"... Oi, is something wrong, Oi!?

It was a man as big as a rhino who heard the gunshots and peered into Livolve's study.

In addition to his large body, he had a haircut with a twist on top, like a rhino's twat, so he couldn't walk through the door as it was.

When you bend down and enter the study, your creepy whole body brightens up, with gray skin through the blue and white.

He has black eyes like eyes, and an eye band on his right eye.

He moved only his left eye (mandarin) and looked down at the corpse rolling in bold letters on the floor.

"You bought a new tiger carpet, and I'm not shocked by that, Oi!

Just noticed the smell of nitrous smoke in the room, and the man jokes further.

"Besides, wasn't this mansion non-smoking, Oi!

"You can't smoke tobacco. Because we have two eyes now."

With the gun still standing up the thin smoke, show the terrace behind you with your jaw.

There was a woman, who would be his wife, and a boy, who would be the first child, joyfully bickering.

"But except for his smoke, Na. It enhances my sensibility as a Brave Woman. Just right for fetal education."

After a cute look like a coffee smell...

Livolve holds his love gun, again, to his knees.

But a man like a bear seemed dissatisfied.

"Oh, my God, Oi! I just thought it was funny because it sounded stupid and big... you're done, Oi!

"If I'm tired of the resort, I have just the right hippo, nah. It's just right for you, Cy Crops, who is the leader of the Shinkansen team."

"Funnier thank you!? Could it be rubbing, Oi!?

"Oh. We took the witches of the wild dogs and fled into the mountains after a man in a wild dog mask broke out in the city. I'd like you to hunt for Soitz, Nah."

"Is hunting wild dogs a wack, Oi! Fine, I was just losing my body! You can kill both of them, Oi!

"No, I'd rather have a witch alive, Na. The man in the mask, do whatever you want."

"I took it on, Oi! After a while, I'll borrow about eight swords!

"Then take the one-handed sword that I finished improving yesterday. He's the latest in a newly developed magic drill that adds to the sharpness. Before I officially deploy to the Shintomi group, I'd like you to do a trial slaughter, Na. And..."

Livolve opens the study desk drawer as he continues his explanation.

But I couldn't find what I was looking for, and I was scratching inside.

"Oh, my God, Oi! Looking for something!?

"No, it's in the mountains with wild dogs, so I thought it'd be hard to find them, Na. I thought I'd give you some baking tools (items) as well... But I should have kept it in this drawer. Nah."

"Baked? That mountain. But even if you set fire to it, the clouds sitting in the sky would make it rain awesome and it would be wiped out soon?

"Oh, sure, Na... The Incendiary Bullet that we are developing now will erupt flames that will not go away even in heavy rains. Because of this, I was hoping to get Soitz to try it out, too, na"

"He's a brave man, he's got no idea! Put him on a wild dog hunt and experiment with a new weapon.

... Just at this time, from the mansion of Rivolve, one woman was being driven out so that she could be thrust.

Earlier in Livolve's study, I received 'Rosinante Roulette'......

I spent my whole life in nine deaths... No, I got my whole life in six deaths, I'm a pregnant woman in Wild Tail.

She finally regained her sanity, but her face was still blue and she was finally in a state of walking.

When you finally open up from the mansion, you won't even take a breather.

I was so desperate to walk away from this demonic hall as soon as possible, even though I was glad.

Before she goes on the courtyard with Yota Yota, a little kid comes running with Toto Toto.


"Oh, how did you get here...!? I told you to stay adult in the settlement!?

"Because I was worried about my mom! Mommy returning from Master Rivolve's mansion because she wasn't always well......!

"Mom would be fine, don't worry. More than that, what would a wild tail kid do if he found himself walking alone in a godtip group......!

"I'll be fine! I know plenty about a way out that no one can find! More than that, I want to protect my mom! 'Cause I'm going to be your brother!?

"Yeah, right. You'll soon have a brother."

"Tummy, can I touch it?

"Yes, of course."

... That, for the boy...

With my mother, and my brother I haven't seen yet......

It was supposed to be the last fluke.

But the gods who had seized the land did not even forgive it...!

... Colour!

It rolled at my feet with a tall metal sound, like the dice that God shook, I could see the appearance......

On six sides, it was a small box of metal marked with a flame.

As soon as I realized that,

"Oh, no!!

A boy thrust by my mother's hand was watching......

...... dowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

It's like it's blown up from the bottom of Naruto, fireworks......!



It was like dragging into an abyss, wrapped in red and black flames, two lives......!

Listening to a scream, Rivolve was out of the study, with his family, who had been lenient on the roof terrace, watching the sight.

"Dude, Lotus Roots...... From my dad's study, he said you shouldn't take your weapon out on your own... I always say nah."

"That's okay, Mon, Dad! 'Cause I want to be a good, brave creator like my dad soon, Mon!

"Well, if you're Lotus... and you shouldn't use weapons against people, should you?

"It's not, Mon, Mom! Weapons are for use against people, Mon! Besides, I'm not a person, it's rubbish! I cleaned up the trash, Mon!

"Well, you did. And great wow. I can't believe you're going to soak yourself up and get rid of the trash... Lotus is really sweet, she has a strong sense of justice... really, good boy...!

"Naturally, Mon! 'Cause I'm gonna be your brother, Mon!

Families as high as heaven were wrapped in smiles filled with happiness.

It's like being at the bottom of hell, my family...

"To... to... to... to...! Yikes... go... go! Just you......................................................................................."

"Ma...... mama!? Mom ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?"

burning heat and was engulfed in despair.