The 13th Squad of the Divine Spirit (Shinsengumi) attacked Shinyitomurau at night to hunt wild dogs.

The first squad was wiped out early in the operation.

Subsequently, the second squad that initiated the action was also in the trap of a wild dog.

That's odd, three pairs of pairs, at the same time...

Whoever was leading the way was hung upside down by a bracket trap using plant snails......

A situation in which those who were going behind grabbed a snail before it was eaten by an eating plant, critical and helpful.

That's odd...... it was the village they attacked, using the villagers they captured to entertain...

Guillotine torture, was itself......!

But they haven't noticed that yet.

It was enough to afford to tease my boss Doji.

"Sergeant, have a drink when you get home!

"... ok. So don't joke about it."

"Like this?

"Wow, stop it! There's a monster down there. Huh!? Don't be ridiculous!

"... Yes, yes, I get it, squad leader which"

"Even if they say that upside down, it's zero majesty... I get it"

"So, how do we cut through this situation?

The attitude of the crew pulling the claws suddenly grows.

The feeling that we are doing it with a lifeline will be growing them.

The squad leader gives instructions to his men shaking after coughing with Cohon.

"First, take down the bug plant, come closer and poke one at him. Of course, don't let the snail go until death is confirmed. I've done it many times in the training field, it would be easy if I did it under the rules of combat during rope descent."

My men wanted to enjoy their boss's ugliness some more, but reluctantly follow orders.

If you walk straight toward the insect plant, the snail will loosen up and the person hanging will fall back, so you take the first step as you wrap the snail around your arm.

And I noticed the discomfort at my feet.

"Hey, the ground's soaked, but it's not falling, is it?

"Really, you weren't supposed to have a tentacle monster?

"... apparently, it was just muddy"

"What the fuck!? Are we moving on freaked out by the tentacles?

"If this were the case, wouldn't it be nice to proceed as usual!

"You're going to get caught up in a trap because you're going to go ahead and muddle poorly!

... By the way, they're right, there's no 'Draun Tentacle' on the route this second squad is invading.

As the wild dog planted the bear-trap for the intruder, he softened the ground to become a maze, inviting it into the current trap.

However, to establish this as a trap, there must be an assumption that the first squad will be wiped out in the Draun Tentacle and that the information will be communicated to the second squad.

No one in the second squad has noticed that the wild dog scene is so promising, etc.

And breaking up with them is the next aim of Hell's Wild Dog...!

"... Shut up, don't answer my decision to be squad leader!! Just do what you just told me!!

There is anger in the woods late at night.

When the squad leader's kaminari falls, his men grow up as usual...

Tonight was different.

"Squad leader. We're in a covert operation right now, aren't we? And yet, can I make such a loud noise?

"Is it because of the squad leader's yelling that the wild dogs found me?

"Then the mission could fail a great deal ~?"

"You guys, come on! Or I'll get rid of you for failing to do your job!

"But to do that, you have to go home alive. 'Cause, you know?

When the crew member with the squad leader's claw loosens his claw so he can joke,

... Zuzz!

and the team leader's body drops.

Under dripping hair tips,

...... gahhhhhhhhhhh......!!

A shark-like mouth opens wide, waiting for a dripping Shizuku...!

"Gu......! Ugh! Don't, don't!

"Ahhh, if you do that, will you fall more? Here."

... My men loosen their twats even more.


... bump bump bump bump bump bump no...!

On the top of the squad leader's head, the tooth of the eating plant caught, and the sound of his hair being torn apart was also scattered with harrassment.

"Huh!? Uhhhhhh!? Hair loss!? My hair. Huh!?

"Clear and clear! Squad Leader Which, during the assignment, is a haircut too much!?

"That was a lot sappier! You're messing with baldness, aren't you?

"But that hairstyle looks better on you!!

My men laughed as they stood.

Their equilibrium was like the paper of Fusuma.

Dirt thinly and easily to watermark the sun......

And so that the cat gets twisted, it's a mundane trigger, bursting in half the play.

... Here, then, just a little bit, I want you to imagine.

What if your boss saw the same thing and you had the lifeline...

What will you do?

It is normal to do what is best for rescue.

Even if he was abused by that boss and hated him as much as he wanted to kill him.

Because the relationship between supervisor and subordinate continues afterwards.

But the men of this second squad went into bold action, not considering future power relations at all.

Is that why...?

I'm not stupid enough to think about the later.

After my boss helped me, I'm not afraid of the disposition that would be given.

No longer in their midst, this relationship comes from 'It's Over'......

Just one shot, by Kaminari......

The shifting lever of their minds

"We have to help the squad leader!

"But it looked funny, so we'll play for a while and then we'll help"

"I was angry, so I was reluctant to help."

"Even though the squad leader's hema was revealed, it was inversely giled"

"Something annoys me about being in a position to get help"

'On second thought, if he's gone...'

More and more, shifting down... no, shifting up...

"Without him, I could be squad leader..."

Finally, to Top Gear......!

'... then why don't you just kill me?

And to the realm to the forbidden Nitro Boost......!

'But it's boring to kill him as he is, so let's clear up all the depression we've had before and then kill him! Let him cry, let him beg for his life, let him leak Shomben......! Fuck off, mock me and then kill me...... isn't that refreshing!?

In such a short time as Zeroyon, we went in...!