The wild dog mask runs more horses from the settlement at the foot and runs up the hiking trail.

Along the way, there was a barricade banning mountaineering, but we jumped over it and divided it into further mountain paths.

It was a beast path that was very unlikely to be climbed on a horse, but it had nothing to do with the rusty wind known as' The Devil's World's Ploughhorse '.

It is as if it were Kemono himself who made that path, pushing forward without precipitation.

Along the way, standing rock walls climb like goats.

The settlement at the foot became noisy in the sight as if a single human horse, Centaur, had appeared.

"Mi...... look! Someone will climb the cliffs of Sin Itomrau!?

"Ahhh!? I can't believe you got into the mountain where Master Silanoshinyi lives... what a bee!?

"Even Mon in our village, if you don't come in. It's a sacred mountain... Master Siranosinyi will be angry!

"The brave man who came as a tourist is going to climb again for a joke!?

"No, but... I've never seen him climb that cliff on a horse before!?

"Ahhh!? What are you holding beside that...!?

"Oh well, it's the witch Chesna!?

"Why did the witch who was supposed to be taken hostage get in there?!?

"This is... tough! Big deal!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The settlement of Wild Tails around the mountains became a fuss like a hive.

The wild dog mask easily reaches near the top of the mountain, roughly screaming like a blowing wind.

I found a small cave, so I got off the horse in front of it and brought the girl I was holding inside.


The girl seems to have finally noticed and opens her eyelids snugly.

The focus of the back eye was not defined......

That wasn't just because consciousness was still out of the ocean.

"You've been shot in the eye in an experiment with a weapon."

"Oh... who is it...?

The girl squeezes out a faint voice.

Are you relying solely on Osama's voice, or his eyes cloudy enough that the thin membrane tenses.

But in those eyes, there's hardly anything more.

Moya-like, nagging grey silhouette.

That was all I could call vision for her right now.

"Now let's cure it with the injury"

Shortly after the shadow said,

... Buhhhhhhhh...!

Unbelievable wings, flip......!

...... blahhhhh...!

The light that no man can create has overflowed...!

At first, the girl didn't know what had happened.

If you think something big and light appeared on Osama's back......

It began to form a clear statue.

Girl's, crumbling eyes like rotten yellow, return to a beautiful shape, like freshly laid squid chicken eggs......

And it brought back beautiful golden colors, like the gems of Citrine...!

Girl who blinks her eyelids, puffy, puffy, as much as she's going to hear the sound.

It didn't look like her, but the charm points she lacked worn out were back to normal.

Surprisingly, in a pean-standing triangular ear, Shippo sprawled.

I'm looking around a little bit because I feel like something is sappy anymore.

It would be as if the abandoned jeans were shaking in the cold sky and sleeping......

It's like when you notice it in a warm room at some point...

who have been transferred from hell to heaven, peculiar......

Happiness Reality It was a reaction five seconds ago.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Kamisama! Wow (●) is called Chesna! I'm Kami's witch!

Sitting properly on the cave floor, Chesna bows her head deep into the wild dog mask.

She wiped her face with a towel that was inside the backpack that Goldwolf had brought with her, and her hair, which was bossy, was also tied to a ponytail, regaining its girly cuteness.

"Are you Mr. Chesna the Witch? But I'm not a god. Goldool... call me Goldoon"

"No, Kami-sama is Kami-sama! Instead of Chesna's injuries, you healed her too! And it's just a scratch, but I also saw Tsubasa! Besides, this is a mountain that only Kami should enter...! Whew, being here means that Kami is Kami!

"No, I'm not the one who healed the injury, this mountain...... it would be the power of Sintom Lau. Wasn't it in a coma and dreaming that the wings seemed to grow on me"

The wild dog mask says calmly, and the opposite, at an unstoppable speed to his eyes, shrugs up something that was falling to the ground.

He hid pure white feathers in the back pocket of his pants so Chesna wouldn't notice.

"But Kami-sama is Kami-sama! You served me chestnuts! I really want you to feel better about it! After all, even though it did! Wow, when the Shiranoko is flat, the Shiranoshinyi will flash it!

"I'm really, not God...... Let's leave that now and get ready to reveal the night here. And we have to be ready to intercept because we're here because the godtips will find out soon enough."

"Yes it is! If it's for you, we'll stick to everything!

"Really, then, outside, will you gather the branches that are going to be firewood? Not too far away, just around the cave, please"

"I'm disappointed! I'm going to put a lot on it!

Standing up, Chesna runs out toward Patapata and outside, pretending her ears and Shippo.

But at the exit,


I hit the shadow that showed up nooo, and I was on my butt.

"Hen, what the heck!? You little... aren't you a witch!? There's someone in there!?

I was about to step inside the cave, along with how crude the yelling sounded...

He was a young man of wild tail, like a bandit.

Peek out of bossy hair, missing ears. Sleepy, dripping tail from between the crotches.

He carries a long sword like a dry rod in old leather armor.

Haven't the sword been used enough to become a part of his body yet, he accidentally caught it at the entrance by looking at the length, luxuriously falling even though there was nothing there.

"Around!? What the fuck? Hen, what the hell!? Why are you so narrow, chicken!

Kick the stone that was jumping off the ground and hit eight.

"Who is it"

When the wild dog mask greets him, the man gives a little.

"Heh, what themee!? Back of the mountain like this, and in the cave, crappy covered!?

"I'm Gordo. And you?"

When asked, the man said, "Hehe!" He snapped his nose and jumped.

"Well, Temehe is a stranger! Then I don't know, but I can't...! I'll tell you what, wild dog! I'm a warrior, Mr. Strongtanishi! There are no strangers around here, my most mighty brave!

"Wow, I don't know"

"Heh, let it go. Eh! Shut the fuck up, kid!

"Are you a brave man? What is the rank?

Strongtanisi then gets stuck in words as if he had been poked in the void.

"Or... class? Oh, well... you've made up your mind! When you're as brave as I am, you're the strongest...! Yes, the most powerful!

"It's a big class."

"No such class..."

"Heh, let it go, let it go! You want me to expose you to the brave!? If I'm the bravest, I'm the strongest!

"Ah... Speaking of which, you can't come in here because this mountain is full of scum! Soon, I'm leaving. Shh!

"Heh, let it go, you little brat! I've been in this mountain since I was a kid, training swords! So I know what you mean about this mountain! Even God Sama is in my garden, so to speak!

Strong tanishi rubbing his nose with his fingertips, which he was good at.

Second, I realize there is.

"Hmm? Wait...? I rarely see people in this mountain. Is that Cotto...? Why are they here...?

The answer was immediately popped.

"Ha-ha-ha, okay! Are you guys talking about the witch who's gone and the dumb guy who defied the god tip group!? Now the city is making a fuss! The god-spirited bastards are looking for you!

"I guess so," said the wild dog mask, nodding back without incident.

"That means... if we catch you guys and stick it out to the godtips... maybe we can enlist too! Wouldn't that be a great chance to clear up and be a real brave man! Heh, sorry, wild dog! You think what I found is the end of your luck! Doraaahhhhhh!!

... Gah!

But once again, I caught a long sword in a cave,


The mightiest brave man had bugged down on his own.