Livolve, who has been executed like a pagan, for what could be termed the Tiger Son's Divine Spirit Team.

What is the action he has taken that has damaged his family even after he has once again trapped the island's tourism industry......!?

"Double push...! Wild dog, you made me mean it...! I'm the parent (dealer) of this island, Na...! Come on, even ass hairs, let's fit each other, nah......!

Livolve first strengthened his home security, arguably the heart.

His mansion is surrounded by castle-like exterior walls and weapons.

And in the deepest part of them, there is a mansion like the Temple of Heaven.

It's like a resort villa, but it's equipped enough to be capable of war, because if things happen on the continent, this is the one strategic hub.

On the north side of this island of Greyskay lies the bay of a continent that stretches across the sea and into bows, so you can stare at all of it.

For this reason, security was in full swing.

Hundreds of young people from the Divine Spirit group live in the castle section and are on watch in a 24-hour system.

That's the severity of not missing a single ant child, so even a legendary thief is impossible to break into, for example.

And if anything happens, it pops up like a tin bee, so I can't even get out of here.

In the past, there have been several instances of theft breaking and entering, all of which have been initiated and terminated by the hands of the guards without even being able to approach the mansion.

But it has become a thing of the past.

Anyway, I got snuck into a mansion that could be called Honmaru.

In the meantime, instead of getting something stolen, they left me...

I'm just crazy, a pile of corpses...!

This means that if the intruder cared about it, he could have scratched Livolve's sleeping neck as well.

Or this was also a great mystery.

Stolen objects usually break in in in with a light outfit and steal and escape uninterrupted precious metals.

But this time, they brought in as many as eighteen bodies.

Besides, while the Rivolves slept in the mansion, they snuck away.

This consists only of mythical thieves, artistic disciplines that even movers cannot use.

Rivolve increased the security of the mansion and laid a strict posture equal to martial law for the period leading up to the extermination of wild dogs.

And then, I started...

Of wild dogs, background checks......!

Rivolve abandoned the solitary theory of a wild dog mask.

Until the Eighty Rift Incident, I was skeptical, but was convinced in this Dog God Incident.

Behind the wild dog mask (back) is a large tissue......!

Absolutely impossible (impossible) on its own, such as destroying the Divine Spirit team alone.

And carrying a corpse alone is absolutely impossible (impossible).

Double Impossible decided that not only would the wild dog mask stand, but there would be companions in the city as well.

But the truth is, Rivolve had only one idea of who the wild dog mask was.

But he (●), whom he knows, is a dreamless Osama, a man who cannot possibly have done such a great thing.

There are two clues to a background check.

The first is a mask worn by a wild dog.

The second is a companion and a stubborn knight, who disappeared with a wild dog.

The former may not be a great tip, as he may have just worn the mask that was in its heel.

But the latter is a powerful clue.

Until now, all I had to do was sprinkle the arrangements.

And I was just letting patrols all over the city look for me with one hassle, but Livolve genuinely instructed me to search for a female knight.

Livolve's hand number still goes on.

Next, he issued an order to the settlements of the Wild Tails to touch the 'No Wild Dog Mask Prohibition'.

Among the Wild Tails, the wild dog mask is still deeply rooted in the perception of 'heck osama'.

But what would happen if they banned it as well as the 'silanosinyi' they profess?

Instead of pushing it, I didn't even care about stopping the switch at all, when they told me I shouldn't push it...

Suddenly I began to wonder, what makes me want to push is the thing called Humanity......!

"Ya... I knew it...! That wild dog mask......! No, Master Wild Dog Mask was sent by Master Shiranoshinyi, the use of God!

"Ki... I'm sure you will! Proof above all that the brave men rushed out to touch the eagles......!

"Even if you live in Sin Itomrau, you finally know why only that wild dog mask and Chesna are safe!

"Rather, that wild dog mask has been punished so far!

"Right, right, right! You must be!!

The settlers finally began to kneel and pray towards the cliff with the wild dog mask.

If this is a prayer for 'Siranosinyi', he will be executed as an act of pagan worship.

But Rivolve kept the divine tip group informed to look greatly at prayers for wild dog masks only.

Why, in as short a time as possible......

Specifically, to tailor the wild dog mask to the wild dogs' voices by the day of the enlistment ceremony of the Divine Spirit.

If the Wild Dog Mask were to be equal to God, or a cult patriarch, it would also make the face of being crushed by the Divine Spirit Team.

And at the enlistment ceremony, if you wear the captured wild dog mask...

Instead of witches, they will execute God himself, and the Wild Tails will be plunged into unprecedented despair.

The screams of the weeping wicked exalt the ceremony even this......

Appeal the pattern to the upper brave people….

Write-off of all previous failures…!

Livolve prepares for the final battle.

The next hand I hit was' No Port Entry to the Island '.

How dare he restrict access to the port in addition to departure?

Initially, when it came to limiting access to the port, it meant that tourists who could not enter the island would return with bad rumors and be damaged by the island's tourism industry, leaving only the port free to enter.

But things are different this time.

Wild dog masks are no longer just wild dog masks.

Anyway, if you feel like it, it turns out you're a strong opponent with enough tissue to install a mountain of water dead bodies all over the island overnight.

Fortunately, there are no bravest men or royalties on the island of Greyskay today above the Rivolves.

It's less risky to have dangerous terrorists back now than to invite them in poorly and stress them out.

But there is also a time limit that can be restricted.

Yes, up to a week before the enlistment ceremony of the Divine Spirit.

From there on, many brave men and royalty visit the island in order to attend the ceremony.

We need to finish everything by the time that rush begins.

There's still room for a few days before the ceremony, but I won't be alarmed.

Livolve cut another card before the "Big Best" he last refrained from.

A bold card about turning down all access from the outer sea and making the island completely isolated.

Besides, even the forbidden hand of reversing the orientation of the picture tag (picture) after cutting the card...!

Let this island, called "Paradise of the Brave", be reversed (reversed) like a tarot….

I turned it into "Paradise of Killing"......!