...... Greysky Island is an island with many indigenous races called 'Wild Tail'.

You're half beasts with tails on your dog-like ears.

Wild Tail used to have a homeland, but it was chased after the land and now lives fine on a small island all over the world.

Greysky Island is one of those islands.

They operate their own culture in every region, unaffected by neighboring countries.

For this reason, they are treated as closed races in literature and elsewhere, but in fact they are very soft and warm.

I look very emotional because my ears and tails like dogs move in conjunction with the emotions I have.

So they're our customers this time.

By the way, it's universally known as' wild tail ', but in the old local language, they say' silano ko '.

Silano means' dog's ', and a scarecrow means' child '.

'Son of a Dog' sounds a lot more discriminatory, but with the Beast God faith they are proud of it.

... Goldwolf was using the 'Slumdog School' classroom to gather Slumdog Mart executives for a study group.

Now that you've taken control of Halbury, you've been teaching me about the next island of Greysky to target.

Osama continues looking around at the big students who sat in the small seats.

What they believe in is a dog god, known in local language as' silanosinyi '.

Sinyi means' god ', so Sirano Sinyi means' god of dogs'.

This Silanosinyi is considered identical to the goddess' Renalilis', who presides over the world.

It is evident in some ruins and leftover literature that the braves are deciding to oppress them as the Evil Gods Faith.

We discriminate against and hurt people with our own shallow......

Not to mention repression, which can't be tolerated.

... Hey, you're out of line.

Let's get back to the island.

"Grey Sky Island" is also famous as a resort.

It is a suitable place for marine leisure because of its southern climate and the calm nature of the sea around it.

Every year, many nobles and royalties, as well as brave men, visit and flourish.

By the way, in local language, they call it 'the island of Chupse'.

Starting to be called Graysky, Yuen is from a cloud that is constantly stuck in a mountain called 'Sin Itomrau' in the middle of the island.

They say the clouds are gray and will not disappear at any time.

It's a mountain that doesn't set much sun, so the locals fear and revere it as a 'mountain where God lives'.

There are other local legends about dog gods......

On an island with so many mysteries, we're going to roll out 'Slumdog Mart'.

But they only use what 'Silanosinyi' admitted they believe.

'Gorgeous Smart' also exists locally, but the locals don't seem to be using it at all.

Now do you know that Hurlberry is a very different place from where we are now, both in terms of size and location?

Business doesn't succeed if you stick to the way you've done it before.

We don't push our own thoughts, like brave men who break the locals off as wicked......

We need to take away the needs that were on the spot and coexist with them.

Everything is different from Halbury, this island of Greysky......

I believe that Slumdog Mart is the best place to cultivate know-how as it deploys to other countries.

Well, then, as soon as possible, I would like to conduct an on-site visit starting next week.

I would also like to try test sales, etc. by dewstores, if possible.

Become an advance team, as an inspection member, with me...

"Ha! With your uncle, would you let me serve Greyskay Island too!?

"My mom too!" "Pie, too!

In the middle of the front row, the Virgin Sisters, sitting in the so-called honorary seats, first raised their hands and ran for office.

"Everyone in the Holly Doll family has a big rally of the Virgin next week, right? Plus, we've been going over the safety of the island, but it could be dangerous to be an advance team. Take your time after I make sure you're safe."

But the teacher dismissed him lightly, and the honors were dismayed.

Normally, only Mother would eat up and not leave like a spoon, but all this time things were different.

Only next week's rally, where the Grand Virgin of the Neighbouring Countries gather, had to be attended.

Instead, Dr. Osama nominated...

The rearmost part of the classroom, the most shiny.

It was that person, sitting in the so-called bad seat.

"Now, Mr. Kulalalaka, start traveling with me to Greysky Island next week."

"I resolutely say no!

"Greyskay Island, the resort, also has a large casino."

"Um, I accepted!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

That's why Goldwolf and Kulalalaka came to Greyskay Island.

Arrival was late last night, but this morning we were having breakfast at an open terrace cafe, on a small high hill.

Osama tells his companion, sitting opposite him, looking at a large square overlooking him from the terrace.

"Look, Mr. Kulalalaka. This is also the sanctuary of Shinsengumi, called Shinsengumi Square."

Spacious green lawn surrounded by a high iron fence full of jails.

In the center, there is a statue of Godsmile spearing bravely toward heaven.

"If you used to be a Holy Sabre, you know the Spirit of God, right?

"Divine Spirit Group" ….

One of the armies owned by Godsmile, a brave man who reigns at the top of the brave organization.

All of his members are warrior warriors (Seiyusha), skilled in all kinds of weapons.

In the wars in which Godsmile is involved, such a name was given because it always serves as a spike.

And if it's a battle, it's a lifeless bunch of people who rush into their enemies faster than anyone else.

There are several of their garrisons, but this island of Greysky is one of them.

He was also the identity of Gorotsuki, who is walking our way through the island.

Osama continues with a far-sighted view of the soldiers, who would be members of the Divine Spirit Group, walking through the square like a rogue.

"There is also a 'gorgeous smart' on this island. But that's not for commerce, as an antenna shop for new weapons experiments...... The new weapons developed on this island are being distributed to the brave people who visited the island and experimented with the locals. Call it cult oppression..."

Kulalalaka was carrying a scrambled egg in her mouth with a fork with one elbow on.

Osama changes the subject because he seemed so grumpy.

"Mr. Kulalalaka. I jumped into the casino early last night and played a lot, so do your job today."

As I said, I noticed the sword beside her.

"It is... the Chalkan Blade, a sword that was said to be used only by the Virgin's submissive (Holy Sabre)... You brought it, it's been a long time since you've seen the real thing. Hey, can you show me?

"Don't touch me with your dirty hands!!

The words finally uttered by my daughter, much younger than Osama, were intimidating.

I guess I was pretty shocked that I lost so much at the casino yesterday.

There's no island to mount... and Osama pulled his hand in.

...... Gashaaahhhhhhhhhh!!

All of a sudden, the seat at the far end of the terrace bounces off.

When I looked, a young Wild Tail girl, wearing the ethnic costume of this island, was down.

Continuously, six gully looking boys come into the store and add a kick to the girl who was down.

"You're not running away, whoa!

... Dossssssss!

On the girl's belly, a sharp twinkle kick pierced her.

"Ugh!?," he rolls the ground with the sand smoke as he sprinkles gastric juice from his mouth.

"Damn, it's a hassle!

... Gassssssss!

Shortly after resting, the girl was kicked up in the chest.

"Whoops!?," he squeezes his breath out of his lungs, dancing funny high into the universe.

The girl stopped moving on her back after being slapped to the ground like a tossed doll.

It was the boys about junior high who were assaulting them, but the adults who were around don't do anything to stop one.

Instead, I couldn't wait to get involved, taking one seat after the other, leaving the cafe behind.

It's a complete sales jam, but neither the store clerks nor the owners stop as one.

The boys are also a vigilante on this island, the "Divine Spirit Group".

The other guy is too bad...

This space, no, this island......

No, in this world, it seemed as if there was no one on the girl's side.

Though the adults who were around give a sad look......

I just watch as if it's a natural reward for a girl to be kicked around like a football by the boys.

Except for one.

...... Gattang!!

The momentum to kick the chair up was, after all, that (●) osan......!?

... No!!

"Whoa, you guys, stop it!!

I have a sword in my hand, a testament to an exotic knight...

of brown skin, was a female knight......!