The two men were watching.

Sunset like dipping one side in blood.

A world where everything is dyed deep red.

Blinking and narrowing his eyes, a blurry, black shadow emerges.

The shadow broke its silence, flickering like a palatine flame.

"It's my partner in the middle, Na."

I guess you're referring to the black lump on the table.

"And on the left is the guy who made it even smaller. He's cute, Na. The one on the right is the one that's enlarged and fired up. I can't have this guy for a second, but I can't belly him on the back, so na"

The shadow first takes the large rotary pistol that was on the right.

Think well like pickled stone, difficult to hold with both hands.

Point it at the man's head, standing on the same line as the gun's place.

"He uses gunpowder (higuri) to increase his firepower. So much so that I don't know what will happen if I let you go. Now you're in Narrow, but so am I."

The voice of the shadow sounds like a reaper.

Let's Have Fun (Enjoy) ……! Between Life and Death (Live or Die) ……!

A glimmering flash of light, like the one that plunged into the sun.

The impact is good like one of the stars exploded, dyeing the whole room with fragments of life.

The shadow was blown up to the terrace outside the room and slammed against the columns.

Then he stands up looking at a mannequin-like object (hiccups) that is missing from his shoulder.

"I don't... The destructive force (power) is perfect... but I thought my arm would come off... If I suck, every time I shoot, I'm going to be a pain in the ass for the Virgin, Na. And it's too big for my pocket."

With that spilling, I rub my hips and head back to the study.

Next, on the left, he took a small revolving pistol.

"Yeah. As for size, he's the ideal Na. I'm familiar with my hands, and I get in my pocket. However, gunpowder (higuri) is half full, so I don't know if it's just something to enjoy the narrow space."

... Jakih...!

And at the gunpoint where he was poked, the man left...

"Ugh! Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm!

He made his free mouth and body twist diligently.

Shake their characteristic ears, and Shippo, left and right, like wipers, and reject them using the whole body spirit.

"Well I feel that way Na, dog bastard (Dog Guy). The first shot of the new revolver is not all bullets, but only three specifically loaded shots. I mean, half of it, Na. I think Fifty Fifty Fifty is the most beautiful number in the world. Live or die...... I'm not leaning on either, best balance......! That means that the feeling of being in the narrow space is also wacky that you can feel it at its best...!

Enjoy (Enjoy) ……! Between life and death (Live or Die) ……!

It's like you're being targeted. Sift your shoulders around the zombie, but squeeze.

It was supposed to be the best time for him. It was

... Pahn!

What a careless sound, I closed the curtain.

… Gotri…….

and on the study desk, throw away the gun that is still standing up the nitrous smoke.

"Now it's a party cracker, Na. In the end...... are you wacky that neither is going to be a usage thing? It's like a 0 hit on a roulette... We all lost, and it looks like the only thing we got was Reaper (Dealer) Na"

... Cheyne!

When you tap the call bell on the desk, the young men of the Divine Spirit group, guards of this mansion, rush.

They tried to clean up the two bodies (bodies) that rolled onto the carpet….

"Oh, no, the one with the neck is still alive, so dump it, Na. Let the ash wearers heal and see how it goes. With the bullet still in your head, you should have a severe obstacle. It might be a good reference for a new weapon, so report back to me on what happened to Soytz, okay, Na?

With that said, he pulled one card from a bunch of cards he had placed in the corner of his desk.

"King of Clovers (13) or... and four leaves, good luck Na.... Hey, it's your last use. Call him."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time, it's not Greysky Island, an island.

In a small settlement square inhabited by undeveloped Fae like the Wild Tails......

There was a fanatical feast going on all over the world.

At the bottom of a large swimming pool strewn with water, the villagers are sunk.

How could they, when they were the same age, be made into a pair, with their necks chained together...

the chain is passed through a circular ring tapped to the bottom of the pool.

The chain is not long, so when one tries to put his face on the water for breathing...

A chained partner is pulled and sinks to the bottom of the water......!

Finally, when one is floating, one must sink, Sea Saw of Death.

Initially, they try to communicate with gestures and breathe alternately.

But time became more and more painful, eventually......

Even if the other person drowns, only he will be able to devour the air...!

The Divine Spirit group of young men who attacked this village were going to make that torture strong on the villagers and enjoy watching them compete.

"Damn, I won't break up with you forever."

"Always this guy, give in... then it's not funny at all - man!

"Pull the chains together like a string and sink your opponent! Step on your head so you can't get up! That would help!

"Oh, how dare you both drown over there at the same time!

"Look over there! Get him off the bottom and get him out of the water!

"I did that, and I can't help you! We were so close, we saw you guys kill each other!

"Whoever killed them, I'm gonna help you!

But they don't listen......!

If only I could help, when we die together... they were helping each other to the end...!

While they were trampled on their dignity unilaterally, they never fell into the beast.

But for the young men of the Divine Spirit group, even such proud behavior treats dust (dust) the same way.

I didn't see the picture I wanted, so I move on to the next torture.

Next up, family......

Pair mothers and children, brothers and sisters, fasten the older ones to the beheading table......

Let the kids hold the barbed wire that lifts the guillotine blade high...!

Then a sharp thorn pierces his childish hand like a mojo, relentlessly...

If you can't stand that pain anymore and let go of my hand......

My father's, my mother's, my brother's, my sister's... my neck flies...!

"Ugh... wow!?

"Stop, stop, stop, stop!

"Ahhh! It's heavy! It hurts! Mom, I don't want to let you go. Mommy, Mommy!!

"Ah, blood from your hands!? Get your hands off me! Get your hands off me!!

"If I let go of my hand, my mom will die! You're dead! I don't want to let go. No! I don't want to let go. No! Oh no! Oh no! No, no, no, no...! Yahhhhhh!

...... zdowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

A hell of an annoying cry and a bitter thud like the judgment of the devil has been given all over the village.

The child, who had unbearably let go of his hand, stood up in bloody blood.

No eyes on what has rolled at my feet... just shuddering...

The members of the Divine Spirit Group were very satisfied because it finally turned out to be the sight they wanted.

Just to celebrate, a feast is held in the middle of a rave feast, where liquor is served.

I was letting the women who kept me alive exaggerate, but some of them came under attack in a semi-frequent shock that killed my family.

Such a woman is laid together and subjected to further humiliation.

Neither was the hoof of the approaching horse to announce the coming of the Savior in this land.

"... decree, decree! Death Dealer Revolve, this is a message to Mr. Gorgon! He said to interrupt his current pagan extermination mission, as well as his weapons test mission, and return to Grey Sky Island immediately!