Even the silhouette revealed the evil of his identity, a beastly young man, climbing one of the mountain paths of the Midnight Sin Itmulau.

The missing dog ears moved irresistibly, shaking the upside-down tail of the hair, all over the head of the boss.

I wasn't frightened by the darkness an inch away.

Most of the mountain roads were deep woods with no moonlight, but for him it was a knowledgeable route, like getting out of bed in the middle of the night and heading to the bathroom.

A sign of excitement is the occasional fall.

Strongtanisi was desperately suppressing his desire to scream out unexpectedly.

- Shh... wow! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!

This is the main team of Shinsengumi...

Besides, Squad 13's, Squad 4...!

With all the fierce assassination swordsmen, I can't believe you're acting...!

Heh...! hehe hehe hehe hehe!

What the fuck! I was born, too!

Even so, there's no sign of anything but him around.

He himself, he couldn't believe it.

- Heh... heh! But really, are you following me from behind...!?

Instead of footsteps, I didn't even shake one leaf...!

On the contrary, it doesn't even make you feel signs......!

Even ghosts give out some more kanji...!

Actually, there's nobody out there and you're holding onto me!?

Strongtanisi put his hand on the goggles he had made him nostalgic, but he caught on the brink of trying to take them out.

If you hang that goggle and look back, even ghosts will happen to emerge.

It is a magic item that identifies the people in the squad, handed over to them to guide them through the fourth squad.

But the only time I could use it was in an emergency, and if I accidentally used it, I would fly my neck... and the squad leader was giving me a horrible push.

- Heh... heh!

How much was threatened, only the moment of wild dog assassination coincides and I will worship you with this eye at all costs......!

'Cause you never get another chance like that!

Nobody saw the assassination of Kamikaze Squad 13, Squad 4...!

Because if we have witnesses, we're talking about killing even unrelated women and children relentlessly!

Such an outer sword, the food of Lord Strongtanishi, who strives for this mightiest brave man!

Besides, I crossed with the Cy Crops bastard, and the strength of the wild dog bastard is now clear...!

Hehe! While I'm at it, I'm in a delicious position!

Just to show you around, you can worship God's Spirit Sword in the best seats!

If the wild dogs survive, I will continue to meet with all kinds of swordsmen...

But if the main unit of the Divine Spirit Group, that's also the 13th Squad of Death, it'll be over.

Strongtanisi muttered the song as he walked, naturally.

The squad leader tells me to "behave naturally, just like when I'm always coming to this mountain," so I can't even blame you.

I rang at night, I rang without a voice.

Somebody's gonna die.

I flew at night, I flew without sound.

They're coming.

If you don't tighten the door, turn off the lights.

Still wasted, still wasted.

'Cause they said there was no sound.

He said he'd slip through the wall and get off the roof.

We have to die, we have to die.

Whoever listens to them will have to die.

The crying child dies, so does the ringing dog.

So don't look, don't touch, don't get involved.

The vault has no neck, the grave mosses.

Wear a futon and breathe away.

Squad 13 is the use of Reapers...

No one can escape.

This is the song of the royal bard, who was slain by the thirteenth squad overnight all the men of the castle.

He himself grabbed the pen he had finished writing this word, and was desperate.

Originally, it is Squad 13, which leaves no trace of 'work', but at this time he dared to leave words in order to make the world aware of the fear of the Divine Spirit Assassination Squad.

Squad 13, a presence that left so many anecdotes behind and scared away from everyone, was also one of Strongtanisi's yearnings.

- Heh!... If you're scared, you can't be naked by anyone...!

Being plagued by irrational violence or being unilaterally afflicted......!

Killing the ones you love is gone...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

At the same moment, near the top of the mountain.

Apply an agua and sit in front of a heated tablet, a wild dog mask.

Only a few light sources.

Only the flames under the stone slab illuminate about a meter in front of the wild dog mask with a hint of orange.

What's floating up there is the girl's happy sleeping face.

"Munyamunya... Kamisama... I can't take it anymore..."

Other than that, the surroundings are darkness like an abyss you can't get out of once you get in.

Grass trees are also in a quiet space, speaking of sounds......

Burning boil and easy sleep.

The sight that was spreading in front of the wild dog mask was all as tranquil as the deep sea.

But behind him, silence and silence like a black hole.

And such as were born out of the wind pit of darkness.

I didn't know the look on the face of the wild dog mask, but it doesn't move like I'm putting Zazen together.

Only my shoulders are slowly up and down, and I'm so calm that I think I'm already asleep.

Eventually, the wild dog mask began to move slowly to row the ship as it lifted the trees over the slab.

... sari, sari, sari...

The sound of burning peeling off mixes with the burning sound of firewood.

After cleaning the surface, the oil in the bamboo cylinder was draped onto the stone plate.

When applied and stretched out, white smoke fluttered up.

Even though only one guest is already asleep, preparing the iron plate is….

Are you expecting a new guest?


Is it the beginning of his evening meal?

Either way, Osama doesn't seem to notice those standing behind him.

Even though Osama already has a dagger close enough to touch the hairline, like the sickle of the reaper.

There is no longer a factor in the failure of Kamikaze Squad 13, Squad 4.

The wild dog (target) is already completely packed (checkmate).

A wild dog (target) is not a famous general or a swordsman heard next door.

I don't have a general star who just won't be scratched in the neck, or the divinity to perceive killing.

I don't care what you think, it's just Osama.

Wearing a wild dog mask, it hurts Osama.

Hilariously, the corporate effort is also tearful Osama, who stands in a nightclub stall wearing a wild dog mask to make the kids popular......!

It was only a matter of time before he took it off, even at a time like this, which separated the contents from the torso.