The sky was crying.

Around you say it's a clear blue blue blue, full of bright light...

It was covered in clouds that only made me sad there.

All right, sifting the air.

He was whimpering, like crying.

... gobble gobble...

At the border between heaven and earth, two men.

A man like a bear and a man hung upside down with one hand, Osama like a wild dog.

The bear was lifting his arm muscles to the point where the shoulder mouth of his clothes was torn, and he was putting his strength into his sword-shaking hand.

His emotion is a newly developed sword given to him by Death Dealer Revolve.

Even if the blade tip is blurred by falling leaves, this sharp, sharp velcro wepon is so refreshingly divided into two parts.

Osama, on the other hand, remains natural even in front of such a trade.

He had received as many as four swords with only one wooden salad fork.

"... Mr. Cy Klopps was among the trainees of Shinsengumi at the time, but went by with a proud arm... The sword was conceived to maximize its power… it is the eight swords flow…"

The wild dog mask opened his mouth quietly as if he remembered that time.

"But I should have told you at the same time. Even with eight swords, only two arms are waving... If they hold their roots down like this, they'll be easily powerless..."

...... Critical......!

and ringing like a teeth bite was at Cy Crops' disposal.

The salad fork was sandwiched near the roots of a radially spreading sword.

"Besides, I didn't just find your power and teach you the eight-blade stream. I wanted you to be able to overcome your bad spiders... and not just your sword, but your heart."

... Osama was doing incredible things at the time he was in the Divine Spirit training facility.

In their training, the boys targeted Osama's life as they did every day.

But Osama was not blaming them... but rather advising them on the sword they had received.

Of course, you can't ask me directly, so use an anonymous letter.

This, in other words, is like the target being targeted by a killer, knowing that the target is a killer, but communicating.

The boys continue to take mysterious advice and, naturally, the arms of the sword improve.

Then inevitably, Osama's injuries increase......!

Osama was a man of reasonable thought.

Even if it was an unspoken sin......

And in this place, even if we were to end our lives...

If you are now a living material for the Divine Spirit...

That it should help them improve their technology at all….

That's what I thought from the bottom of my heart at the time.

Because doing so increases the survival rate of the boys who have nested in this training area...

And sooner, he said, he should get rid of the dispute from this world...

Together they should create a laughable world...

At the time, from the bottom of my heart, I believed...!

...... kah!

and illuminated by lightning, the yellow wild dog mask blinks white.

"A sword is everything, a 'murder sword'...... But at the same time, it has to be a" living sword "that leverages what is left..."

"Leveraging the Left," The Living Sword "..."

It wasn't the once boy who snapped that way......

He was another young man, who stuck his face out of the bush.

Cy Crops already had so much blood on his head that he was depressed that he seemed to have received a little bit of Goldwolf's words and so on.

Through the blood eye, with red stained eyeballs, stare at the wild dog mask......

So much blood from the gums, so much fangs......

Take all of your killing intentions and slaughter the wild dogs......!!


and the roar of the whole body spirits, so much steam pouring from the whole body, I wanted to blow the mountains......!!


It was such a terrible pressure (pressure) that anger alone seemed to crush people.

"Hih... Hih, Hih, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him, Him!

To its austere pressure, Strongtanisi, who was nearby, of course, even the villagers at the far and far foot, began and ended in fear.

"Hehe... hehe!? Ah... that's...! Divine Spike Transformation (Divine Leasing) ……!? A horrible move, allowed only by the Divine Spike group, to house the power of Godsmile in their bodies and gain power equal to that of God…! But once activated, it means slaughtering and killing all those on the spot or continuing until they die......! Exactly allowed only on the outer road during the outer road, the outer sword......!!

But even with that much temper, the stopped sword won't even move with Pickle.

Even with the power of anger, so full of God's wrath all over his body...

To God Himself, do not resist......

It's like emptying in Buddha's hands, Sun Wukong......!

"Ugh... you're lying!? Cy Crops said in that move that he has also destroyed a thousand man battalion, alone!?

And finally, God wept.

... Za...!

Rain, like a gray vale, so much as covers everything, covers the mountain where God dwells (Sin Itomrau).

The two men on the cliff were covered in scorching fog and blurry silhouettes.

Even that figure disappears as if it were an illusion.

Of the soldiers, like the traces of dreams......

Rainwater, which began to descend through the mountains, drifted down cliffs like waterfalls......

It was the only trace, even the blood trail erased away.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Kamisa, it's almost there..."

Chesna picked up firewood in the neighborhood, keeping her mouth shut.

He sat with a leech under a cave that blew up with heavy rain.

I am anxiously tingling my ears, loosening Shippo, and waiting for Osama to return.

... Za!

and someone shows up like breaking a gray curtain.

Poor vision and rain noise made him unaware of the approaching and seemed to emerge from nowhere.


and Chesna rolling back with Cologne in surprise.

That's, like, a neat silhouette.

His body wore him like a green worm, but his face was a wild dog mask.

"Oh, you were Kami! Welcome back, Kamisa!

Chesna rises like a soggy spill and clings to her soggy legs.

Like a dog who welcomes the Lord, with his tail bungling.

"It's late. Shall we have dinner?"

That, for the girl...... was such a warm voice that I didn't think she'd walked in the cold rain.

And until just a few moments ago... he was such a scumbag voice that I didn't think he was a demon.