From birth onwards, I continued to be a 'professional'......

Didn't dip twice in the same water production, and the milk always made the nanny taste toxic......

And by the time I could get up, I used a toy bow and arrow to practice 'hunting' on my servant......

It's all in the kill, too, to throw oneself...

A first-rate killer (hunter) gathered to join Shinsengumi...

So I was trained as an archer (Archer) before I realized it...

There were a lot of people around in their nearest years, but they were never buddies...

Tell yourself that a true archer is a lonely thing......

I have lived alone without getting used to anyone......

While I was doing that, Reaper leaned on me.

All my unleashed arrows hit the target to get sucked in.

The incompetent who hold a melee weapon in their hand and stick it into their target without thinking.

On the verge of them hitting the target, shoot through the target's head with an arrow......

Only making the incompetent feel at work was my only pleasure...

But...... only cockroaches......

Only that cockroach was different...

From my arrow, I survived all this...

He didn't really try to get into the range of bows and arrows.

Never approached a sniper around a simulated battlefield in the training field.

As the archers descend and go after him, they hide in the shield this time.

It minimized the area and time of exposure to the body as much as possible.

And sometimes he used crap that was in the battlefield to create crude bows.

Sometimes he picked up the off arrows and fought back against the trainees.

But he's a first-rate runner, but he's an amateur with bows and arrows.

I never hit a single shot.

But in any case, I was in a hurry about the emergence of an opponent whose arrows didn't work.

This may have been the only time I messed up, later or earlier.

But one day, in my dorm room, an unknown sender's letter was thrown in.

The existence of the letter has long been known as a rumor.

The director of the training ground wrote to the trainee anonymously.

In his position, he can't advise peeves, so he's sending them as anonymous letters to people with sights.

Whoever received this now, and followed what was written, was bewitched and headached.

Everyone who is currently fighting a great deal in the Shinsengumi group has received this letter.

The letter finally came to me, too.

What was written is a foolish guide to archery.

The letter arrived in several parts and, once the contents of the delivered letter had been put into practice, it was in the form of the following:

Apparently, the director takes a good look at my training every day.

I could still feel that I was born to be a 'pro'.

The letter was always composed of two pieces of paper and was about the 'right mind' and 'technology' in bowing.

I stopped reading early because the former had more of a sermon smell.

But the technical guide helped me a lot to level up my bow.

Archer moves quietly.

Lurk your breath and wait for your prey so that no one can understand your existence, "Jing".

Running through the woods on horses, hunting down prey, 'motion'.

I learned that it is the ultimate in archery to use these two separately according to the object to be hunted.

In the case of 'still', the root comparison with the prey. Never move from yourself, no matter how hidden your opponent is.

And a single shot, which becomes a factor of enlightenment of one's existence, must never be removed.

Be sure to prepare it for the perimeter in order to stop it with a single shot.

If they give me eight hours to cut down a tree, like I would spend six hours grinding it to an axe.

Overlap the simulation many times and imagine a single shot of success.

Once the image has been perfected, it will never be removed in real shooting.

In the case of 'movement', in tune with the prey. It unites with the breathing and legging of the prey, predicting where it will escape, and releasing arrows.

In addition to that, work with your peers.

If the target is a soldier, the head and torso are often protected by protective equipment.

That makes it difficult to inflict fatal injuries with bows and arrows.

But there is only one area where such opponents can easily target and also deal deadly damage.

That's Kakato.

Legs are more than impossible for humans to fly in the sky. Whether they are walking or running, only one foot must always be grounded to the ground.

Grounding means that regardless of the plane coordinates, only the height always comes at regular intervals, in a determined position.

The head and torso can crouch and change height, but no matter how low your posture, you can't just change the height of the kakato.

Hidden in the shadows, kakato is also one of the least attentive areas.

And above all......

The kakato on the back, even heavily armed soldiers, are often neglecting their protective gear.

It's an almost untargeted area, even in melee, so much so that some soldiers are bare beneath the calves.

The defenseless exposed area can also be considered a second heart.

But where it was pierced with arrows, it would not lead to instant death.

But but......

The mobility is significantly deprived.

That's where you live, working with your peers.

If you can shoot through the kakakato and make him unable to move, the rest makes it easy for your buddies to stab the todome.

... These teachings could have been called a revelation for my sniper life.

Because I could finally reward a cockroach whose arrows didn't even cassify until now.

But he was so busy.

Even if Kakato takes an arrow, he rolls over and avoids the attack of his followers...

At last, he crawled away with only the power of his arms.

I've hunted it down to a few more places like that, but the days continue to be discussed with my buddies' fuzziness...

I got it.

I don't need to work with my people.

Todome said it had to be me.

My buddy says he's only a throwaway pawn to give you the ultimate chance of my one-shot one-kill...

And one day, for my sniper life, I take the biggest turn.

That day he shot through a cockroach cactus with my arrow, and by chance where he crawled, a blow from his buddies hit his arm.

He broke one arm and could only crawl with his remaining arm.

That was exactly, like, a dying cockroach.

The trainees, who were hunting cockroaches, were enthusiastically wrapped.

Anyway, the cockroaches that have been so badly escaped from training so far were so weak that they could now catch up even on foot.

So... I...

I made my last decision before I had the biggest chance I ever had.

The tip of my arrow was next... not the head of a cockroach.

A sword or a stick that's about to crack its head open.


I shot all the people who were in that training...