The catamari was in the dark like I don't even know where.

Countless threads are strewn out and floating in blur and gray.

That goes without saying, a giant cocoon.

If you look closely, however, you're a big man, something like a white line, wrapped around your body.

It was like a cocoon, but it seemed tangled up in spider thread.

And the yarn is not unwrought tangled.

It was delicately, but cruelly, anchoring the body of the prey.

As if to line up your body's savings with chalk.

Like an anatomical diagram showing the area of meat, such as cattle and pigs.

Particularly in mind for the area named 'Neck', Guru.

Sleeping on a hammock that doesn't give a damn, shakes the universe slightly......

Only slightly, as the autopsy table had made me.

By the man's own weight, the yarn is loose and his skin is tightened.

At first it was like freshly grated trousers rubber, so much so that it didn't bother me... that when I realized it, there were traces left.

But it turns into itching after a time that can also seem like eternity.


The prey leaks a distressed voice, like a twist out of his lungs.

There was nobody there but him.

I'm telling you, it's no use getting busted!

'My guts are also tangled with thread, so it would be painful enough to break when I speak out, wouldn't it? But hurting yourself like that doesn't make it any faster.'

Two young voices echo.

Innocence as if a child was playing, dropping ants into a spider's nest, and looking at them as if they were crooked.

"You think it's been days, right? But it hasn't been a minute! Um, alle, what is it?

'"Eternal thoughts," right? It is native to high spiritual places and grows in this mountain as well. Seeds have the effect of driving the senses of the brain crazy, and the formula makes you feel slow in time. In the case of humans, an hour starts to feel like 125 years.'

'It's not that long for the Pulls, but it feels pretty long for humans, doesn't it?

'Right, because even an hour can be years longer than life expectancy, no one can keep it sane. A, except for one......'

'That's awesome to think about. At first, the Pulls did it with the intent of flirting...'

"I can't believe you use it to build yourself instead of losing your sanity..."

'That makes you the first person to be out of purgatory!

Girls leaking their love voices.

During such chatter, redness was beginning to flash on the gray cocoon.

"Ah, it's turned red"

'It's tied with thread, so you must have depressed'

My voice approaches me and my two faces peek in a bit.

As if looking at Alinco dropped in the water.

"It's kind of like a bonless ham and it looks delicious!

Tauntingly perky and tongue-in-cheek, brown girl.

'You mustn't eat.' Cause we're going to have to make this thing feel like eternal pain. '

The whitening girl, who told him to stop, placed her white hand gently on the head of the cocoon.


"Too ghoulish......!? Too busty......!?

Begin to leak the screams of being burned alive.

'This is the last moment of the Wild Tails that you have ever killed. This will kill your spare time.'

Then the body begins to peel, as if exposed to a horse-drawn sentence.

I wonder if the sound of a rusty doorboard, a shaft, a rusty doorboard, came from all over my body...

...... Pah!

The end blew up.


"Oh, it's like a burnt sausage!

"My brain must have been illusioned by the reproduction of the horse-drawn sentence that the Wild Tails have been subjected to,"

'Well, if I repeat this, could...?

"Yeah, probably... My Lord, that's what I'm after."

... I don't want to...!

Reacting to the words of the girls, the trees covered like tents sway.


... Bottom Bottom Bottom...!

and as the chestnut fell, a small, black, eight-handed object poured down into the cocoon.

It's countless spiders......!

Crawling around the surface of the cocoon!

"Fugi, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!?!?!?"

Like a horse struck with a bulk whip, it makes his whole body faint.

But my whole body is tightly restrained, so I can only move about as much as a dying measure bug.

"Ugh! Phew!? Geez!? Phungi, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!!!

It was as full of power as it could be, but it ravaged my body as good as a swarm of spiders, and eventually groaned without power.

"Yu... Yu Hi... Yu Hi, Ku Hi... Oh Hi No...! Oh... I... I... what... what... what... oh no no...!

Already, 125 years......

For 45,625 days, the man who has been tortured every day is punished.

But when the inmate kicked a man in the foot, he said this with a devilish grin.

"Die! Die! Die! Morning and afternoon, die in two parts! The only thing in dirty blood guys like you have is the right to die and the right to leak Shomben! Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!"

And shaken down, four flashing slashes......!

...... Zuuuuuuuuu!!

The inmate kicked the sole, which rolled to his feet without a sound, towards the trash.

And afternoon.

The man shouted in the middle of the rampant horses, connected by a rope to his limbs.

"Yuh... yuh... yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

"Die! Die! Die! Tomorrow and the day after, then and then... die forever! All a dirty bloodsucker like you can do is entertain me with the sound of getting his ass ripped off! Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!"

And shaken down, relentless whip......!

...... buti buti butiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

... the rain, which covered the mountain where God dwelt (Sin Itomrau), stopped at night.

And get back the same way you always do.

But just a little, it was different.

It's not just the leaves wet in the night dew.

The screams that were miserable to hear, like being skinned alive, were ringing all night.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The next day.

Greyskay Island has been wrapped up in a whirlpool of snorts since morning.

Because what 80 wild horses were flying out of the mountains into the city and running around wildly.

No, it's not so uncommon on this island for stray horses to storm in the city itself.

Rather, it is a good horse of iki, so much so that it is captured alive and brought back as a souvenir of the brave, it is also a specialty of the island.

But all this time, the circumstances were quite different.

Firstly, that the number is unusual.


That every horse was dragging a rope.

Dragging, at the end of the rope......

That the red and black chunks were made...!

The landscape is untouchable because it's something that has a nasty horse running around that exposes things that have been dismantled and turned into objects.

The tourists are no longer at the resort......!