I'm in training, get my buddies...

No, it was easy to finish throwing away pawns.

Anyway, we're all obsessed with cockroaches with deep hands.

Anyway, if I can stab a tortoise in a cockroach, I will be promoted to captain of Shinsengumi.

Normally, no matter how well you do in the training field, even your recommendation for a candidate for captain.

But if you can finish the cockroach, at that point, the training center will graduate and you can be captain at once.

Dreaming of a young elite, burning the abandoned pawns was easy.

If you shoot them through the back of the guys chasing the cockroaches, that's all they start to crack.

All you have to do is hide in the 'quiet' taught in the letter.

After a while, the number of discarded pawns targeting cockroaches is greatly reduced.

This tactic, by the way, was also taught by the letter.

If you sneak a crude arrow like the ones used by the goblins against a low brain, inferior monster's nest, such as Goblin, you start fighting each other on your own, misunderstanding that you've been hit by your people.

That's how the remaining discarded pawns......

No, it was easy for me at the time to get rid of the shallow goblins.

All that remains is cockroaches.

Desperately crawling away with only one arm as a non-simulated corpse rolls through the simulated battlefield.

I was behind him then.

Stand up and connect the last arrow that you will no longer even notice.

And I...

Sniper I made the last mistake in my life...

"Huh... die...!

I couldn't contain the excitement, and I broke the fabrication of my face...

It only distorted my mouth, but for me it was a laugh.

Naturally, the cockroach noticed, rolled over on his back and looked at me better.

His expression at the time was a masterpiece.

Blue in fear, frozen... cockroach crust, even tears...

But he still didn't seem to give up living.

He held a handmade bow and arrow against me with one hand and squeezed the string with his teeth.

Well, even at the bottom of hell, I still don't give up, and it's like a spider's thread.

And the arrow that was shot off,

... Bishung!

and sad wind incisions when it's just my shoulder...

I'll never forget it.

His last arrow never paid off for anything.


...... Bakinggh......!

Behind me, something sounded like I could play.

Looking back, Goblin, who wasn't dead yet, was trying to shoot me through the back.

The arrow from behind me almost pierced me.

But what an arrow the cockroach took off...

It was a miraculous coincidence and I was beating it down......!

I couldn't stop laughing.

"I can never kill... I grew up shaking a cradle in the hands of a reaper, because I was born 'Son of Reaper'...!

It is also a synonymous voice that is twisting around the belly, and after finishing the goblin behind him, he turns again to the cockroach.

... Then what do you think he said?

"I... I...! Fellow, I didn't teach you bowing to make you kill each other...!


The bell at the end of the training interrupted me and I didn't hear it very well.

I'm sure he was squeezing out even in the life begging dialogue.

I regret it.

If I had just had a little more time, I could have stabbed a toddler in the cockroach.

I turned my best chance into a hui with my own hands.

And that became the greatest regret for me.

If I hadn't laughed then, the cockroach wouldn't have noticed.

If cockroaches hadn't noticed me then, I wouldn't have had a waste of time either.

If I hadn't had a nasty time then, I would have been captain of the Divine Spirit...!

And I...

Sniper In my life, I made the last decision.

I searched the armory tent in the training area, the drugshelf for drama, and drank it all at once.

They burned my throat, and I lost my voice.

At the same time... emotions like remnants.

To be a true 'Reaper'...

To be a killing machine, I left everything that constituted humanity in the training ground.

After graduating from the training center, I took advantage of the bowing instruction given to me by the director and was active in the Divine Spirit Group...

Finally, he became captain of the 13th Squad.

As a sign of loyalty, I took the same drama pills as I had taken at that time for the crew members who became my men and for those in the fourth squad who were considered excellent among them.

By making me throw away my voice and emotions in the same way, I made it the best throwaway pawn ever.

I should have left my past memories behind at the training ground.

But as soon as I saw the target (target) setup today...

It all came back to those days at once.

But that arrow...

At that time, it was not the same as the arrow...

There will be no miracles.

Because there's a distance of 200 meters from the rocks on the top of the mountain where the target is, to the sniping spot where I am.

The maximum distance you can target with a bow is 70 meters.

Besides, there's only so much you can do that in the world that you can count with one finger.

Even if you use the finest bows and arrows with magic training, 100 meters is the limit.

The target bow and arrow is only as crude as the target bow and arrow was.

In that case, instead of 50 meters, it would be difficult to hit the target 30 meters away.

... so.

So this must be some kind of mistake.

A broken branch of a tree must have fallen by accident.

It's not the arrows that are stabbing me in the back of my hand.

It can't be an arrow.

I'm just having a long dream.

Put that in evidence, your body won't move.

It's common in dreams.

Wounds are often not deep either.

If you pull out the arrow and apply an emergency treatment (first-aid) potion to the wound, it won't matter.

No, it's a dream in the first place, so there's no need for treatment.

If you wait, then you'll wake up.

No matter how long that took, you just have to keep the teachings of 'Jing' as a sniper.

Because of that teaching, I have who I am now.

On the wound, a white grain of rice appeared.

Eventually it started moving and crawling around over the wound.

There are more featherworms.

Even if I try to pay, my body won't move.

But it was also in that teaching.

Like a rock, it doesn't move if it's hit by rain or if the bug stops.

It is only by becoming one with nature that a true 'quiet' is born.

The back of the arrow's stabbed hand was filled with surprisingly white rice grains.

My finger bones are peeled out.

To be one with the darkness, I dyed my skin black.

But it was a blind spot that there was still a white part.

When this mission is over, let's go black.

I've been a 'pro' ever since I was born.

That will remain the same.

Like breathing, I just kept carrying death.

Because that's why they started calling me 'Reaper'.