When the wild dog mask enters the cave with Chesna, he takes off his coat like a mistletoe.

This is a handmade rain feather made by connecting the large leaves in this mountain with each other.

Inside the feathers were already hanging hairy birds, fish caught, and baggy plants like cuttlefish.

"This is the 'jidori bird' caught in this mountain forest and the 'makeo' caught in this mountain river." Jidori Bird "is particularly delicious because it is a female bird. Let's bake this and eat it."


In unfamiliar words, Chesna puts her little neck on like a jean dog.

"Oh. Um... it's your old word, 'Linnofrau'"

'Linno' means' female 'and' frau 'means' bird '.

Chesna finally understands the meaning of the word and laughs all the time when she shows her octagonal teeth.

"Wow! You're such a bird! What's that, like a calf?

Next she asked about plants hanging in bells like fruit.

"It is a large insect plant called 'fox' native to this mountain. The digestive liquid inside can be drunk as water for those that have not digested insects and can be used to flavor food for those that are digested when boiled. If you drain more digestive fluid and calla the contents, it's so..."

A wild dog mask stuck on the ground flips one of the foxes over his hand.

Then a lot of flowers, nuts, and colored stones spilled out with the dosadosa.

"It can also be used as a bag for small items."

Chesna was just sitting back and peeking into what was in Osama's hands.

It was as if a gem had come out of a magic bag, patting his eyes.

"Wow... Wow...! Shh... it's amazing! I knew Kamisa was Kamisa! I know this stuff better than we do!

"I'm not, like, a god... let's start a fire, not to mention

Osama pinched two red stones from the mountain he spilled in his palm, leaking enough bitter laughter to understand the mask.

"What is that sardine?

"This is a spiritual stone that can be a material such as' Fire Amulet 'when it comes to red stones. Red stones can only be mined by volcanoes and such, but there are a wide variety of spiritual stones in this mountain. This makes it easy to start a fire."

The wild dog mask turns toward the pile of firewood Chesna collected for me, explaining.

When you meet the two red stones like a firestone, with the gatun......

...... Gooo!

A fierce spark like welding poured down, flashing brilliantly (like this) in an instant.

It's literally fire, but Chesna reacts like a primitive man who sees fire for the first time.

"Wow!? Yikes... just stones and trees, ah... fire as it is...!? Shh... it's amazing...!

It reflects the orange light that flickers back into the eyes that let it just pop out.

"Redstone has a strong ignition power, so there is no need for ignition material either. It also adds the power of the Spirit of Fire, so the firewood's firepower and fire are better. However, red stones are precious, so it is a little unbearable to use them to ignite them."

"Wow," said Chesna, leaking a breath of amazement.

Her gaze nailed to the bonfire.

You say there's a white and black fairy floating right in front of you, but it's like you haven't noticed.

'If you'd told Pull, I'd wake you up for as much as a fire'

"My Lord, you wanted to try out how many red stones you mined in this mountain."

'And this mountain, there are so many things!

"My Lord stood on this mountain not only because of his tactical advantage, but also because of his wealth of material."

'So is that the same with that stone knife?

The fairies fly around the hand of the Lord, like flying mosquitoes.

In the hands of a wild dog mask engraved with ancient wounds and annual wheels, a knife made of scraped stones picked in this mountain and a wooden slab.

Although it is a simple cookware, Osama handily swallows the birds and fish he has caught.

The birds are grated on a site by site and the fish on three sheets.

First, a large, boned bird thigh was stuck in a fox and dipped in the liquid inside.

After removal, apply the viscous liquid that was in another fox owl with your finger.

Chesna pins her ears and stares at her as she eats in.

herself, before being held hostage, lived in a settlement at the foot of this mountain.

Residents should be familiar with the sight of cooking bird meat… Osama's survival dishes were extraordinary.

It's as enigmatic as an exotic dish, and full of wonder as magic.

"What is it that you're doing?

"I use the first liquid to lower the flavor and apply oil from the top. Oil is a natural vegetable oil picked in this mountain."

The wild dog mask stabbed two bird thighs on the skewers, choosing relatively straight firewood, and set them up before the burning.

And the fish, divide the herbs they have picked into covered ones and ones that have not attached anything, and skewer them and set them on fire.

After a while, mixed in with the sound of an incendiary fire called patsy...

Jujuju, the sound of meat and fish being cooked, and the fragrant aroma spread in the sinus.

Then you were inspired by your instincts as a half-beast man...

Little by little the light goes out of the girl's eyes.

"Wow... Wow...!

... Thank you!

"Wow... Wow...!

... Grr!

Chesna sounds like a roaring voice and her throat and stomach ringing like a concerto.

Like a dog I couldn't stand to keep, like a cat jumping on his prey, crawling on all fours and pretending to be his ass.

As it was, it was a momentum that could jump into the bonfire.

"So let's eat from what we can"

When the wild dog mask took up the fish skewer with nothing on it, it was put on the slab.

Pull out the skewers and put a knife in the blushing body.

I cut it into mouth sizes and transferred it to a plate of leaves.

"First of all, it's the first item," Maceo's Tataki ". Makeo is a sea fish, but it also inhabits a river near the sea. This is how fresh makeup is broiled on fire, and it's delicious when it's tattooed."


Chesna gutted and greedy to eat directly from her hands as she jumped onto a plate offered from a wild dog mask.

A half-life harmony of the warmth of the fish through the fire and the mistletoe that lingers on the octagonal teeth.

The balance between man and beast is further upset by the texture as if it is chewing off living prey.

"Hagu, hagu! Hagu, gu, gu, gu!"

The girl, no longer turned into a beast, flattens herself with selflessness.

"You can eat the leaves of the plate, too," he said, eating up shabby, like a goat given paper.

But keep shaking Osama's hand so he doesn't taste enough yet.

The wild dog mask was worn, but he kept cooking cleverly with one of his empty hands, being able to lick the hand he offered.

"Yes, second item." Parisian Grilled Jidori Birds ". Oil on the surface makes the skin crisp."

The next dish is a round roasted thigh, like a Christmas treat.

Plenty of fleshy but shiny in a lighted sauce.

When it is offered like a flag, Chesna is also a direct attacker.

Half the face opens wide enough guzzly to mouth, onto a surface burnt to a tight color, the moment it hits you,

...... pari......!

What a crispy sound makes a girl's dog ear......

The scent of incendiary fire makes it smell like smoke, making the girl's nose......

Fluffy and tickled to make me even more appetizing.