Resurrected from purgatory, the wild dog of hell......

He has so far buried many brave men from light to darkness, including directly and indirectly.

There are a number of things that are becoming the norm in doing so.

One is Storm Bringer, who grabs the face of a brave man with the left hand of the devil and drags out sin.

And the other...



Now in the hands of the wild dog mask, Cy Crops was no exception......!

The Shinsengumi Squad Cadet said that the Eight Ripped Swords rolled out of the AUTO Arm are shivering their allies...!

Now he was trembling himself...!

...... Brrr......!



Big, Putting, Urine......!!

Dirty gold erupts from crab strands spreading to tear.

It branches into eight like a broken fountain, drawing a filthy rainbow......!

"Ohh......! Oooh............!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

An alarm-like scream echoes across the mountains.

Cy Crops weeping with woes, as if toddlers had regressed.

The brave...... and the shameful appearance of those who have abused themselves......

The Wild Tails were rubbing and moaning some of their lost bodies.

"I got my finger slashed off by him... with a new sword, trying the cleavage..."

"Oh my god, it's every arm..."

"No way, I'm scared of spiders enough to leak piss, I didn't know you were weak..."

"What the hell are we..."

On this island, which was peace itself, one day suddenly, a brave man came aboard like a pirate...

Wild Tails who have been obsessed and persecuted with being pagans.

They were driven to secluded places with quotes......

The young men who call themselves the Spirit of God push by as many bandits as every day......

"Hyahahahahahahaha!" mocked and tried and slaughtered those they loved...!

They have taken an important 'witch' hostage for them, so they can't rebel either...

Where the rebellion took place, there can be no rivalry against the brave organization...

Eventually, the Wild Tails were dominated by feelings like giving up.

Are we alive, to be made a rust of the sword of the brave...

Spend every day to be an experimental bench for the tools of murder......

Are you falling in love, rapprochement and giving new life......

And are you born to produce and raise sinners to be solemnized...

Even the great sin of not doing so began to appear those who felt it.

The history of that abuse was becoming their common sense, when...

That wild dog showed up...!

A man in a wild dog mask with a pungent expression......

It's only been a few hours or so since he stood on the mountain.

Nevertheless, it was shocking enough to overshadow the common sense of the past to the First Nations......!

... but this is still just a faint wolf smoke.

It was nothing but fine smoke, like cigarettes.

The wild dog mask turns Cy Crops, who has finished urinating, towards herself again.

With familiar manners, like dairy farmers who have finished milking their livestock.

And leaking whimpering like a child, from the face of a rhino man......

As soon as I got rid of the spider,

"O...... Oi!! Heh heh! Don't think you can do this for free to me, Cao of the Divine Spirit Team! Oui!!"

Build back the momentum you once had, as if Noritsuki had transformed into Hyde.

And he forgot me with anger, and pulled out the eight swords that were on his back.

Despite the fact that it is a situation that places the right to life and death in Osama's hands, that it is hung upside down by its ankle alone......

Osama, pull the knife...!

No more rashes......!

...... Jackieeeeeeeee!!

Strongtanishi had witnessed the moment when countless blades scattered balls from the bushes.

We ran the roundabout route from the bottom of the cliff and now we finally get to the top of the cliff.

He was hissing wild eyebrows at the odd positions of relative Cy Crops and Wild Dogs.

"Heh!? hey...... what!? When I saw you from under the cliff, the wild dog mask was benevolent and the Cy Crops bastard was supposed to have grabbed by the cliff... Why now, the wild dog mask is grabbing his ankle until the Cy Crops bastard is upside down!? While I was walking around and climbing, I heard something like a cry... Hen, what the hell happened between them!?

And he turns his attention back to the hands of Cy Crops.

The sunlight glides in a sword stretched out like a long nail.

It was such a terrible glow that it made my spine cold, but it was also a sight to behold.

Strongtanishi gets up his goosebump arm and guts posing as if he's done it.

"That's what Cy Crops bastards specialize in, eight knife streams......! Pinch one sword between your fingers, and manipulate eight swords with both hands...! Hold the sword by pinching it with the power of a snuggly finger and wield it with an auspicious arm......! All who receive it will be torn to pieces......! The crying child will also fall apart, the sword of the rough outer path......! I can't believe his special sword called" The Great Spider of the Eight Hands "can be worshipped so close...! Hehe, it's on!

The young man of Wild Tail shines his eyes and embarks on his body not only jumping out of the bush of excitement.

Stealing the swordsman's moves is more training than anything for a warrior.

"Heh...! But whatever the other guy is in the same god tip group, what is an eight knife stream to such a henna chocolate wild dog bastard......! Well in any case, most wiggly fist......! You waved it down without doing anything. Then it's a brave man's name break! We've got to turn the wild dog bastard into a catfish, it's got to go away!

As expected, the wind breaks.

"Die and do it!! Oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!


Four swords with one hand swung up, roaring and approaching the wild dog.

Says it's a sword attack that stays hanging upside down, but the attenuation of power is not like it is.

Rather, the sword flashes appeared to be even more sharp by the latest ceremonial sword given by the creator Revolv.

Everyone imagines a moment when the body of a wild dog is divided into four parts.

The settlers, whose families had been torn apart by that move, unwittingly lay their eyes down.

But what swept at the moment was neither the sound of the beheading nor the blood smoke.

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Sounds like metal and scattered sparks......!

"" What!?!?

The voice first happened between the two men, who were in a sandy seat.

Those who are in the settlements far down do not know what happened and gaze.

And... all this as if every man had united his heart...

"Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?!?"

The birds of the mountains were winging their noses...!