Then a few days later, Greysky Island.

Fearing the island, the horses in the Eighty Rift (Yazooka) case ended up not catching one and fleeing back to Sinyitmulau.

But the threatened city was finally regaining its face as a tourist destination.

The departure restrictions had not yet been lifted, but because the tourists who were locked in the hotel jumped outside and began to enjoy the vacation again.

The Lord of this island, Rivolve, for one time took a form that spared great damage….

There are still wild dogs lurking in Sin Itmulau, so don't be alarmed.

We finally summoned some people to deal with it in secret before it happened again.

But it was not the captain who knocked on the door of the mansion, but one of his men.

"Nah, what happened to Gorgon?

"Ha! Our captain, Master Gorgon, has a policy of never seeing the same client again! That's why I, the deputy captain, appeared!

"Is that what you mean...... He got great, too, and changed nah...... Well, no, Na."

Livolve told the deputy captain what had happened so far to make him listen.

"Heck, Osama's standing on Sin Itmulau. Any horse bone...... no, I don't know what any dog bone is. Nah bastard. He's kidding. He wears a wild dog mask."

"Wild dog mask...... is it?

"Oh. It's me."

On the wall of the study, the island's plans were pasted out.

In a place with Sin Itomlau, there is a painting like that painted by a child, marked 'Strongtanisi painting'.

"... here, is...?

That didn't look like the kind of opponent the godtip group would put out, and the deputy captain was frowning.

"Oh. You can leave me alone if you're a chindon store, but I've taken away the witches of the wild dogs, so that's not how it works, Na. A little while before you guys arrived, I pointed out Cy Crops' unit... and it's all gone."

"All Shinsengumi's troops are destroyed!? How many on earth did you send?!?

"About thirty of my men were accompanied, of whom fifteen had fallen from heights and the other fifteen had their throats slit"

"I can't believe you got hit, even Master Cy Crops..."

"Um, no way, Na. Na. They tore me apart like a puzzle."

"... you must be lying!? He is a swordsman who has destroyed a thousand men!? I can't believe that's for just one wild dog opponent too......! Impossible!

"It's true Cy Crops is dead, but I don't suppose he did it to Matomo, Na. You must have been framed for some cowardly trap."

"... I see, that's why we, Squad 13, the assassination unit, have been assembled among the Shinsengumi."

"That's what I'm talking about, Na. 13 means quiet death... I don't really like it because I can't afford to kill it because I can't afford to feel the narrow space... You can't be hungry on your back."

Livolve stood behind him, thumbs up a huge iron catamari.

"The newest gun (cancer) I got from Spiner's place. Without him, you and this captain wouldn't take it on, would you? Of course not. I messed with it a little bit and modified it."

The weapon 'gun' that exists in this world is not so common, but to the extent that it is used by some gendarmes, military personnel, etc.

And still mainstream firestone (flint rock) formula.

A cartridge-style gun like the one that Revolve loves to use is not yet in circulation.

Because it has a monopoly on manufacturing methods in the Death Dealers clan.

By the way, a spinner is a Death Dealer Spiner.

Since it is the same family, I may accommodate weapons, but I will not use what is sent to me as it is.

Alterations (custom) shall be made before deployment.

I have pride as a champion, so I'm not getting it...

Because 'poison' may be planted, such as to cause outbursts.

If 'poisonous' weapons are used for important tasks as they are, they could cause a major failure.

In that case, the Brave Woman (Yusha) deployed will be held accountable...


Even though the brave men are in the same family, they are pulling their legs together...!

Let's get back to it.

Rivolve further points to the green costume, which was hung on a large mannequin of the gun.

"And you Gorgon's men have the latest camouflage outfit (Gilly Suit). While camouflaged to adapt to the Sin Itomurau Forest, it has an invisible (Invisible) magic training. Only a wild dog in a real thing would be able to find him wearing a knack, Na."

"Thank you, Master Rivolve! Master Rivolve's camouflage clothing has a reputation for being particularly effective......! With this, he won't notice if we get close to the nose tip of the wild dog mask!

"It would, Na. Also, a guide dog (Navigation Dog) will guide you to where the wild dog mask is located. Soitz is waiting for you guys at the foot of the mountain by now, so will you be there soon, Na?

"... Ha! But it doesn't matter anyway!

"Na, why?

"Gorgon will now report the details of the request to Mr. Gorgon, who will then decide whether to accept it or not......!

...... kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I wondered if the wind incisions that pierced the iron had jumped in from the terrace.


Between the eyebrows of a sketch of a wild dog mask on the wall, a large hole was drilled.

My men, who were in the study, flip over, and Rivolve whistles.

"... Huh! Apparently, he's like 'ok' na......!

... Finally, Rivolve hung up his serious card.

He's finally a regular member, not a squad cadet who was here for a vacation, he mobilized the main unit...!

The higher the number the squad becomes, the sharper it becomes.

Pointed to the wild dog mask is called the death number, Squad 13......

It was a professional group of assassinations that, to the extent of an army in one small country, could be wiped out overnight without anyone noticing it...!

Among other things, the captain, Gorgon, is a professional in the pro.

With the Olympic Games of Assassination, you bite too much gold and you get golden teeth with plating......!

Besides, nobody saw that.

No, I've never had anyone, but since I took office as captain, I've stopped showing up in public.

By the way, Squad 13 had attacked the village before being summoned to Rivolve, but only the captain was among them.

He says even the deputy captain doesn't know what he looks like because he's thorough enough to give instructions to his men using a messenger bird (Tegamidri).

No one can ever, ever see......

But he always sees...!

And waiting for what was shot in its eyes is death......!

No one... can escape...!


● Ojin Class (Chairman)


● Quasi-God (Jun Shin) Grade (President)

Din Din Dingil


Noone Lives Forever

Marie Blood HQ (Harley Queen)

● Shiten Grade (VP)

Kitty Geyser

● Chi Tian (Chi Ten) Grade (Director General of the Great Powers)

Ride Boy Longinus

Ride boy amenosakahoko

Ride Boy Trishura

Ride boy triaina

● Seating Grade (Deputy Director of the Great Powers)

Death Dealer Revolve

NEW: Gorgon

● Master Tian (Shigen) Grade (Director of Small Country)


● Li Tian (Riki Ten) Grade (Deputy Director Kokuni)

● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)

● Kwon Ten Grade (Branch Manager)

Janjan Bali Bali

● Datian Grade (Store Manager)

● Koten Grade (no title)

○ Fallen Heaven

Cy Crops

Genocide Daddy, Genocide Fang, Genocide Knuckle

Midnight Shuffler, Diamond Rich Nell, Crimson Teager

Rideboy Lance, Javelin, Speer, Ocustan, Zepuros, Ghizalm, Halbad, Partisan

167 unnamed warriors.

60 Unnamed Brave Woman

One hundred and thirteen unnamed braves.

165 unnamed brave men.