Gorgon had his client prepare a new sniper gun every time he 'worked'.

He is captain of Shinsengumi, so he uses the latest cartridge-style sniper gun from the Death Dealer clan.

In this world, a cartridge-type sniper gun has a lot of bullets and a little shell, depending on the capacity of the gunpowder (higuri).

The gun body is therefore also quite large, like a machine gun, which cannot be held and used with both hands, and is a silo thing that needs to be installed.

For the Divine Spirit group, which turns many battlefields daily, we cannot afford to carry a large weapon.

For that reason, Gorgon also had sniper guns arranged locally.

It was him who used different guns every time he worked, but even if he changed the gun body, there was something in the parts that he would never change.

One, himself.

He integrates himself, even with new guns, like his partner, who has crept through a lot of training grounds with him.

Second, floor laying.

He always lays down and shoots, but never lays his body directly on the ground, always laying his favorite rug (rug) on top of it.

And now the monocular glasses (scope).

Take it off and put it back on, even if it was pre-attached to the gun you were given.

The reason is in the aimer (reticle) in the scope.

The aimer is usually something with a simple cross in the circle, as you can see in the center, but his was different.

Under the circle, the palm of the white bone offered.

That's all there is to it.

And whosoever is laid down in this scope shall literally live on his palm.


Is it more right that it is kept alive by him?

Any giant body, even Kui Wei......

Whether you are the Thousand Slasher Swordsman known as Shura or the King of the Great Powers known as the Devil......

Even they who unleash an aura like a giant, as one person, subside in this.

Human beings, if they die, are all the same, as if they were bones and ashes......

What is captured by Gorgon's scope becomes an equal handful...!

What was now being gripped was Osama, who was wearing a loose dog mask.

It unilaterally hurts Gorgon's men, back-to-back with its cloud-like appearance.

This was the first time the assassination of Squad 4 failed.

But the look on his face, the captain, is cold as if it were a mechanical trick.

Originally, the men of the Thirteenth Squad of the Kamikami Group were only one of a kind to hide the Gorgon.

To turn a sniper killing into a massacre at their hands.

The captains of the Divine Spirit group are also introduced in the textbooks of history used in the School of the Brave.

But he's not the only one there.

Gorgon wiped out even its existence with his own hands, ghosts (ghosts) ……!

No, even life is a god of death (Death Gods) with palms...!

His white-boned fingers were hit, a trigger bent like a sickle.

That's finally, at the moment of squeeze,


Only the air trembled.

The rug he loves has the effect of silence.

It was meant to interfere with the magic chant, but the effect was to turn off the sound of the firing.


The sound of metal cutting the wind moved from mountain to mountain,

...... BANG!!!!

And like a shot watermelon, the head of a wild dog mask explodes shatteringly, that moment.

In the scope, something too strange happened.

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

As soon as the wild dog mask shook off his grandson's hand in front of his face, like some kind of follow, the spark scattered.

Gorgon breathes without sound.

Thick eyebrows like seaweed, deep lines of decree like stabbing wounds, open into eight letters.

- Did you get a bullet?

... underdeveloped? Or, empty cannons?

Crushing in my heart, I get the bullets that were lined up beside me.

Check it out again, there's nothing strange about it.

- I checked this bullet thousands of times.

So it can't be a deficiency.

Pull the gun bolt and drain the pod.

Put the new bullet in the loading port and finish loading in a world without sound.

The second bullet that followed also captured the brow of the wild dog mask.

But now my face slipped sideways.

Behind it, his men, who are attacked, no matter how mundane, are in the middle of getting in line.

The black outfit, the identity of Squad 13, was no longer turned into a borough cloth.

They are all naked and peek at their keloidal skin from between cloths wrapped around them to the point of their apologies.

I'm sure I've been pushed over and over again by a burnt tablet.

It was loyalty to my boss, the captain, who was still pushing them against me, no matter how many times I was in return.

But ironically, they are by the bullets released by their bosses......

...... zpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Shot through the head, blast...!!


The Wild Dog Mask doesn't know I'm here.

I'm 200 meters away. You can't see me.

Yet you turned the bullet...?

Coincidence, or...?

Osama, in a tiny circle, never sees the Gorgon better.

He slowly collapsed the agua and stood up quietly.

At its feet, there are a bunch of pussy and smoke-raising burnt bodies rolling around.

Just then, a third bullet was flying in, but it also flies in a way that picks something up.

What Osama had in his hands was a handmade bow and arrow.

Turn your torso toward the direction where the Gorgon is, and it will fly in the starry sky.

And oh, my God, I bit the string off with my teeth.

Osama used the power of his chin to squeeze strings, like a smart wild dog, even though his hand was not injured.

Too, too unique a shot.

If there was anything in this world that would have served as a bow police force, it would have been a bold and invincible setup that would have led to the immediate arrest of the current offender.

But Gorgon was all the more open.

Always like a knife, with sharp, glowing eyes.

Never leak a word, a tied mouth.

Whatever happened after I became captain, I never collapsed, the dead face of my facial expressions...

He was making the leopard look like a painting... of shock!

- What about that setup...!?

...... cockroach......!?

... Bishung!

With a subtlety similar to the blink of the star targeted, the arrow was shot off.