A series of murders that struck Graysky Island once again, restoring peace.

No, too many serial murders......!

Even in this major incident, the island became a poked hive.

Not only those who witnessed it on the beach, but also those who saw it far-flung in the hotel.

Rumors called for rumors, and the commotion extended to a wild tail settlement inland.

"Yikes... it's not hard!? Oh my God. Bye! Oh my God. Did you hear that, did you? I want to hear that!?

"Ah, I heard. I heard! I hear some of them actually saw it!

"Oh, I saw you! I've never seen such a creepy body of water before!

"I knew you were right! Master Shiranoshinyi is really angry!

"Oh! I am just one of Siranosiny-sama's heavenly punishments, 'The Dog God'......! I'll just leave my legs and sink them into the ocean and show them off, oops. Judgment!

"Besides, it looks like the brave men of Shinsengumi were in that" dog god "!

"I didn't know it would even happen to" The Dog God "following" Eighty Rift (Yazazaki) "by Sai Crops...! Oh, the grate, the grate...!

"Ah!? Look, look!

"A wild dog mask stands on the cliff of" The Mountain of God "!

"Next door, there's Chesna too!

The people of the settlement at the foot of Sin Itomrau pay attention to the cliffs of the wall.

There was Osama in a wild dog mask and a dog-eared girl in a witch outfit doing morning gymnastics in full of sunlight.

"YES...... you said there was a 'dog god' judgment......!? Last night, the brave men in the mountains said they were all dead...!?

"Why is that wild dog mask all right? Chesna is not a witch yet..."

"Ma... no way, that wild dog mask...!?

"Meh... don't say anything rare! Around this bee!

"So, but wow, that's crazy! I can't believe that only that wild dog mask and Chesna by your side are safe!

"Oh, yeah! And not since that wild dog mask came!? Master Sin Itomurau got angry with......!

"Ma...... no way......!? No way, no way......!?

The Wild Tails look up at the cliff again.

There's a wild dog mask, exercising backstretches.

I don't care what you think. I just look like Osama the weirdo, rather than God.

But that's the other way around Mysterious.

No one was yet aware that that clouded face was unknowingly entering the gap of the mind.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

In those days Rivolve's mansion was surrounded by sinking air.

My son Lotus Notes is all pale as an ice statue.

Even though she is still young, she brightens her hair and keeps giving her unintelligible groans in the mansion's infirmary bed.

Eighteen bodies were found in the pool in most cases.

From the numbers, I had a bad feeling about Revolv......

It was confirmed that the bodies were of the 13th Squad of the Kamikami Group, Squads 3 and 4.

"... too much in the 'death' even in the narrow space. Not really, they called me Reaper... I didn't know they were going to step off their legs."

Even if you try to tap it lightly, it won't clear your mind this way.

Because I've been trampled with so many things that he cared about.

One is affection.

The corpse has shown itself to the book at an early age and has educated his son himself to be interested in creating it.

Because it is not the "weapon" or the like that is created by the Brave Woman.

Because Rivolve thought mass producing the 'death' that lies ahead was the key.

To avoid losing his sense of balance as a creative brave man, Rivolve finds himself in the "Narrow Room".

I was going to let my son do that eventually.

We were almost there until we reached that area...

I grew up so fast that I straightened out the young buds, I almost had a place called buds......

It was planted next to it, as if to inhibit flowering......

Weeds in the name of trauma!

Nothing but a young son was wounded in the heart.

Of course his mother, so did he himself.

Whatever it is, it's not the same as a horse raging all over the city.

It's not like a dead body floated on the beach.

I thought it was safer than anywhere else in the world, of my own mansion...

In what can be termed the main circle of the godtip group, where strict security is laid….

My uninformed body was created...!

And it's not wild tail, it's the god tip group's own......!

… This is arguably some kind of message.

Ts gi ha o ma e da

"... Dear Revolv, Dear Revolv!?

My men stood saluting him before him when he returned to me.


"Ha! I am a visitor to Master Rivolve! It's a wild tail to call Strongtanisi!

"Thru na"

According to the story of the visiting Strongtanisi, Squad 4 was hit by a wild dog mask.

"Well, that's Revolve's husband, I can't believe it. So come on! The bastard in the wild dog mask, dealing with as many as nine people in the fourth squad, just two grandchildren's hands......!

"That's enough. Was the sniper nah when the Wild Dog Mask and Squad 4 were fighting?

"Heh, sniping...?

"... no, I don't care about that either, Na. The answer is one more thing than the Divine Spirit team is dead and the Wild Dog Mask is alive. No matter how hollow your eyes are, no matter how holla your mouth blows, no matter how wild the dog mask was just a wild dog, na......!

There is only one option left for Rivolve.

Of wild dog masks, slaughter......!

Even if the Wild Dog Mask was just Osama, brought up by the Wild Tails...

Whatever you do, exterminate...!

It's a ridiculous story that can't even be in the fairytale world, such as Osama style confronting the Divine Spirit, but we need to do everything we can to deal with them.

Because there are two reasons for that.

There will always be a pursuit from the upper brave ranks beyond being wiped out of an elite army.

If you are asked how many people you are,

"I was just hit by Osama. Hey, I'm here. Nah."

And so on, because there's no way I can report it.

That's why we need to tailor Osama to someone in the Sword Saints class who deserves to be defeated by the Divine Spirit.

And secondly, a combination with time.

Recently, the enlistment ceremony of the Divine Spirit group will be held in the "Square of the Spirit of God" on the island.

This is such a big event that it is now happening on the continent that the Congregation for the Virgin is unbeatable.

After the Congregation of the Virgin Mary, the brave upper management and royal officials of the great powers visit here as is the majority.

From this you will also see the high profile of the enlistment ceremony.

We can't leave the threat of wild dogs behind when the super-VIPs say they're going to visit the island.

The enlistment ceremony is headed by Revolv, so it was necessary to eliminate everything that was likely to cause concern by then.

By the way, at the ceremony, Chesna, a wild tail witch, is turned into a jerk.

And one by one, a new soldier stabbed a witch with the same spear as the statue of Godsmile in the square, and an event was planned to make a statement of determination.

The wild taylors gathered from the settlement are made to see how it is in the cage, reminding them that God is not Silanosinyi, but Godsmile.

That's why we need to finish the wild dog mask and get Chesna back by then.

So, uh, Rivolve flashed.

"... no, if you decide to call a wild dog mask 'god of wild dogs', you also stand an excuse for losing Squad 13... More live wild dog masks at the ceremony...... I can totally bust the faith of the wild dogs......! As for the ceremony show, it would be the best, nah......!

Osama, finally, to the god of God...?