Cy Crops serves as the squad Cao of the Divine Spirit Group.

He is known as the cutting captain of the Divine Spirit Group, enough for everyone to see at a glance if only swordsmanship.

The eight knives in both hands caught in the fingers are reminiscent of the giant's nails...

With a twig, he wrapped up the enemy armies and tore them to pieces...

Even the battle of the subsequent enemy soldiers falls apart...!

Anyway, just one hand wields as many as four swords simultaneously.

There was no one who could take the sword at the time of Asura.

... Until this moment today...

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

White blade What do you want to bump into each other, a heavy and clear tone sounds.

And the sneezing, critical, stirring sound continued like the aftertaste.

"" What!?!?

The first Cy Crops ever taken an absolute blow.

He was raising his voice like he had been punched in the chest.

Aside from the bad spiders, I never gave them a chest sound...!

It was Strongtanisi in the bushes who was squeezing out surprises at the same time.

He glances over and over again wondering if he sees even illusions.

Trying to look closer at him, he also forgets that he is no longer hiding, and faces like a turtle from among the trees.

And... I found out the situation a little late, with the audience at the foot... even more vocal.

"Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?!?"

"Mi...... look! Master Cy Crops' eight swords flow......!

"Ugh... they're taking it. Huh!?

"Oh... that too... what the heck!?

"Well, isn't that a fork!?

The wild dog mask was holding the usual salad fork......!

With a five-pronged gap like the teeth of a jaw, the roots of all four swords...

It was just a few perfect pinches...!

The most sophisticated sword developed by Rivolve, against which the wild dog used, was not a weapon or anything else.

You can skewer many people with one poke, not a growing spear, etc...

Just, dishes......!

Besides, it's not even metal, it's made of wood......!

It was only a slightly bigger, calatee, which divided salads and more at the table...!

It is, nevertheless, like an old sword saint, who took the sword of a young swordsman with a wooden pot lid...

A new legend was born, it was a moment......!

Cy Crops, too, can't help but bark his voice into this.

"Ohh...... Ohhh!?!? hey... what the heck!? Oh, I can't believe you're taking this sword of mine with such a wooden fork...! Ha... wow!!!

Like a Harrison penetration, the other four swords flash, no, four flashes.

The wild dog mask has already received four swords with a single-handed fork.

The one remaining hand is holding Cy Crops' ankle so it can no longer be prevented......!

But it's just enough to let go of the hand that has the ankle.

Instead of preventing the remaining four swords, drop them straight under the cliff... this freaky duel will be settled.

But a wild dog in a zero-style mask, far from Kensei, did not.

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Once I removed the fork of the tree, I took the four new impending swords again...!

It's like, like a bend......!

"Become... what, no, no, no, no, no, no!?!?

The moment of impact, even once again, the time stops.

But it was quick to move.

As suspicious as my eyes are, Cy Crops began to wield his sword so fucked up that he would slash away his hallucinations.

"Oops... Oops!? Oops!? Oops!? Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!?!? Silly, not silly, silly!?!?

Right, left, right, left...!

Sometimes it rains two right, three left and a flashing sword with a feint.

But all of them,

Gakin! Gakin! Gakin! Gakin! Gakin! Gakin! Gakin! Gakin!

By just one salad fork, shut it all out......!

Strongtanishi, who was watching in the nicest seats, was also flipping over to this.

"Heh, hen!? Oh, I'm... Yu... even dreaming!? Give me a special sword so called" The Great Spider of the Eight Hands "......! I've made a lot of humans into catfish, the outer sword......! Plus the latest magically trained sword developed by" Gorgeous Smart "......! Like I picked it up from that heap, with a wooden fork......!?

Gakin! Gakin! Gakin! Gakin! Gakin! Gakin! Kiddyyyyyyyyy!!

"I need to take it. Ohhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Flying screams and scattered sparks.

Cy Crops screamed as if to undo everything.

"Ohh... Ohh! What's wrong? What's wrong? Just take that little fork!? Shit, punch it in!!

Totally strong, but when the opponent turned to attack, he thought he could do it.

As if riding that provocation, the wild dog mask pokes one softly.

Aw, pussy.

It's like, everyday behavior......

It was a casual blow, like piercing a chicken at the table.

Although Cy Crops felt some pain, he felt even stronger because he was about to be poked in the thin skin.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! Don't you think so, Temehe's poking!? I didn't even feel as bad as a mosquito bite, oops!!

The Eight-Handed Sword Strike was still fierce in the midst of a fierce fire.

Gakin! Gakin! Gakin! Gakin! Gakin! Gakin!

But between heavy punches, a distracting sound begins to mix, like a small hole in a balloon.

Gakin! Gakin! Kickin '! Shh, pussy.

Gakin! Gakin! Kickin '! Shh, pussy.

Gakin! Gakin! Kickin '! Shh, pussy.

Gakin! Gakin! Kickin '! Shh, pussy.

The stab strike by the fork pinches, like an unwilling hand, as it was on the recess mark.

It only emptied a slight needle hole, like an injection mark, into Cy Crops' gray skin.

Everyone watching thinks that there's no way that such a thing could work...

But the blood seeps in, just a little bit, Cy Crops starts to itch.

A slight shade began to be seen in a fierce, tireless onslaught, like a rampage rhino.

"Oui!? What is that woman's rotten attack?!? Stop it! Stop it! Stop, stop, stop!

But it's like they keep tightening their necks with cotton......

It keeps getting poked with a plastic sword, like a crisis-haired pirate......

The obstinate and itchy attack will never stop......!

Finally, both the captains of the Kamikaze Cut turn to Defense...!

"Stop it. I know you're wearing it, Oeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?!?

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

But no matter how much you shake it off, the arms of the wild dog mask creep and poke at the defense like snakes.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

Like the metronome, a certain rhythm never breaks down.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

With ruthless accuracy, as if at the same time we were carrying out torture on the spirit.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

Just like one ant clung to a rhino, tickling and biting.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

Aw, pussy.

I hunted down a man who was also known as a swordsmith with just one salad fork...!

Cy Crops was all bloody when he realized it.

Whether the dripping blood has gone into your eyes, or the blood has gone up your head, the upside down world reds out.

"Oops... Oops!? Ohhhhhhh!? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Cy Crops finally realizes that even the flesh and spirit are on the cliff.

"Oui!? Oops!? Oops!? Stop it! Stop it! Stop, whoa, whoa, whoa!? Please stop. YAYYYYYYYYYY!?!? Why, why, why, why, what!? Why is this henna chocolate fork preventing my attack!? Why can't I prevent a fork from sticking like this!? Why, why, why?!?!?

"Heh, hen!? Really, why!? The attack on the wild dog mask is simple and linear...... why can't the Cy Crops bastard be prevented!? Cy Crops tends to have an eye for that offense, but even though the defense is top notch!?

So far, the wild dog mask has pierced silence, but I finally opened my mouth here.

Like answering both questions.

"Mr. Cy Crops. You are strong against attacks from blind spots and vice versa against attacks from within sight...... While you're at the training center...... no, even after you left the training ground, many of the opponents you've fought against have attacked from the blind spot side because you have eyeballs. But I know you very well."

Continue in an even harsher tone, as against the disciple who broke the gate.

"Besides, it's not because of your eyes that you couldn't be captain of the Divine Spirit group. Because when you get angry, you lose sight and you can't make a calm decision. Now, this is how they hang me upside down, spider me bad, blood on my head...... Still don't realize that the typing is getting simpler?

"Temee, have a good, windy mouth!! That's why, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Even a full blow, like a rhinoceros rush... the wild dog mask was not kept slight and was taken with a salad fork.