Not many times in the past, Goldwolf has been expelled by the brave men, who called him the 'abandoned dog'.

That, by itself, was adopted in a land that was not viable, with many methods of leaving it in the guise of an accident.

But there were also anomalies: the expulsion of people to places where they gathered.

"Osama, he's back."

"Seriously, aren't you creepy? Really, it looks like a cockroach!

"That Osama came here, a month ago? Even though the garbage they send here won't last three days..."

"I'm going to treat the creeps, and I want you to be me. Oh, come on, I don't know if you're dying."

"Prayer, you mean you failed?

"'Cause that's no good. The director told you not to kill this cockroach."

"So-so. Besides, in order for us' ashes' to be 'white', we need to minimize the deaths in the ambulance tent."

"But this cockroach lives even if it gets here every day. How about a bump?... Beh!

"Look, get in that corner. You don't see it because your eyes are crushed, like you always do, but if you're listening to me, I don't know."

"It's okay. 'Cause you've got an arrow stabbed in your ear. I can't hear you."

"I'll do it from Yi. If prayer is delayed any longer, it may not heal completely."

Girls in the ambulance tent who were dabbling like an OL in the water heating room.

After all the poisoning of just one tanka, carried in after today's exercise...

I pinched the hem of the grey robe and knelt, and earlier poisonous tongues began to pray sober as lies.

"... the empire we worship... the kingdom we worship... the name we worship... the goddess Lunarillis..."

… not long after Shinsengumi was founded.

A 'training ground' was created for the purpose of training the crew and training future captains.

Collected were a selection of boys, born of Godsmile's Harlem.

Most of them were in their years of finishing elementary school and going to be junior high.

But some of them were still elementary school toddlers.

Divine Spirit is an organization that is mobilized exactly when things happen, among the armies that Godsmile has.

For this reason, training is also practicalistic, and it is not the target (and puppets), but the monsters and humans who deal with them...

A so-called, living 'target' was used.

Monsters have been captured, but humans were procured from those captured for repression, criminals, etc.

For a week, if you can survive a trainee against them, you can be free......

That was the way it was, especially the criminals, some of whom volunteered themselves.

But everyone will regret it on the first day.

No, rather, the first day had to survive in order to regret it, and so the man was said to have survived.

To a training ground that mimics the settlement, they are unleashed….

And the Apostles of the Massacre, which is all about training, chase me around......!

And I'm not even old enough, to the boys......!

Chopped with a sword, split neck with an axe......

Pierced by arrows, burned by magic......

Sometimes, all areas named 'neck' are entangled with rope….

By the horses they run, they rip the limbs off......!

Kids like half of us don't live, they take their lives with a sense of play...!

Such was Goldwolf in a place other than the eggs of the brave, which could be called 'Hell at best'.

It was in the trap of a clan of Brave Creators called Death Dealers who were dressed in criminal wet clothes and sent here.

Of course, Goldwolf pleaded innocent... and couldn't have been heard.

Somehow Osama believes the word that if he survives for a week, he will be released......

As a prisoner on death row seeking his freedom, he threw himself into the days of Battlerunners...!

Osama survives with the toughness of his time and the ability he developed with the Spirit Soldier (Point Man).

The Divine Spirit boys initially did not know the name of the living material or anything else, as they did not know the name of the livestock to slaughter.

But... since the beginning of this training ground, it is a survival record...

At the time they repainted the three days, they began to be aware of the existence of Goldwolf.

"Hey, that garbage...... Have you seen anything lately?

"Oh. But that garbage, it's really like roadside garbage, and you can't find it."

"You know, even if you find a chill, it's just a mess... it's like trying a cockroach."

"I can't seem to kill a cockroach, we're the god tip group's name broken... whatever. Today is the day to crush that cockroach!

And here we go, Intensive Attack on Osama!

Instead of blaming the massacre, the desperate hunt for the naughty, by the boys who are even heading for pride......!

...... goldwolf mast die eh......!?

In the beginning, it was still not a battle at all.

Anyway, Osama's opponent has grown up in a greenhouse named Training Grounds, in a way, boy...

Osama, who has become one of the many monsters of the Spirit Soldier (Pointman), had a misplaced number of training grounds.

Osama flirted with them by setting a simple trap, using what was in the settlement.

Do not kill the eggs of the brave, but minimize their power.

The opponent says he's coming to kill Osama completely, but Osama is showing them where they're going...

What an irony.

But Osama really believed it at the time.

That if these golden eggs hatch, the reign by the brave will proceed and the world will be better...

And if you only hang out with them for a week, you'll be free of this hell...

You can also solve misunderstandings and be free......!

It was both an error.

The former goes without saying, but the latter, what...

In view of the fact that Goldwolf is a felon, he was offered a ruthless shabbat to change his sentence from one week to one month...!

Of course Osama protested, but he couldn't possibly be heard...

Like a karaoke that didn't sing enough, a light extension was decided.

And then it starts, the Extended Kill Battle (Extra Game)...... Huh!

By then, Goldwolf had already become more celebrity than anyone else in this training ground.

Handling is also elevated from 'garbage' to 'cockroach'......

Moreover, due to the director of the training ground, those who have hunted down the "cockroach" better will be recommended as candidates for captainship of the Divine Spirit Group...


That's right, Osama, too, this had days of injuries.

At the same time as the training begins, the boys who have already pulled the knife will come at you with no flanks.

No longer do other death row inmates feel like 'killing as they pass by' or 'remedies for falling out not being able to take part in the birth race'.

Everyone at the facility thought that Osama's life day would be today or tomorrow.

But I was busy......!

If the presence of loose walking animals had been confirmed in this world...

Osama would surely have been even more upscaled from 'cockroach' to 'quail'......

Osama didn't die......!

Until I made my 101st proposal, I just had to die......!

Osama kept on living...!

He still survived the intensive attack, so around three weeks in prison, he was now given a handicap.

In the first place, there is a war power difference that is not a noise where the hande...

He shifted to 'complete execution', where he chained his hands together and put a chain iron ball on his ankle to start, no longer even discarded the name of 'training in action'.

That's right, Osama, too, has been framed for this, like every day.

The biggest crisis was that when he was smashed in the face with a hammer beating and deprived of his sight, he was shot through the Achilles tendon with an arrow and chased around with a guillotine-like battle axe where he could no longer walk.

It's not weird to give up living if you're normally this far and surrounded by even more enemies...

Osama rolls over and keeps avoiding attacks, using a shaken axe to sever the chain that binds his wrists and ankles.

Use your free hands and crawl exactly like a cockroach......

He grabbed the chaser's leg and knocked him out, sanded him and ran away during training time.

The fugitive play, which can be described as a living hell, was just the first month that Goldwolf came to this training ground.

And as a matter of course...

The sentence was extended from one month to a further three months.