After being tragically murdered, the carcass was exposed and turned into a thing...

It was Cy Crops, the squad sergeant of Shinsengumi...!

… but if you know Osama well, you won't be surprised.

In the battle between wolves and rabbits, just as there are no sweat grippers in their hands.

But Rivolve's study was filled with bitter air.

I can't help it.

Ripping wild tails into pieces and touring the colonies with their horses is one of the shows that Shinsengumi specializes in.

That and the same thing......

No, Osama tried to do something ten times worse than that.

Exactly... return ten times...!

But those in this study, they do not yet know.

Even that ten-fold return is only a greeting substitute for Osama.

Livolve says, shrugging his shoulders, not wishing he had just knocked through the gates of Hell 1st Street or anything like that.

"Well, no, Na. What's dead can't be helped, Na.... So, what's happening in the city?

My men who came to report said they were able to reward themselves, but it still seemed incredible that Cy Crops was dead.

But as I shake it off, I reply with my residency right.

"Ha... Ha! We are collectively mobilizing the Shinsengumi to capture Raging Horses! But the panicked tourists are pushing us to the harbor...!

"No to Na?" and Rivolve, who turns a sharp stream.

"… are some of its tourists royal officials of the great powers or brave men above the rank of Zantian?

"No, I'm not! There are now rallies of the Grand Virgin of neighboring countries, and the royals and braves, most of them seem to be going there! Some tourists are brave, but they are all below the rank of Lord Heaven!

"All right, Nala, seal off the harbor immediately. I'm gonna get one out of this island until the wild dog starts and ends."

"Ha! Immediately! Will you also restrict your access to the port!?

"No, it's just the guys out there. If we restrict access to the port, it could spread rumors that they couldn't get into the island."

This island of Greysky has a harbour on the north side of the island, in a direction close to the continent.

There is only one port, so it will be quite crowded during the tourist season......

It was the first time a hunting and killing like this had occurred, so the harbor was full of tourists trying to escape the island, panicking more than at peak times.

No, to be precise... 'It was the first time that a hunting and killing () took place all over the city'.

In the settlements in the back of the mountains off tourist destinations, massacres are carried out at shaving intervals and sensations.

This time it took the form of a leak outside, so Rivolve decided to restrict the departure of the port.

Returning tourists with bad images planted can spread a bad reputation on the continent and damage the island's tourism industry.

He will now direct the Divine Spirit group and vividly solve the hunting killings.

After wiping out the bad image, the calculation was to spread the island's safety system again.

But this is unthinkable in common sense.

Evacuation of tourists should be a top priority than not knowing the identity and purpose of wild dogs......

Livolve made it a priority not to destroy the image of the island, even though the next victim might come out if he did poorly.

… If we were to compare this example…….

It's like locking up in a western hall with a mysterious murder, even though it's not a blizzard outside.

"There may be a killer in here, but what can we do together! I'm going home!

This dialogue says, "We're going back to the room!" If so, it is the death flag….

In this case completely, the survival flag......!

But Rivolve's judgment broke the tourists' flag completely.

I was locked up on an island with a killer named Wild Dog, even though it wasn't time...!

It is for that reason, by the way, that Rivolve ascertained the ranks of the tourist braves and the absence of the royalty of the great powers.

If we lock up those who are more powerful than Revolv, it will be more of a problem.

If there were any such persons, they were the only ones who intended to instruct them to sneak back home.

For the record, Rivolves and the god-spirited don't know anything about wild dog masks.

Seeing Osama in a wild dog mask, the only ones who can associate 'Slumdog Mart' with Goldwolf are the brave tuners (Yoosha) in the neighborhood of the Halbury small country.

With 'Slumdog Mart' taking control of the Halbury Small States, the reputation of Goldwolf is ringing in neighbouring countries.

Those around them were wary that "it might be their turn next".

But the rumor has yet to reach the remote island of Greyskay.

The Brave Clan is a huge organization….

No, it's like one big family, so it shouldn't be weird to be passing on...

No, rather, because it was a clan called 'The Brave', it wasn't communicated back...!

With the glory of Godsmile, the brave organization had no enemies for a long time.

For that reason, the method for birth is better than 'defeating an external enemy to achieve merit'......

More and more people were devoting their hearts and minds to 'kicking off their inner allies'.

Therefore, in a horizontal connection, very little useful information can be found.

If I teach it poorly, I'm afraid they'll use it to go up there.

To tell the truth, the brave tuners in the neighborhood of the Halbury Small States knew that Goldwolf had gone to Greysky Island.

But I won't tell......!

Rivolve has......!

Instead, the bomb in the bomb relay flew in an unexpected direction, so even those who were happy.

"Wild dogs are often wild dogs......! I just opened an adventurer's shop in a resort like that and they said there was nothing to gain...! In the meantime, we can further strengthen our interception posture......! Shishishishishishishi......!

and so on, and it was the end of giving you a misguided sneer...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time, in the harbor......

By order of Revolv, a major business announcement had been made.

"Just now, the departure restrictions have been laid! We are very sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but please return to the hotel!

The young men of the Divine Spirit line up, don't push, don't push. Stand in front of the tourists.

Without one ant child aboard the ship behind him, he was raising his voice while intimidating him with a stern face like a prison guard.

"Currently the sea route to the continent is hit by rough weather! Therefore, we will restrict departure from the port until safety is ensured! We are very sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but please return to the hotel!

"Oh no... no!? Never before has there been rough weather in the sea from Greysky Island to the mainland!

"Let's not! I've been here for a vacation every year for 50 years since I was a kid, but I never did!

"Wasn't it a calm sea not once rough in human history?!?

When one tourist points at the sign, he says, "That's right!" and the anger boils.

The announcement went awry and deceived with a lie.

"Oh, erm...! According to the information I just got in, a huge sea habitat monster appeared offshore, not rough weather! So we will restrict your departure from the port until you are safe!

"Liar! There aren't any monsters around here! It's like a shark even if you're there!

"Look behind you guys. Yikes! More and more ships are coming to this island, but none of them are working out - are they!

"Ah... those ships are the ships that have fled the monsters with their lives! Either way, I can't let you leave the port! If there's anything like ignoring a warning and leaving port, the Divine Spirit Marine Guard will nab you!

"Whoa, when you figure it out, get back to the hotel! There's a lot of people coming out of the incoming ship, so it's in the way of the process! Anyone who defies the orders of the godtip group will be slaughtered!

Finally threatened by force, the tourists leave the harbour.

One of the things that stood out to me every time I went back to the hotel was...

"... hey Aitz, aren't you the woman you're looking to nominate!?

"Really! He was trying to get off this island all crispy!

"Ah!? He's getting away! Chase, chase! Chase!!

Kulalalaka had repeated such a fugitive play over and over again, already worn out physically and mentally.