A month has passed since Osama was sent to the Shinsengumi training ground.

Initially, only minor injuries escaped training time, but after being treated like a bounty neck in the premises, there are more days of serious injuries.

And since the handicap was imposed, the weight......

They began to be transported into the ambulance tent in tankas almost every day.

What was connecting Osama's life was the egg of the Serviced Virgin, known as the 'Gray Virgin'.

Girls of the deemed sons and the needy.

They are not allowed to put together 'pure white', a testament to the Virgin, and everything they wear is gray.

Healing (healing) by "prayer" is possible, but the ability is low because he is not formally educated.

But he was the perfect person to send to the front lines of the battlefield.

The meal is not complaining, even livestock, and it is also resistant to extreme conditions because it is growing up in harsh environments.

Besides... I can use it as a shield if I have to, or as an entertainment.

I can't complain from anywhere when I wipe them out because the hopeful keep coming after me and there is as much replacement as there is.

Even in the Shinkansen group, it was enough to be taught, "Let's not take the garbage back, let's throw it away on the ground," etc.

Still, the girls were devoting themselves to the god-spirited group.

Because...... if merit is recognized, you will be allowed to be 'pure white'.

In this world, a man becomes a 'brave man' ….

It was believed that being a 'Virgin' was the highest level of happiness.

There are many dreamy ash wearing princesses (Cinderella) in the training area.

And the wounded...... mainly survived the training, was responsible for treating the 'material'.

It is a blessing that they treat the same 'material' and send it out again, since most of the 'material' that is sent to the training ground will only last until the first, good and next day.

But that (●) Osama was the only exception, the only regular in the rescue tent.

Every evening, like a salaried man who finished his job, he chooses to turn his tent dripping cloth......

Osama, a dead man, is brought in by tanka...!

Due to strict orders from the director of the training institute, Osama was given generous treatment.

When you kill, in the name of the Divine Spirit group, the pride of 'Absolutely On the Training Ground'.

And ironically, because thanks to the presence of this Osama, the trainees were kept highly motivated.

But whatever Osama is today, Osama in this past is only human.

Wouldn't the limit come upon the spirit, wandering the frontiers of life and death as every day?

... it was thanks to one girl.

When the Grey Virgins finish treating Osama, they just go to the dorms of the trainees, just saying that today's work is done.

But the youngest of the Virgins, only that girl......

"Oh, uncle, you noticed. Good..."

That's like the full moon of birth......

He smiled beautifully, secretly, but soberly.

She held my hand all the time about being by Osama.

And when Osama wakes up, he always smiles of relief, as if the consciousness of a family in danger has returned.

When Osama was unconscious until morning, he also attended the evening thoroughly.

Sometimes when I noticed the eyelids of the morning sun plunging through the entrance to the tent, I was lying next to him in bed, sleeping with Suyasuya.

The little girl with the big head cut off...

In this training ground, she was more 'Virgin' than anyone else.

Osama and the girl start exchanging words through injuries......

It becomes the support of each other's minds.

Such a thing, one day.

Osama found a girl in contention and a trainee boy in front of an armory tent.

"Oui! Temehe, get out of the way! When I walked into the tent, the spider suddenly fell on my face! He called me the most prominent candidate for captain of the Shinkansen team. I can't forgive you, I'm gonna bust your ass!! Oeeeeeeee!!"

"Forgive me, Master Cy Crops! This child does not do evil to humans! Rather, even the beneficial worms, my uncle...!

"Uncle!? Could you be talking about that cockroach, Oi!? Gwahahahaha! What a spider and cockroach, both pests......! I'll tear them both apart! If I'm not going away, I'm putting every single one of you together, oops!!

"Career ah!?

A barbaric sword to be shaken, Goldwolf broke in between.

"Please don't, Master Cy Crops. You don't have to be so annoyed by such a little spider and a Virgin......!

"Cockroaches suck, they don't squeak out. Whoa, whoa! Hey, come on, let's smash him out of Temei first! This is my new" eight swords flow "! Prepare yourself, oops!!

Goldwolf shifts Cy Crops targets to himself in a procedure where the Spirit (Pointman) attracts monsters.

The stream lured him into the armory tent, and he was going to run around until he settled down.

But the rhino man, he forgets me in anger and chases me around. Too much, he shudders.

As it is, it sticks into the shelf of a fiercely poisoned medicine bottle......

I got one eye burned......!

"Wow!?!? Eye!? I have eyes!? Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Cy Crops is even more fierce.

"If we don't get to the rescue tent soon, it's going to be a big deal," Goldwolf's persuasion as he fled was also out of ear.

This incident, which began with just one spider, leads to the collapse of the arsenal tent.

Goldwolf cared for Cy Crops' eyes and led him to an ambulance tent, but Cy still raved there.

In the end...... I've done a great deal of damage since the beginning of this training ground that I messed up the two tents.

The director went in to stop it and finally got it...

One eye of Cy Crops, whose treatment was delayed, did not come back to normal.

Cy Crops keeps resenting that......

Trying to kill Goldwolf, it was a long jump.

Such, both of the causes......

No, I'm just being unilaterally attributed, Osama...

Here and now after time, once again I can see each other...!