Southern mornings. A relaxing cafe with a refreshing breeze.

But that loose time, it froze in an instant.

Probably escaped, Wild Tail girl.

Even more of a chaser, the chimpy boys came in and started lynching publicly to her on the spot.

Avoiding everyone wanting to be involved with each other, I just got up alone......

As the branch chief of Slumdog Mart, he was the cutting captain Kulalalaka......!

When she rises from the table abruptly, she grabs the sword with rage.

Still, I tried to get to the chimps, who were resorting to unreasonable violence against their favorite girl opponents.



and is grabbed on the shoulder.

Ahead of her gaze back, her boss, Osama, was shaking her neck from left to right.

"You mustn't, Mr. Kulalalaka. They are members of Shinsengumi. And he's also a guard on this island. If you defy me, you'll just be sorry. Besides, that girl is a witch on this island, out of her outfit. Even if you are treated roughly, you will not be killed. So you don't need to help now."

Osama just says, "Know what I mean," and puts his strength into his voice as he prays.

"And... we didn't come here to fight"

But the words of prayer were misty as watered the burning stone.

"Don't be ridiculous! 'You won't be killed'!? With such speculation, you want me to shut up and watch that tyranny!? 'I'm not here to fight,' he said!? Oh, yeah! We're here to do business! But that's why you have to shut up and watch that little kid being hurt because he wanted to!?

Kulalalaka removed Osama's hand from his entire body.

"... I missed you, Goldwolf...!

After a glance like a heartfelt contempt, he flipped his body again.

... 'Divine Spirit Group', which essentially dominates this island.

They wear a cloak of alignment, a testament to the crew.

The deep red cloak has a snoring dandelion pattern that looks like blood on it.

The area on the back is embroidered with 'God' and gold.

Kulalalaka challenged the dangerous boys who call themselves the use of God...!

"Hey, you guys, stop it!

Then, the boys, who were grittily crushing the little body of the girl with the soles of her shoes, glared back at the sight of how bad the gala looked.

"Ahem? What is it, Temei?

"You want me to fuck with what we god tip groups do!?

"What? If you look closely, you're a woman!

"You're a decadent woman, Oi!

"And look at that! He's got it, isn't he the Chalkan Blade!?

"So this woman... Holy Sabre!?"

"Holy Sabre means the Knight of Puget!?

"Why is a knight from a distant country called Puget in a place like this!?

"But you're funny! I just wanted to see what an exotic knight looks like!

"Right, get out! I'll deal with you!

"What... dude, you're bluffing!

"My hands are pulling and shaking, and the pattern isn't holding properly!

Kulalalaka noticed herself trembling after being pointed out by a chimp.

"Ku......!," he groans, gripping the pattern to suppress his feelings.

"Whoa, nathan! That's how I used to think about interacting with us god-spirited people!

"But it's too late to apologize now, huh? I'm already a motivational man with Nature!?

"They're telling me I shouldn't kill this kid, so this is how I turned him into a soccer ball, and he wasn't thrilled!

"Oh dear!" Wild Tail Football "kicks around until it's a chunk of meat and shoots at the garbage dump at the end of the day is flavorful!

"But wow, this nathan wouldn't mind killing me!?

"So-so! But don't kill him with one shot!? I have to remind him that I had two and three shots and poked him in the godtip group to the bone marrow!

"That's right! Isn't it just right to test out the prototype sword deployed yesterday!?

"Nice! First, slash it off my arm...! No, that'll be over soon, so cut off every finger...!

"Nathan, you're in luck! You can be a guinea pig for Gorgeous Smart's new weapon just as you see it!

"It's in that square, so much as it reaches the statue of Dear Godsmile, you can ring it with a nice voice......! Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Not to miss a new toy, and the boys that surround you, along with a humble laugh.

They were all about the same age as Primla.

But the evil, already adult-faced.

No more hurting people...

No, even taking a life, a sense of game.

This is Godsmile's, future artillery balls......!

Kulalalaka wars from the bottom of his heart.

But the tremor was not that which was coming from that fear.

Once upon a time, she, along with Chalkan Blade, has crept through a number of dead places.

But now, I just put my hand on that pattern, and my pulse gets messed up.

It could be a part of my body, it should have been a love sword......

There's nothing I can do, I'm afraid to pull it out...!

Sweat erupts from the top of his head and gastric juice rises from the bottom of his abdomen.

I can't stop feeling dizzy, as if my whole body is refusing.

Finally, I feel lightheaded and mocked from all around me.

"Gahahahahahahahahahaha! You nathan, seriously, you freak me out!

"Sweaty, leggy, heady! Hi-ha-ha, ha, ha!

"Funny! If you keep threatening me like this, you're gonna leak Shomben!?

"Heh... kidding... go...!

Kulalalaka with her hands on a table that was nearby and just to say so back.

... gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo

At last it even happened to the phantom, approaching from afar, listening to the sounds of a groundhound.

...... goggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!

It was one chimp's word that was noticed that it was real.

"What, then...?

"From across the street, the horses are coming running with great momentum, right?

"I've never even seen it, it's a deck horse"

"And that speed...... Pretty much like a yabble horse...?

"You've never seen such an early horse on this island. Could it be that you're on board with the god-spirited greats?

And the voice that was surprised, along with the impending horseshoe, grew louder.


"No, I don't think you're great! I'm not wearing a cape!

"Something's not coming this way...!? Where the hell is it?

"What the fuck!? Who the hell is that?

"I can't see your face! What are you wearing?

And finally... their voices could be played.

"No...... dog oooooooooooooooooooo!?!?


As if a derailed runaway train had rammed in, the trees and hedges that were on the outside of the open terrace would be knocked down.

Still, the horse doesn't stop and blasts further inside the terrace.

Chairs and tables are bounced like hurricane direct hits, and the boys are blown away, too.


Only Kulalalaka has been spared a direct hit, but he falls in on impact.

She was dropping off in a hazy consciousness.

Running away horses and riders' backs as they trample and vandalize the wooden deck......

And I was held beside the rider, looking like a girl.