The final blow of Squad 4 is always insignificant so that the breeze blows through.

It's like blowing a candle fire lightly out of the world.

Many of the blown away are beheaded from behind...

Know your final period with a sword flash passing through your floating neck in the universe.

And here's another, fading flame.

...... hoo!

This sound was not the usual blown away sound......

Osama just moved a little.

There has never been any change of philosophy before, when he...

He didn't move anything except slowly raising or lowering his shoulders...

Even if Buombuon and the loud featherworms want to be on your face, don't pay them off......

Even if you get your skin stung by ticks and stinging bugs, you don't even beat it......

I did nothing, he......

Like a immortal who accepts all things in this world, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is, there is...

I should have just been standing there...

Only the Sickle of Reaper, as it was used from every other generation.

released without any sign, only against the white blade,

...... ska!

And he leaned his neck only so tightly that he left a piece of skin behind.

He became the first person to worship a sword flash from behind without his neck flying.

But with this alone, a miraculous coincidence, or not necessarily.

I don't even think I fixed Zazen because of his poor position.

At death, I can't help but say that I must have used enough luck to win the lottery privilege.

The assassin without appearance was unresponsive to the absolute blow, so "!?" He was peeling his eyes off.

Still, he is also a professional. Release a second blow with a sword that instantly returns.

But the wild dog mask was working at the same time.

A wooden fork I shook up twirled in his hand.

at the apex, gripped back against his back. When it was swung down to involve the darkness,

...... gussa!

It's more overwhelming than a professional second blow, piercing the back of the professional's hand.

The pros have a magic metal armor, but even that penetrated like tofu, pinching the bones of their fingers with a gap in the fork.

Pulling a fresh-pushed knife from his bare belly to take an organ (me),

... Shiru...!

and hands like the bowels of darkness are dragged out.

It was the first moment when the appearance of Squad 4, a professional of assassinations, was exposed in daylight by the hands of a third party.

Dim darkness though. One hand though.

For them, however, the same impact as the mites, thrown out in the illuminating sun......!

His hands stayed put, like Tobiuo, who accidentally jumped into a barbecue by the sea.


Pressed and scorched by burnt stone slabs......!!


A voiceless scream erupts violently.

Thin, dirty smoke and a burning smell of skin emerge from his dying spider-like hands.

"Phew!? Phew!? Phew, nooo!?

The shadow... No, that person, who is no longer one man, squeezes his tears and tries hard to pull his hand off the tablet.

Not only did he step on his flesh-corking hand, but he grabbed his wrist with one of his open hands and pulled it in as far as he could.

But I won't let it be slight......!?

Osama only has one hand.

Even though only a degree of force that is lightly dampening the winder rolling on the iron plate seems to be putting it in......!?

Also, the wind went out.

...... Humph!!

Another shadow, not the neck, but now the back.

Osama is sitting in an attitude of not being able to move quickly, so it is impossible to make this blow.

But Osama grabbed a fork as long as his grandson's hand, which was lined up beside him.

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Like scratching my back, I wanted to take the blade......!

And as I pulled out the sword that was on my back, I pulled out my grandson's hand with a sledge,

... Dossssssss!

Poke one over your shoulder so you can poke your opponent across the fuso...!


A shadow that is choosen in the stomach and glares forward in exhalation.

A black-crushed face rides Osama's shoulder disappointingly.

That's not the end of it, of course.

When Osama grabs the man's collar, he lifts his opponent's body so that he makes a back throw.

It's not the back that beats you. It's not a tatami or anything like that.

The man's face, stone slab...!

...... gosha!!


My nose is crushed and my entire face adheres to the burning stone.


It's like wearing a burnt iron mask, enough to boil your eyeballs, you're exposed to austere heat...!

As if peeking into a warp hole, it was a pile of blame ahead......

Just one foot faster on my face, as if I had reached hell......

"Funguu!? Funguu!? Funguu!? Funguuuuuuuuuu!?!?

The man sprinkled like crazy.

But I can't get away with it because I have my back of my head held up by Osama like a water blame......!

The four squadrons still lurking in the darkness are frightened for a moment by a move that doesn't seem like Osama's human being.

But when I make eye contact, I jump at the same time.

It was also the dawn of the fiercest but quieter battle in man's world.

Osama released the hand and face he was baking, grabbing a bamboo cylinder with seasoning,

... bah!

and swung behind his back.

"Phew!? Whoa, whoa, whoa! haha!?

Occasional shadow.

One of them is grabbed by his grandson's hand by his collar and dragged out again.

Osama manipulated his grandson's hand like a fishing rod, like a single fish......

Like a back throw again, slap it on the tablet......!


From the sight of it, it just seemed like a barbecue joke DQN jumped into the iron plate.

"... heh!? Heh!?

Strongtanisi, who was peeking at the state of it from the bushes away from the rocks, was inadvertently leaking his barbaric voice.

Take out the forbidden goggles, trying to give him a good look at what's going on in that dim darkness.

Although I hesitated for a moment, I said, "This is an emergency!" I tell myself to wear it all at once.

And finally, I couldn't contain it.

"Become, what!? Arghhhhhhhhhh!?!?