Each team in the Shinsengumi group has a unique emblem indicating the team.

They are all inspired by animals.

For example, the 15th Squad is boar, and the 14th Squad is gorilla.

But Squad 13 was supposedly devoid of it.

The squad flag flying along with the flag of the Divine Spike group is also a black monochrome cloth.

No... it wasn't.

I just can't see.

In the darkness, a raven (crow) pounded with ink...

It is painted with its wings spread out, like a reaper that cannot be seen by those who have understood the time of death.

There are only a few things to know about that fact.

And the black outfit of the 13th Squad was also embroidered with the figure of a raven using yarn of the same colour.

And it shall descend upon them without sound, without a single feather.

The squad leader glances over a piece of black paper, gripped by a leg nail.

"... the first squad has been wiped out."

"Chief, you were first squad, after all."

"You must have been alarmed because you thought they were amateurs"

"You hiyoccos..."

"You didn't even make a bet."

"It's earlier than planned, but we can't help but say that the front lines have been wiped out. Second squad, we're leaving."

"Ha, squad leader!

Like an angel in the dark, the second squad begins its action after even the blink drops off a raven that melts in the evening (good).

Gorgon, captain of the 13th Squad of the Kamikami Group, used the trained ravens as messenger birds (tegamidori) and gave instructions to each squad.

Gorgon foresees all of this' Sin Itmulau '.

That's why I was able to immediately give orders to the other squadrons to wipe out the first squadron.

Each squad is scattered between east, west and north of the mountain.

There must be obvious blind spots too, but Gorgon was sensing the situation of all squads, as if they had a thousand eyes.

Even the mountain where God dwells for him, in the palm of his hand......!

And the wild dogs in it, even in cages, as well......!?

The second squad climbs through the darkness of the night and the folding bushes, twisting and climbing the mountains without anyone noticing.

Then we arrived at the point where the wooden bear traps were lined up.

"... Bear trap as ordered by Master Gorgon."

"It's an amateur placement, but I didn't know it was a disguise (fake) to invite you into another trap behind this..."

"I guess the other person anticipated the image we had. That's why I set this double trap."

"Yes, that sounds like a pretty tough opponent"

"Well, don't be alarmed."

"Ha, squad leader! We would like to show the squad leader that we are not like the first squad!

"All right, disarm the bear trap. Beware there's a pond in the back that's going to sink like a pit, and there's a tentacle monster lurking in it."

The soldiers who removed the bear trap poked a stick at the ground ahead to examine it.

"Sure, you don't feel the dirt the same way before. It's as soft as it is soaked."

"When pressed with a stick, it sinks deeper...? All right, rely on this feeling, we're going around the pond."

"Ha, squad leader!

Lead the crew with sticks and take a row of formations.

The street of the stick avoids a good place, choosing a bad place to crawl on.

Moving on for a while, I realized there was.

"Ahhh, it's all wet around. We can't move on, let's turn back."

"Again, I can't help it."

"This place looks like a swamp, full of lukewarm places."

"It's like we're going through an invisible maze..."

"Uhm... the night is dawning as it is. All right, let's make it a pair, and we'll find the exit."

"Ha, Captain!... Oh, excuse me! The squad leader was as fine as the captain, so I made a mistake......!

"Granny, do it after the mission. Move your body more than that. Let me know if there's a group going through this swamp. The rest of the group uses hook and nail wire to rendezvous at once."

"Yes... Yes, squad leader!

The place where they were seemed to be mixed with the place where they were soaking and the place where they weren't.

If you go into a muddy place, head upside down to the waiting pond in the 'Draun Tentacle'...

It was like a maze of deep holes dug in the back of a wall.

I couldn't really see the exit because I was crawling forward and proceeding in a row.

The squad leader who boiled the business responds by breaking up the squad members into three groups and increasing the number of heads of offense.

... This decision was not wrong.

One of the best ways to deal with a trap is if the other person decides that he is not an amateur.

However, that is based on the assumption that the person is professional.

The judgment is not wrong.

But suppose that assumption was wrong...?

In the human world, monsters like the one called "The Devil" jump on his land...

Even those who can be worshipped as' gods', like those who look to the future with predictive abilities, have trapped......

What if a hell of a monster was the other guy......!?

Everything, awkwardness, stupidity, and ruin......!

And Tango...!!

The crew, divided in three directions, spread out and proceeded...

At a time as if I had measured, at a separate end, as soon as I hit the bee......!

... Shhhhhhh!

On the ankles of those who were progressing with sticks, wrapped around them like plant twats......

"" "Ugh...!? Wow!?!?

upside down, I just got hoisted......!

Three crew members hang around at the same time.

Heaven and earth have been reversed, beneath their heads......

... Bocong...!

giant insect plants appear through the soil,

... Gapaa...!

A mouth that even humans might swallow blossomed...!

Eating bugs...!

No, cannibal plants......!?

... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

A hung man sinks slowly with weight.

Then the twat that was falling by the rest of the crew is dragged, too, like a vacuum cleaner power cord.

Grasping and pulling slightly, he stuck a pean against the trees above him.

Attracting further, he who is hung from the darkness by a dripping twat rises up so that it interlocks.

Something like a sharp blade grows, the mouth of the eating insect straightener closes with a gut, but I just pruned my hair tip due to the difference in touch.

"Yay, thanks......!!

"Well, apparently there's a connection between that twat and the twat on my ankle."

"So never, ever let go of my hand...! Absolutely, absolutely...!

Of course, that's not pretentious.

"I can't believe my senior stepped on it!? I owe you one!

"Doesn't it make you hotter to be eaten off the top of your neck?

"Sergeant, have a drink when you get home!

I jokingly respond, for example, but of course this is not pretentious either.

... they haven't noticed yet.

As the first squad was wiped out by the torture of water blame...

That this trap is the very torture of Guillotine, which they were setting up in another settlement a few days ago......!

That the lifeline of those who are left behind is a sprinkle filled with barbed wire...!

They hadn't even noticed...!