"I hear the second squad has been hit. In the enemy's trap, three were beheaded, three were torn from their groins, and they were wiped out. Besides, they all get dirty graffiti all over their bodies while they're naked...... It is struck from above with something like a whip, and further painted with something like salt...... I get stuffed with foreign objects such as tree branches, stones, and worm carcasses in my mouth and ass...... He said he was dying of incontinence with the same expression he touched."

"What kind of trap could I get into that kind of way of dying?

"Odd, you must have been alarmed"

"The first and second squads were a collection of immatures, even in the 13th squad."

"Oh, they kept pulling my legs, so I'm sorry I'm gone."

"Explorer, that's what Mr. Gorgon has in mind, and maybe he's thinking about this operation."

"Don't say anything rare. More than that, it's time for our three squadrons."

The squad leader, who received a message from the raven (crow), said as he pulled the mask up to his mouth.

"From now on, we will no longer belong in this world. It becomes part of the earth, it becomes the night dew of the leaves, it is not seen by anyone, it is not understood, it ascends to the top of the mountain like smoke. It's time to come back to the world again, when you're out of line with the wild dogs."

Even that voice is already so insignificant that it can be swept away by the wind at night.

The three squads of the Shinsengumi 13th Squad are particularly well equipped to infiltrate.

It's not like they haven't made a sound, it's not like they haven't made a sign.

It becomes only natural and one, and we specialize in pseudomorphisms to the environment.

The talk is like the sound of a bug, and the trees that sway as you travel are like birds passing by.

It's like an Asagao twat wrapping around a well......

Let none of the men of that house notice until morning….

To the water to death, invite...!

A herd of wolves lived in the mountains appeared before three squads that crawled slowly like Namekuji.

But with infiltration professionals, just a slight detour, the wolves won't even notice.

The wolf is nocturnal, so the night is also dazzling.

However, Livolve's cutting-edge camouflage clothing (Gilly Suit) has an invisible (Invisible) magic training, making it impossible to capture it with the naked eye.

Three more squads were taking courses under the wind, so they also deceived the wolves in their sense of smell.

They arrive at the point where there would be a trap, which was written in the scripture.

So one notices the anomaly.

"... what...?

"What's wrong?

"No, my eyes are kind of dazzling"

"You, too, actually. Me too."

"There's no discomfort or pain... I feel like I'm wearing sunglasses even though it's kind of the night"

"Maybe the drugs are sprayed"

"Okay, you wear goggles. Don't forget to use the potion."

Kasumi's eyes are much softer when she looks at the potion that is supposed to help with any injury for emergency treatment (First Aid).

Squad 3 to resume moving again.

I was held back from going to a huge bug plant flower garden, which is going to eat people too, but they poke around without detouring.

The eating plant that even if the little bird just took the top, the big mouth opens and it packs and swallows.

The more you open your mouth, the easier you eat, the more your favorite humans are passing by, the less responsive you are.

Even the plant's ability to perceive can deceive them......!

But here again, there is an anomaly.

"... wait a minute"

"What? What are you talking about?

"Wait a minute."

"Am I right? You have a low voice, I can't hear you"

"No, if I turn it up any louder, I can't simulate it"

"What!? What!?

"Shh, be quiet!

The crew members, who find it difficult to communicate verbally, communicate with each other by hand sign.

"There's an anomaly, there's a wind, but there's no sound."

"Same situation here"

"Hearing abnormalities"


"Another anomaly in the sense of smell."

"I don't smell insect plants"

"Is that a trap?


"Unlikely trap"

If a trap is set for the purpose of repelling an intruder into the mountain, it is normal to give priority to doing damage to those caught rather than taking away the five senses.

Some hands drive the five senses crazy and keep them from enlightening the bigger trap......

Regardless of the underground labyrinth (dungeon), which has limited routes, it is difficult to imagine doing such laborious things in vast mountains.

When I took the potion, I felt a lot of hearing and smell back.

Squad 3 restarts the trip every time.

From above their heads, there's a fun voice like music in heaven.

It was a flesh voice, but it has not reached their ears already.

"Hey, Luke, why are these kids crawling around? Does it hurt even in your stomach?

"These people seem to be troops who specialize in secrecy."

"Ohmitsu? Then Pull, I love that it's full of acorns!

"That's Amitsu, isn't it? Luke prefers scraps...... Besides, secrecy is about traveling unnoticed by the enemy. And as Pull can tell," That's it. "

"Oh, then I know! What? Could these kids be 'right here' with this?

"I say humans get 90% of the information out of their sight, so I guess they're still going to be hiding"

"What!? If this were you, the kids who were hiding in purgatory with Pull would be less noticeable!?

"Not even dimensional and space-time transcends the purgatory."

"So, why are these kids here until they look so good?

"You must be trying to assassinate my Lord."

"Amsa Tsu? Then Pull, I love that it's full of acorns!

"... Is that possibly about Amen Donuts? It's a lot farther...... not in any case. It's about sneaking off enemies."

"Oh, I don't think you like that very much"

"But isn't Pull doing it now"

"What, is this play, Amsa Tsu?

"Yeah. 'Sneaking to kill' is only the definition of a human being, and finally killing to be unnoticed. No matter how bold and flashy you behave, if no one notices, it's 'assassination'"

"Phew. But these kids, their eyes, their ears, their noses are almost gone, and they're so dull they don't even notice."

"They say that if we cut the human nerve a little bit without pain so that they don't notice, the brain starts to supplement the information"

"My wrist and ankle tendons are cut, too."

"You'll notice that if you try to get up. I think it's a problem before that because my other half is uncomfortable. Now it's Pull's turn."

"Hmm, there's no way I can hang up without being noticed anymore -!"

"If it's just one of the optic nerves, you may not realize it yet."

"I don't know, then... Yikes!

...... Patung!