Time returns a little, and the evening darkness looms' Mountain of the dwelling of God (Sin Itomrau) '.

Osama, a wild dog mask, and Chesna, a dog-eared girl, sat on a rock in front of a cave.

"Today, let's make it an iron plate grill"

To Osama's word, Chesna said, "Wow!" And he lifted up his hands, and responded,

"Teppanyaki, is it?

He was wearing a small neck right away.

"Yeah, stone plate grill to be exact, though."

The wild dog mask took Akura, and the rocky table where Chesna was sitting was flat, but even smoother than that.

There was a fire underneath, twisting up the mirage heat.

"We use this baked tablet to cook and eat all sorts of ingredients."

A wild dog mask is a shellfish the size of a tree in one hand and an excess in the other.

When he opened the shellfish without difficulty, he chose the contents and dropped them on the tablet.


For the first time, a puffy white body dances with salivating aromas and sounds.


Already at this point, 'Absolutely good one or...!' and Chesna embarking on herself.

"Try not to touch the tablet because it's hot," Osama said to her as she quickly dripped yodale across the hot air.

"This is a 'hottie' picked in the underground waterways of this mountain"

It's about twice the size of a regular hottie. That's like pudding.

It's supposed to be a pretty fancy ingredient, but it strips one at a time at all costs.

By the way, if you eat at a hotel on this island, it's a silo thing that will charge you an amount of money that your eyes are going to pop out with just one.

On a white streak of mountains, add butter next.

It melted with heat, but when I touched the tablet, what a lovely aroma aroma arose.


Chesna gets fluttered and kneeling so that she ascends with the smell.

A dreamy look.

But by a new surprise, it will disappear.

When the wild dog mask takes out another piece of wood bell,

... Kang! Kakakakakakakakakakakakakaka!

He began to hit the tablet as he carved his rhythm with a drumstick.

Between the creepy sounds, whisk the hotties up and turn them upside down.

I wonder if I've turned my hand around my back, and a bamboo made condiment holder flies in circles from my opposite shoulder.

Sprinkle the black liquid inside with one hand whilst handballing the wooden straw and seasoning holder......

... jwowwwwwwww!

It foams violently on the stone slab, filling the area with a burning fragrant smell of soy sauce.

Chesna, at first, was kyotong as a chabon ball could be played in front of her, but to cook Osama, who curled like a street art,

"Wow!? Whoa!? Ugh!?

I got busy looking around with Kyotokyoto, like a kitten waving a jab, like two eyes weren't enough.

Osama cuts into easy-to-eat sizes while she's selflessly obsessed with "wow."

"It's the first item," Hottate's Buttershow Grilled ". 'Shoyu' is a seasoning for the Sibukami country, but fish soy made from fish, not soybeans, so I think it fits the mouth of the Wild Tail one. Watch out because it's freshly done and hot..."

They put it on a wood plate and offered it to me. And I just ate it, hash!? and jumping up Chesna.

I was desperately hoof-fucking and happily cheeky.

Chesna is the first to eat something seasoned in 'Shaw 'il'.

A unique creamy flavor of scallops for a dull and relaxed look......!

Plus, the rich, intense salting and reduction that makes fish soy unique goes hand in hand...!

As if the whole body is happy, the hairs are so upside down when you creep in, shock......!

"Wow... wow!? Yummy! Yummy so sooo!! I've never had shellfish so good, so sooo! Somehow, the...!

She was trying to express the thrill, in words, of her tail spreading wide...

It doesn't come to mind at all, after I let my mouth pound in all likelihood...

"And anyway, it tastes like kamisama, so sooo!!

"That's good. There are so many fresh and good quality ingredients on this island that cooking methods that allow you to enjoy the flavours of the ingredients as they are, more like stone roasting than elaborate cooking, fit together. Then I'll make a second item, so eat it."

"Wow... Wow!

The next thing they put on the tablet was a round-cut raw squid.

Osama juggles several bamboo barrels as he stirs it up all the time.

Pa, pa, pa, and seasoned with all sorts of seasonings.

I want to eat Chesna but I want to see it, I want to see it but I'm very busy wanting to eat it.

Where squid has been tinted, Osama puts in something like white, shrunken noodles.

Relax on the tablet and jump it up into the universe with a wooden slab.

"Oh, is that...!?

"Yes, it's a noodle made of potatoes called 'potatoes'. Wild Tail eats a lot of meat and fish and doesn't seem to eat much grain and vegetables, but I hear only this potato eats a lot during festivals, etc."

Osama punches black liquid, even though he says so.

But that's a lot more than the show we had earlier,

... jwowwwwwwww!

It smells like spices that irritate your nose, like you're starving from the side you're eating......!

"Wow......!? Wowwwwwwwwwww!?!?

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ~!!

The girl who accidentally removed the plate, her belly rattled.

But the sound was not one.

... Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...!

and also from around the foot of the mountain.

Chesna is like waking up from a dream, ha!? and turn to the sound.

"Yikes, I just got something screaming!?

"I'm sure the animals and monsters that live in this mountain smell like this tablet roast, and they want to eat it."

Of course that's not true, but that's all Osama's stone plate grill was convincing.

And then, if the girl's innocence adds up...

"Ugh!? I can't believe animals and monsters make you roar, too. That's right, because you're a scab!

"Yes, second item, it's a squid roasted noodle noodle"

... heyyyyyyyyy...!

"These mountains look delicious, too!

...... Higaaaaaaah......!

"Potato frittery is just the way it was when we were at the Wild Tail Festival!

... Shh, shh, shh, shh...!

And when the roar that came from the foot touched the sound of the storm of Osama's trees, it was as if it were a festive hare.

The girl pins her dog ears, closes her eyes and thinks of the old days.

"When I do this, it's like... it's like I'm at a festival!

... Take-ya-ya-ya-yay...!

And I scraped the roasted noodles like I bought them at the nightclub as a twirl and clawed my tail.

"Ooh... it's delicious! Um, Kamisama...! We want to do the festival again someday! Together... a festival for you!

A wild dog mask that was making a third dish in a motion that looked like playing on top of a jaguar.

"I'm not a god... I'm sure there will be another day when we can have a festival. After the cleaning of the" Domestic "we're doing."

The voice was quiet, back-to-back with the intensity of slapping a rampaging drum.