Darkness of pitch black, like all boundaries have been removed.

Six men, like they've already blended in there.

But they were, indeed, divided by boundaries.

I don't know about Mapu.

"Who held the lives of others"......

"The one whose life was held by others"......

In two of them......!

It was the two crew members, including the squad leader, who held my life.

Three crew members are holding their lives.

The oddly gripping sides were juniors in that squad as well... the weak in position.

They were divided into seniors and juniors for the consideration of the squad leader.

The juniors were already assassination pros, but they weren't comfortable with them making seniors wind about something.

Coincidentally, the captain became bald, so he loosens the twat that the other juniors were grabbing as well as trying to hang his senior hair.

... BallyBallyBallyBally!


"Aguuuuu!? Uhhhhh!?

The juniors rejoiced in a small leap when they looked at them as if they were potatoes hanging upside down.

"It's clear! My hair! Hair!"

"It's like you're upside down, you little brat!

"That and three! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"And if you look closely, your guy, he's even peeling off his head. - Oh!

"I can't believe it rained red on you, you little brat!

Their appearance was as if they were not, such as in their former relationship.

From the seniors who were hanging, I would have done it with their eyes open to them.

And yet, it's like someone else in red... no, rather enemies...

No, no, even through that, relationship with the kids like insects......

The hung men were now like Kanabun, whose hands and feet were swallowed for the sake of pleasure...!

"Ya...... don't! Please stop. Yikes!!

"Ko...... you think you can do this and do it for free!?

"As it is, our second squad will fail in their mission!?

Even such an argument only resonates to the extent of the feathers to the brutal children.

"No to Bezu!"

"I found something more fun than a mission, and hey!

"And even if the mission fails, the blame goes to the squad leader, right?

... I want you to try to remember.

of the brave men, the method for their birth.

"Kick Down Your Inside Allies" than "Knock Down Your Outside Enemy for Merit"......

That wasn't an exception when you were on a mission if you had a chance......!

"Wah...... ok! You must be tired!? Interrupt this mission immediately and return home! And on this island for a while, enjoy your vacation! I am responsible for the failure...!

"It's not a failure, I'll see you on interruption."

"You're gonna give us a rating that's not even Locke after you say you're responsible, right?

"I know how you do it! Pretend to notice, complain to the deputy captain that he's mentally weak, and kick him out of Shinsengumi! So you sent a bunch of my people to the training ground!

"So, what am I supposed to do!? What can I do to help us?

"Well... first, why don't you slip your pants up and do it upside down, Shomben?"

"What the hell!?

"Ah, that's good! There are also recording balls for recording 'Purification', so use Soytz to take a perfect photo!

"If I submit that to HQ, it might be awesome and interesting!?

"The guys at HQ made the mistake of stretching it to the memorial and decorating it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Memorial Museum" is officially "Yushi Shinjo Kinkin", the Brave Pure Achievement Memorial.

It is a place where true photographs and materials of records were collected, where the brave men 'purified' the pagans.

The instruments of torture used for beheading, as well as the true photographs (shanks) of the moment when they were actually used, are greatly stretched out and exhibited.

Incidentally, the School of the Brave has become one of the places where you are bound to go on a study trip.

"Shoben said...!? Don't be silly!"

"Oh... that's what I've been doing. It's like!

"We're not filthy heathens! He's a proud god tipper!

The 'life-grabbing', including the captain, categorically refused, but as soon as they were slightly lowered and scalped,

"Higi, no, no, no, no, no!?"

"I'll do it! I'll do it uuuuuuuuuuuu!!

"I'll do it! I'll do it! Don't lower it, hey, hey, hey!

There's also jitter, lightly grate chuck.

And all three, breathe perfectly.

Turn your face, all at once.

Water Discharge "Hydro Discharge" Eh...!

... Bubba Bubba Bubba...!

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

"Whoa, it's not a facial rash. Yikes!

"Look, Peacepiece! Yes, cheese!

Look at your former bosses and seniors, smiling and drenched in dirty liquid...

"Those who hold life" ecstatic.

Because he held a serious secret, he was beginning to develop a sense of destiny like a community.

"Wow! They're like oppressed trash in the Shinkansen squad!

"This is what we can do for the rest of our lives!

"Wow, if we put Koitsu and the others on a good footing, we're in the 13th Squad...... no, maybe we can get to the top of the god tip group!?

Unparalleled by a heterogeneous' purification ', joy blossoms among the young.

... Harari.

A true photograph falls out of the captain's chest pocket, as if a flower of a different kind had been found.

One of the young men picked it up when it came to flickering.

It was... a photograph of the captain, taken with his family.

Even if he belonged to an assassination group, he was still a parent.

There is a madness mixed whisper, as if there has been a new abuse.

"Uh-huh! Look at that! Here!"

"Hey, is that the captain's family!?

"Usually I'm on top of Buddha. I didn't know it was funny with such a rash!

And it was only for a moment that I came to the thought of a cat who found bonito.

"Come on, your wife and daughter, you're a mess beauty!

"Yes, because of this, so let's let these women see the same!

"That's right! Much better than a guy like this, Shomben!

"Me, my youngest, stay in Harlem!

"It's sloppy, I was thinking the same thing!

"I'm going to throw it away if I do, so I'll do it to you then!

And it didn't take that long to realize that not only bonito, but also a good squid cutlet was at the table.

"Well, wait! You're not the only captain with a daughter!

"Oh, shit! To the other two, I just...!

"We're holding his life just like that! You mean you can let the family of Soviets go, too!

"Yes, yes! Until now, the heathen family will be free! Natural rights......!

... Shh!

Unexpectedly, laser-like silver flashes tore the darkness apart.

...... Gatsch!

"Hagu!?" "Ugh!?" "Gigi!?

Simultaneously foreboding, "The Grippers".

It was in their groin......

... for infiltration, hook nails...!?

Iron claws that I grasp like tiger claws.

There's a thin wire connected there, like a spider's thread...

No, the "gripped ones" turned into the "grippers"...!

They used to turn the 'grippers' into the 'gripped ones'...!

"You really pissed us off...!

"And you seem to have forgotten...!

"That the three of us are famous for our hook nails...!

"And then you got too well, and you didn't seem to notice...!

"That we had our hearts together, just as your hearts have become one...!

"At the same time, we asked you for a chance to grab your Kintama...!

"Whoa, don't move! Move and we'll pull the wire!

"What do you think would happen if I pulled the wire now that the hook claws are eating into your quintamas......!?

"Instead of Harlem closing the store, we're gonna leak the blood shomben...!

Position, reversed......!?