On the thighs of munchkins, the feeling of gabbling and eating up.

Plenty of fun teeth, feeling as elastic as you can get.

It was an exquisite baking addition and subtraction, as if to have known all the half-beast man's tastes.

Chewing up the meat, pulling it off the bump......

Hot gravy poured out like living blood.

If this girl's vocabulary was abundant,

"Chicken lace in your mouth. Hey!"

I might have screamed, for example.

But too deliciously, I no longer even forgot what people said,

"Wow! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

I glance at my body and howl all over it.

There are words like eat crying, etc, but this is all unheard of......

Ringing, eating...!

The girl, who has been completely dominated by beastiality,

... Gah!

and caught Osama's wrist firmly with both hands like Mojo's.

Yet, like a cat holding down the hands of an owner offering forbidden pet food with a meatball.

The triangular ears fall back and the pupils swollen to the limit remain open.

Keep your mouth, no, stick your face all over it, but don't let go of it by eating up on the meat.

Occasionally, as if to explode emotions,


And one loud bang.

The cartilage is shattered to pieces and the meat on the bone is shaved with tongue and turned into such a beautiful white bone that it is likely to be made into a specimen.

At the end of the day, lick the sauce dripping down Osama's hand, perky.

Flip your pee over, drop it on your tongue without a drop. Like you can drink.

"Sounds delicious."

and was called out, the girl finally regained her humanity.

"Wow......!? Wow!?

Chesna gently takes her face off Osama's hand, like a dog whose flirtations have been found out.

I jumped away and sat down all the time.

"Oh... I'm sorry! Kamisa's smell is too delicious...! Wah, wah, I've done a hell of a lot to you!

"That's okay, while you were being held hostage, you weren't given much to eat, were you?

"Yes......! Wow, the wild taylor that got caught was scraping the rubbish off the town..."

"I also saw a lot of wild tails in the back alley when I inspected the entire city of the island. They seem to be eating leftovers served by tourists."

Fujin, the hand of angels and demons.

"You had a bunch of waggy brave kids asking you to cook a lot, steal from each other even though you couldn't even eat them, and end up throwing and playing. In that alley, there were children of Wild Tails who were eating one burger in four."

If it was a pull, I'd eat it!

They have not reached Chesna, of course.

"The Wild Tails in town must still be hungry... Yet wow, I've tasted something delicious all by myself! Witch, hold on!

"Even if Mr. Chesna doesn't eat, this meat or fish won't go to them"

"Well, I know that..."

With the depressing Chesna sidelined, the wild dog mask pale and took the herb-clad fish off the fire.

Place it on the slab and pull out the skewers, carefully insert the knife into yourself like a sushi artisan and cut it into pieces to size,

"Three items," Maceo's Vanilla Grill ". Wild Tails' favorite herb, 'Cat Cap'."

Along with a hint of hot air, it emits an irresistible incense for the semi-beast man, its dishes......

... Pepper!

The girl stared as she nodded her lips with her little tongue.

"We can't just talk about Chesna... we can't... of..."

I'm sucked in with flirtatious whilst saying it without power.

But along the way, he noticed that he was asleep and scratched his eyes.

The kitten-like tricks that were inviting to drowsiness were adorable, but as far as she was concerned, she seemed desperate and resisted the desire to eat.

A wild dog mask takes it to the girl's nose tip when she puts a vanilla grill on her palm.

"First of all, it's important that you, the witch, eat well and get better. I think the other Wild Tails would like that."

"Oh... is that right...?

Chesna asks at the top.

You're worried about the food that came under your eyes, I can't stop my nose cracking.

The wild dog mask nodded forcefully, "Yes," and lowered her hand to her mouth.


... Chubby!

A girl's lips sucked on Osama's hand, as if a powerful magnet had worked.

The little mandible moves slowly, mo, mo...

… it was so sweet that it was so tempting to describe.

White hawk, intertwined behind the teeth.

Relax in your mouth, palate with a hint of tide.

And...... when the sweet irritation of 'catcap' melts in your nose......

Schwarzhwa and foaming pleasure, like jumping into a pool of carbonation, wrap your whole body......


The girl, who had accidentally crushed her back, leaked a sweet exhale, as if spring had arrived one foot early.

"Kyuuuuuuu...... Kyuuuuuuuuuu"

Scrub and rub your forehead so that you can snuggle in the wild dog mask and smell it.

It seemed like an amazing change, like from a girl to a woman......

Osama knew what would happen to Wild Tail, who ate 'Cat Cap', so he wouldn't even panic.

"So it's time to go to bed? You must be tired of everything going on today. Rest now that I'm on my turn."

"Nah... nah... kami... bang... nah..."

When Osama could hold her, the girl quickly fell into a happy sleep.

It is, the girl has finally arrived, a restful place......

It's been a long time since I've seen a young sleeping face worthy of age.

After I think of it as a hostage, they put me to sleep in a barrel with water, with electrodes on, on a burnt iron plate...

I never slept properly, not even once.

Through the little body of the girl, the outrage of the Shinsengumi group flows into Osama's body.

When you fall asleep, you're about to drown, looking up and down.

When you break your neck with Kakun, you get a current that stings with a needle, and you gasp for pain.

On a burnt iron plate, withstand heat and drowsiness, and be danced.

And... watching it like a show, sipping alcohol with my people, looking like a ship-eyed man...

Osama was burning his brain...!

The wild dog mask gently sleeps the girl's body on a bed made of leaves.

When I gently put the futon replacement wings on her shoulder......

"So... shall we go"

That's how I snapped at the angels and demons floating in front of me.