The captain, Gorgon, sent him to the crew of the Shinsengumi 13th Squad to assassinate a wild dog.

This was the whole story of the operation's name, Wild Dying (Expose Die).

Firstly, 30 troops are divided into four squads of six, six, nine and nine, each located in the mountains where the wild dogs lurk, east, west, north and south of 'Sin Itmulau'.

When it's late at night, we leave from the first squad in the north by a time difference.

Attack for the top.

The fourth squad, which leaves at the end, takes Strongtanisi, a local, on his guided route….

When the deputy captain informed me of this operation, the crew reacted by

"To hunt just one wild dog, you're going to be a full member!

"Plus, put on your latest camouflage outfit (Gilly suit)!?

"One squad...... no, even one rookie from my squad would be enough!

If I am dissatisfied.

But Gorgon, the captain, comes with all his might, no matter what the task.

That depth of caution was also why he was placed in an elite position among the elites: Captain Shinsengumi.

The men furthermore received various cautions that the fire would never be used and that the witch could be harmed but should not be killed, before being placed.

During this period Sin Itomrau, the forest becomes a complete darkness at night, as the trees flourish especially.

If they are also dressed in camouflage clothes, it is impossible to see them.

Furthermore, they are professionals, so they only rock the leaves to the extent that they are windswept even in clandestine travel.

No matter how much, wild dogs......

No, even if he was a dog god, he thought it was only a matter of time before he scratched his sleeping neck.

The first to leave was Squad 1 on the north side of the mountain.

The grass also sleeps in the darkness, and they advance on their crawls.

"... oh, to one wild dog, why don't you let me get this far..."

"If you get in as normal as attacking a village, it'll be over in less than half an hour..."

"There hasn't been an assassination mission lately, so maybe Gorgon's trying to get his blunt mind back."

"I don't know if there's anything in this mess... Look, look, here it is"

A handmade bear trap was placed ahead of one of the crew members who showed him to bite off a laugh.

There were so many primitive traps, and wooden ones, that the rest of the crew accidentally blows out.

"Blah! What the hell!?

"Buffoo! You still have this old trap!

"Kukuku......! Plus, it's made of wood!

"Hihihihihihihihi! Besides, I can't believe we're setting this up in the form of a find out...! You think you should set up a lot of shit!

"Damn, you're not totally a de amateur! Ha, ha, ha!

Finally a member of the first squad who can't contain his voice and laughs with his belly.

I figured out the other guy was a villager class amateur, so I guess I thought it wouldn't matter where he was found out with his voice.

They stood up without even hiding themselves anymore and straddled the bear top with a large strand.

On the opposite ground, the moment you put your foot on,

... Get out of the way...!

and the ground fell,


It sank deep, with blisters.

All of a sudden, I get stuck by surprises, and besides, Gilly Suit sucks water.

Up and drowning soldiers, like Alinco, who fell into the digestive fluid of Uzbokazura.

"Wow!? Wow!?

"Hey, why is there a pond here?!?

"Wah... it's a trap!? This was a fateful trap!?

"Damn it! Shit!

It's too late when I thought.

...... Shroooooooooooooooooooooo......!!

and something like a tentacle wrapped around his neck and dragged him into the water.

I desperately try to get up, but I can't get it up because I'm strong enough to pull.

When I looked at the bottom of the water, my tentacles were paired and tied to the neck of another crew member.

The tentacles are limited in length, so only one can be appreciated.

... Yes...!

It was the torture of the water blame itself that they were setting up in another settlement a few days ago...!

The crew first pulled out a knife on their hips in the water and made a leap to amputate their tentacles.

But I can't cut it......!

No matter how much you do......!

That being the case, it was only a matter of time before the final steps were reached.

The inhabitants of the tortured settlements said they did not do it until the end......

It didn't take long to reach them......!


For nothing, I wield a vicious blade against a pair of soldiers...!

Cut off your buddies like you cut your tentacles and only try to help yourself......!

Besides, everyone had come to the same idea at the same time, so the underwater turns into Shura Hell at once.

"Oh my God... die!

"Boo......! Gu Ha! That's why I'm dying!!

"Oh, I'm the squad leader!? You can't obey the commander's orders!?

"There's a squad leader and shit! If you're a captain, you're still a squad captain! I never liked it before!

"You're going to die here! Kill all of you. But I'm the only one who can help you!

"Hey, did you hear that!? He's trying to kill us!? Let's do it before they do it!

The first to stain the pond with blood was a single crew member who was silenced by a pair connected by tentacles.

He is rarely stabbed by as many as five of his people.

"Ya... Yay! Damn it! Now that helps......! You guys, at best, don't even mess with Chamberlain!

And next, the crew who were that pair.

"Holy shit, stay!

"I can't help just one person. I don't know!

"He's next! Fuck him!!

... Woohoo (Oh)...!

I wonder what that means......!

This tentacle, by the way, is a monster called 'Draun Tentacle'.

He is a companion to Tentacle Oasis, a monster of environmental pseudomorphism.

They dwell in the pond, and drown those who draw in with their tentacles, and then they prey.

By the way, removing the tentacles isn't that hard.

The way to do it, you just have to stay put for a while.

Who has been paired. What if we show each other and keep breathing with our faces alternately out of the water......

Soon the tentacles lose grip and come off on their own.

But I don't know how they feel...!

Only protecting one's life is a top priority...

I had abandoned the idea of working with my peers to help early......!

...... Pukah.

Whenever an obvious corpse floats, the pond stains like a paint dissolved in water.

At first it was a nagging red, but it eventually went deep red......

To red and black waste liquid like dirt, it changes......!

The last two left were stabbing each other in the chest, desperate.

... Squad 1, completely destroyed...!

All causes of death are not drowning from traps......

It was by knife, by stabbing.

... Shh...!

That water sound. Finally, the forest regains silence once again.

Floating on the water with a look of anguish and resentment, six it is......

It was appropriate to describe it as "wild drowning".