It's between the sky and the sea.

It was on a cut rock wall, open blue blue blue and rejecting anything.

There, between life and death.

It was a building that combined the magnificence of a villa in a summer shelter with the grandeur of a fort.

The south side of the building facing the sea, with its swimming pool, gardens, etc., also holds its own the ocean blue, which extends into the panorama.

The north side of the building, which leads inland, is lined with siege weapons such as turrets and stone throwers.

On the contrary, there was even an execution site, surrounded by gray walls so that they could not be seen from the outside.

They were incompatible, the opposite, but both adorned with flowers from the South, as if they were to be enjoyed.

In the middle of the blooming grounds of Hibiscus, a large mansion.

The upstairs roof terrace was generous with dressed ladies and children with such flair as Boy.

Behind it, in an open study, is the Lord (or Lord) of this House.

A man like a dealer at a luxury casino, feathering his vest on a butterfly tie white shirt, was sinking his body into a leather chair with a kicky stroke of hair.

"Hmm, so, the woman who set up that squid is about to interact with the young of the godtip group... A man in a wild dog mask came and took the witch... Is that what you're trying to say, Na?

The man had a boneless, giant revolving pistol on his knees that was too much for both hands.

As if even a beloved cat caresses him, he flickers at his men who were upright immobilized in front of him as he rolls his gun reels with his fingers.

The moment he was pierced, his men further corrected the pean and spine.

"Ha...... yes! Death Dealer Revolve!

"Well, before the wild dogs, think of them as heroes who showed up late...... The best thing about this is that it feels good to go.... So?

"Yes, the wild dog mask then escaped into SinItomrau! In a settlement halfway through the mountains, a magic mine trial was carried out, developed by Master Rivolve…. The god-spirited men who were on that mission were being killed!

"No to Na? Soitz and the others must have worn the latest magic chainmail I've ever developed, huh? Nah, they must have stepped on a mine by mistake, Nah."

"Yes, no! One did burn to death, but the others were, at best, freshly slammed through their throats with a salad fork...... they were desperate!

Like reacting to that one word of my men, Pin! And a strongly played reel, jeez! and sound like a feather worm.

On the floor at the foot of the revolve, tied in the back hand, a wild tail woman......

Besides, there was a woman of weight, who lived in that body with a new life.

She just sat around, Yikes!? and a small scream.

Without even glancing at the trembling woman, Rivolve continued.

"... a salad fork is... a fork made of wood, right, Na? My magic chainmail said I lost every wooden fork... that's what you're trying to say, Na?

"Yes, no! Never do that! So, but... it's true! There was a magic chainmail that even Magic Weapon should be able to prevent...... really on the salad fork, it was pierced!

"No, Na. So, how'd it go with the woman you've been fighting with?

"Yes...... That's while the wild dog mask distracted me, I got away with it..."

"Hmmm, to the wild dog mask and the witch, she escaped to the mountains...... the woman who put squid on her casino, she doesn't know where she went...... that's what you're trying to say, Na? Hmm, surprised nah."

"Also, I'm sorry! Based on eyewitness testimony now, we are working on an arrangement! Already take a strict precaution against the Kamikaze...!

"No, no. I'm surprised it's not you."

"What? And you said...?

"There's a guy in my breathtaking casino who does squid..."

"What!? Oh, that doesn't mean that a woman did squid, we did it better, framing a woman for squid! That woman kept it tightly in one sentence, so the heck out of it... WOW!?

He was pointed at the gunpoint in the middle of a report, and his men jumped up unexpectedly.

On the contrary,

... Kickin '!

and down to shooting iron, the tension in the field reaches its peak.

To the strained air, my men and pregnant women were completely blue.

The two mothers and children on the terrace don't stop worrying about what's going on in the study, and they are shaking.

To my beloved family, Rivolve sat facing the back of the chair.

A lively, warm, raw delight, from the back......

Cold and quiet, fear of death, from the front......

Each feels and realizes that he is now in a narrow space.

"A creature is a Na, he's always in the narrow room. Life and death...... walking on a narrow board, hung between two concepts. No one knows which way my body is leaning... Only God knows, 'Fate' is him. So I respect that fate to the fullest... and enjoy being in the middle of nowhere."

The muzzle that was directed at my men fell softly......

To the belly of the pregnant woman who was at her feet, she can be pointed at......!

"This latest pistol I've developed, Revolver, contains six rounds. By cartridging the bullets, I was able to reload them quickly. But there's only one bullet in here right now... I also turned the reel, so I just pulled the trigger and I don't know if the bullet will come out...... The odds of a wild dog kid dying are 1/6 wacky."

"Oh... oh, forgive me, Master Rivolve! Wow, it doesn't matter what happens to me, just this kid... just this kid......!

Pregnant woman who crooks her face and cries.

"If you die, the kid in your stomach will die, too. Besides, you don't have to think that hard... This is what I thought," Rosinante Roulette, "which is the best playna I can try for my pure destiny. Rosinante is the name of the first person to die in this game."

"Ahhh!? Yes......! No!? Oh, forgive me! Forgive me!? Revolve sama aah......!!

"Your kid is in the middle of life and death right now...! I'm sure he's having fun......! That's right, Na!?

With her spine turned to a trembling smile, the pregnant woman turns bright blue all over her body, like an ice statue.

"Ha, ha, ha!? I already enjoyed this kid, so forgive me! Forgive me!!"

"So pray you too na......! Let us brave men have a god named Godsmile... if you wild dogs have a god too...!

Revolve watches over the guests in the big battle, like a dealer......

Beyond the narrow room, like a handover to the afterlife......

Pull the nail (hiccups)...!

"And Enjoy (Enjoy)...! Between Life and Death (Live or Die)...!"

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

"Ugh......! Ugh......!! Awwwwwwwwww!!!"

Wordless groans leak, as if I had become an idiot.

As if body fluids had even leaked out, the puddle spreads at your feet.

No longer have the words of Revolv reached pregnant women.

"If you do this one a week... the wild dog child will die one day. I just slipped through the 1/6 odds every time, my mother gets hit with her spirit and she will have an abortion. Reduce the number of wild dogs, enjoy the game, and try and shoot new weapon revolvers...... And I can be very conscious that I'm in the middle of nowhere."

...... Gatin!!

The iron strike is now squeezed.

My men, pointing at the cold cylinder again, had their groins wet to the throat.

"Damn, no!? Forgive me, Master Rivolve!? Haven't they already enjoyed it......!? Besides, the wild dog mask, the witch, and the woman, I'll make sure you catch them! So now for once......! Now give me a chance...!

"I don't know what I thought from the start about you being a jerk, nah. But you did what I hated most about Squidward in my casino. Pure destiny, nah. I've already taken one shot off and the odds are 1/5, but I'm giving you too much of a chance for me...!

"Hi-good, good, good, good, good, good, good!?!?


Live or Die......!