A grey tank runs through the city of Graysky.


Run through a boulevard that hasn't fallen a dust, wearing cobblestones, and our faces.

But it was never dull.

Looks like a resort, where rough shirts and shorts celebrities are enjoying a little late breakfast......

Like a whirlwind...!


Many unnamed brave men, who had just come to the island for sightseeing, had been befallen by a strange scourge.

Because the brunch I was about to pound on my tongue was stormed up, and it hit me with sand and dust.

"Achichi!? Black tea!? Soup!? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

"Around!? Sand in my eyes!? In your mouth!?

"Ghaaaa!? The tomatoes, the tomatoes uhhhhhhh!?!?

The high so street corner was wrapped in a whirlpool of nasal screams......

Of moonlight, mask......!

of yellow wild dogs, far from the beauty of, was Osama in a party mask.

Its right arm features a grey horse's reins,

And on my left arm...... Wild Tail girl.

The girl would have been bruised before, and her body was covered with bruises.

There is no witch outfit with geometry, the ethnic costume of this island, or a shadow to be trampled upon and seen.

It is also a hallmark of the race, a dog ear that jumped a little from above his head, and a dog tail that jumped a little from his butt.

They were both adorable, but seemingly worn out.

Osama, the wild dog mask, doesn't slow down the horse and glances at the girl.

Confirming that he was still unconscious, he struck out the reins even more.

White and black, two fairies appear in front of Osama's face unexpectedly.

First appeared on the left side of Osama, cut out by a fairy girl dressed in a pure white dress.

"... you've ruined my plan at all"

You don't seem so sorry, white girl.

But he was on the right, a fairy girl dressed in pink black bondage, prickly angry.

'The witch you were holding hostage, she was going to help you out tonight. Hey! Because Kulalalaka does extra things!

Osama leans straight forward, nagging the two of them.

'I have no choice. Mr. Kulalalaka is a man of strong justice, so I guess he couldn't stand it.'

'But it felt like Mr. Kulalalaka this morning, it looked more like an eight-win than a sense of justice...'

'I'm sure there was still a big loss at the casino last night. I've been in a bad mood since morning.'

'Speaking of which, yesterday's casino was a terrible squid... Of course, it means naive.'

'Like yesterday's casino, I wish I had left you alone! Coolalalaka just hurts, right?!

'I didn't point out Squid Sama last night because that casino was run directly by a brave man. Because before I saved the witch, I couldn't possibly cause any problems. But earlier fights with the god tip group would have been a big deal if they had been left alone. If Mr. Kulalalaka had anything to do with causing them to suffer even from a wound, the death penalty would not be dispensed with'.

"I see, that's why you (My Lord) deliberately saved the witch in such a fancy way."

'That's right. Because at the moment, the Shinkansen will be desperate to follow us, not Mr. Kuraraka'.

"Oh, my Lord! There's a bunch of Nantka horses chasing me from behind! But no!

'Horses that can catch up with this "rusty wind" do not exist in the human world. But be careful, my lord. There already seem to be emergency lines all over the city.'

'If we could make a lot of noise so far, we'd already be around. So let's try to escape'

"Running away, where? '' To which?

'There is only one place on this island where you can hide a witch'

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Osama ran 'Rusty Wind', his beloved horse, towards the heart of the island.

The streets were blocked by barricades, but kicked lightly.

Then… you reach the foot of the 'Mountain of God's Residence (Sin Itomrau)'.

There are large mountains in the heart of this island, so as to surround it, and the indigenous, 'Wild Tail' settlement.

Technically, the brave men who came in later drove me...

The plains and coastal lands on the outside of the island have all been redeveloped by the hands of the brave men as resorts or facilities for weapons experimentation.

The Wild Tails are forbidden to enter those facilities.

And neither did they, ever, ever try to get close.

If you get caught, will you be made a slave to be used in the resort or a guinea pig for weapons experiments......

Because they are lynched by the scythe dicks, and they are strangled.

If catching the Wild Tails is not enough for a purpose, the Shinkansen will carry out a Wild Tail Hunt.

Breaking into their settlements, men, of course, capture women and children relentlessly... and force them to take them.

Too cruel and irrational a treatment, but no one sympathizes with them.

Because they are tailored to the cult followers......!

I'm supposed to be worshipping Renalilis, the Lord God of this world, just like the brave ones...

Just because its format is slightly different, it creates a fait accompli that it worships a different God......

It is attached to a race-scale Ichamon.

For this reason, the Divine Spirit can wave the silk flag to them all they want.

And the Wild Tails, everything was octave.

First of all, they are taking a witch girl hostage, essential to their faith.

Because of that, I can't even try to resist.

There is strict surveillance of the Divine Spirit group so that we can escape outside the island...

In the mountains, it is believed that there is their dog god, who is not allowed to enter as an island code......

They have to accept life at the foot of a remote mountain.

As a result, the settlements of the Wild Tails are exactly in the hunting grounds state.

Even when the goldwolf of the wild dog mask came through, there was so much misery that it couldn't be looked at directly...!


Wild Tail toddlers are relegated to paddy fields with screams.

"Whoa, if you don't want to die, run all the way across the field!

Intimidating shooting in a crossbow, the children proceed muddy yet life-threatening.

And I just came around the middle of the paddy field,

... dowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

It was wrapped in a fire column that rose high from his feet.


"Hot, it's hot OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!?!?

"Help! Mommy, mommy uhhh!?!?

"Kami sama, kami sama aaaaaaaaaa!!!!

The children, who are left on fire, try to quench the fire by snooping over the paddy fields.

But it won't go away......!

The young men of the Divine Spirit group, who watched from the heights, were happy to slap their hands.

"It's clear! I burned flashy!

"That's a new magic mine! Powerful!

"Besides, it seems to be the same principle as the incendiary bomb we're developing right now, so it's hard to extinguish when it's on fire!

"Whoa, more rambling! So hey, konji yaki... yah!?

A young man who was freshly doing suddenly lost his balance and stepped off the ground.

He rolled over the paddy fields with screams and was covered by a child who was engulfed in fire.

This magic mine is highly flammable, and there is another big fire man that can be raised.

"Uhhh!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

"What's the matter, suddenly!?

"Look, his legs! Something's stabbing you!?

"What the hell!? of wood...... for...... k......?

A wooden blade similar to it stood one after the other on the neck of the young men on the spot.

Throat pierced, they swayed, kneeling...

He rolled down the paddy field, stuck his face in the mud and died.

Except for one.

"Mimi... Mimi, guys, he's dead!? What the fuck, what the fuck!? What the hell happened!?... Ha!?

The last thing he survived, the last thing he saw, it...

Mountain Road leading to 'Mountain of God's Residence (Sin Itmulau)'......

Looking down quietly from that height, wearing a wild dog mask, looking like someone......!

"Yikes... Yikes, no...?

The next moment, when a wild dog hands on......

...... STONG!!

Something pierces his neck deep.

came, and a clap on his knees, a paddy field spreading beneath his eyes, entered his eyes.

And... to the incredible sight of the moment...

My already cloudy eyes peeled off.

"But the kid... everyone, he's supposed to be on fire... so...?

The children, who were wrapped in fire by magic mines, had an intact body with no trace of simoyake, rather than burns...

It sat properly in the mud, as if what had happened earlier was a dream.

But the young man of the Divine Spirit group, who was burned and transferred...

As I appeal to my surroundings that this is not a dream,

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!? Help, help, help!?!? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!?!?

Right now, I was in the middle of a fire...!