.

Instead, he called in the top man in this country... to try to fix his sexual roots.

I'm sure if she were to succeed, she would be in a different country now......

Osama was convinced that it would be a strong country unbeatable by the brave.

I foresaw and controlled until the end of the nation, this osan......

Though he is no longer omniscient, there is no one yet to know it.


Even Osama like that still had something he didn't know.

"Basilis, I'm sorry Gol turned you down."

"Um, but I'm not giving up on friction! I'll put that goldwolf on the friggin 'side at all costs!

"Then why don't you think the other way around? Instead of calling Gol to your side, Basilis is going to Gol's side. Then I don't think they'll say no."

"Straw, upon Goldwolf...?

"Yeah, that's all you like about Gol, isn't it?

"It is, but...... You want me to throw away the princess's throne...?

"Yeah, you don't. There's a way I can stay with Gol as a princess."

"Is that true!? Teach me how to do that, Reincarnation!

"Ugh, that's..."

Woohoo (oh)...!

No way, no way......!

I don't know anything about myself, to my harem......!

of a girl like a white archangel, by the whisper of the devil......!

A six-year-old, sweet toddler...!

Besides, the princess of this country...!

As the 101st daughter-in-law......

Exactly now, I didn't know you were about to be dragged in......!

No, on the contrary......!

"Gordowulf's Harlem is in for a twitch!

It's like going for a pirate king, feeling excited, being named for yourself, etc...!

With Osama, there was no reason to know...!