The goggles are embedded with blue demonic stones, which, when worn, give them the same color of vision.

Like the bottom of the ocean, a space with deep swarms of blue.

Its center is bright in water color, which is blurry because of the light source.

And there were... men intertwined like algae.

With Strongtanisi's naked eye, I couldn't see anything but Osama, but at the time of goggling, I found out that as many as nine men were behind them.

"Yu... of ghosts, who are you and who are you?"

But for the Wild Tail youth, it was more shocking than that......

He was the figure of Osama, who was able to prevent all nine knives with only two grandchildren's hands.

The men in black said they were being slashed from Osama's back.

Besides, he said he was holding the pattern with both hands and putting in the rigging and force.

Osama was taking the assassination sword as if he were scratching his back...!

It is, nevertheless, like the old sword saint who is entangling and capturing the tail of a nine-tailed demon fox.

"Become, what!? Arghhhhhhhhhh!?!?

An assassination group that flies even simultaneously to the voice of a darkening young man.

Still, Osama kept his back turned,

... sooo...

and quietly put his grandson's hand back in front.

Naturally, in front of Osama, there is no one but sleeping Chesna.

All enemies are scattered fan-shaped in the rear 180 degrees of darkness.

If it's meant to be, it's not if you're sitting back relaxed.

It is natural to get up and turn quickly and confront the werewolves.

But Osama remains seated.

I don't even tilt my neck to look behind me.

On the contrary, I didn't know that even the emotions that protected us would point us in a direction without enemies......

"Heh...... hen!? hey...... what, that wild dog......!? Why is there so much room for the Shinsengumi assassination squad to take my back? Could you surrender?

That was an impossible answer for both wild dogs and assassins.

...... Shah!!

Three black outfits flying up without sound are slashed in a row.

"Oh, is that...!? Assassination sword 'Kaijus'......!? The three of us are attacked simultaneously and slashed...! If it's not the sword of the 13th Squad, even a machete is inevitable, and that's the third in a row...! Even a pretty swordsman can do the best he can with a katana......! None of the rest of the guys who got their machetes ripped off once...! Besides, the blade is poison painted, so even if you just cuss it, you go to the afterlife...! Wild dogs, I'm off all day......!

A sword flash pouring down like a meteor.

But Osama stays nagging.

"Ki...... decided......!?!?

But I didn't see it.

Young people and those who are under attack.

My grandson's hand is as fast as a blind living master...!

... Gah!

Grab the collar of the first black outfit in the repetitive part ahead.

Turn the trees across the rock, as if you were swinging on a fishing pole as it were.

... Pooh!

And threw away the body I grabbed.

The following two eyes also match the same eyes with the hands of the grandchildren who are wearing them.

Turned into human rockets, they collided with Ogi and hit him hard all over his body.

Sticked to the trunk, drifted off.

The last one who was flying was so wolfy in the air that he didn't think he was an assassin.

Anyway, I was held up high in the hands of my two grandchildren...

High altitude pile driver from top rope to off-site……!

Off-site is a stiff stone, but also an Atsuatsu, and if it can also be a body made face down......!

The vertical falling black outfit tries to spare only the worst with both hands as the last resistance.

But even that was paid off at the hands of his grandchildren,

...... Gusha!!


Face dancing baking......!

But no more screaming.

Because his neck was already bent in an impossible direction.

"Su...... wow!? Instead of avoiding 'The Mayhem', I didn't expect to fight back......! I knocked all three of them out too...! Even assuming they do, either the Devil's Sword that can make all three of them plenty, or the Great Magic that can blow them away...! Anyway, I can't do it without a hell of a firepower...! But instead of using his sword, he only had two of them...!?

Not only were the young men who were sticking their faces out of the bush for this, but the assassins just as well were peeling their eyes.

I can't help it.

Because as many as three hand-worked people were instantly hit by daily necessities.

But...... only one of them, one frown, did not move.

It's another summit, a little further from the summit where the quiet death battle was taking place.

He was the one who gazed quietly at the sight of the monocular ladder.

His assassination of a wild dog mask is as easy as combing his dog's hair.

During the day today, I tried to snipe simulate a wild dog and a girl in the rocks in front of the cave when they were working defenselessly, but they pierced their eyebrows without even being noticed 333 times out of 333.


From the rocks with the wild dogs to the sniping point where he is, he is 200 meters away.

If it is a place of a flat continuation, you may find it even if it is so far away......

He wears the latest camouflage outfit (Gilly Suit) deployed from Rivolve while he is lost in the woods.

Even if Osama were a Masai, it would be impossible to see him.

But he was cautious, so he didn't move the sniper to execution, he waited for the night.

In sniping simulations of wild dogs and girls enjoying stone slab burning defenselessly on a rocky setting at sunset, they captured all 333 of 333 frowns.


The darkness of the night is deep, of Sin Itomrau, where deep clouds gush over the sky.

Even if Osama had a thousand eyes, it would be impossible to realize they were after him.

But he was so cautious that he did not transfer the sniper to execution, but waited for his men to arrive.


This is how he does his' work '.

Allow your men to attack and distract the target.

Create and snipe moments when the target himself never realizes he's being targeted.

If it was meant to be, it would be better if the target didn't move...

Being as professional as he was, hitting rates and such no longer mattered.

No matter how hard they moved, they were confident they would just pierce their eyebrows.

It should be noted that in sniping simulations since the start of the battle with Squad 4, all 333 of 333 shots were shot through the brow.

Already, 999 exercises (practices).

And for the 1000th time, finally, I squeeze the trigger bent like a sickle of death to the end......

That was his, too, killing spree.

Osama still fights his men with the judgment of his superhuman grandson.

But even that, for him, is an event within the assumption.

For Gorgon, it was already just the life in his palm...!