Rivolve cut some cards against the wild dog mask.

For those who knew someone in a wild dog mask, it was all about whether it would be an effective hit or suspicious......

If Rivolve had taken the report from Strongtanisi properly, it would have been different.

If I had determined that it was all in Osama's hands, I would have also been able to cut more different cards......

But you can't laugh at him.

Strongtanisi's report is more or less impossible to talk about, even if, to be honest, they say 'believe me'.

Let us now try replacing, by way of example, the report made by Strongtanisi to Revolv, with modern one.

"Heh, don't be surprised to hear!? The guy in the wild dog mask suddenly showed up at the chess hall and beat all the historical perennial celebrities with a multifaceted finger! Besides, the wild dog mask, with all but the king's falls...! Besides, he was moving upside down blindfolded and pointing it at me with his leg! Plus, and besides, the moment we won it all, the little bird whimpered, the horse hissed, nearly 200 fish jumped out of the pond, and one swan flew away!? What do you say, that's awesome? Ugh!?

"Winning the Divine Spirit Squad alone" is just as obvious.

Would you have understood that even if it was a stand-up drinker who talked about it, it was a level story that didn't even deal with drunks?

... Now, for the record, one more thing...

Grayskay Island was finally unable to enter the island after leaving the island due to Livolve's cut cards.

For ships visiting the island, it was initially planned to respond at the port's port of entry gate.

But once they get into port, it takes a lot of work to kick them out.

Besides, if the tourists who are already on the island are lost, they will be allowed to leave the port.

As a result, a new way of dealing with it was devised.

Offshore surveillance is monitored, and if the shadow is confirmed, a Shinkansen Marine Guard is deployed.

Means were taken to get in the boat and have the situation explained offshore and turned back.

Thanks to this, the troubles regarding the entrants were kept to a minimum and the island had been brought with it a calm of rashes......

But for "a certain person," it turned out to be a difference in touch.

If you can at least get to the port of entry gate, scream down the inside of the chest you want to meet and take sides around...

Physically screw my chest. But I could have entered the island......!

"... Yep, eh!? What do you mean you can't get into the island!?

"Also...... sorry! Dear Mother Reincarnation! Right now, martial law has been laid on the island......! No one is allowed on the island!

Said the great assembly of the Virgins was still going on, but bugged it off on the way, reincarnation jumped on the boat.

Almost landed on the island, but it was stopped by the Shinsengumi Marine Guard.

"Oh... I don't know!? Let me in, let me in, let me in! This is how bad kids who can't get their mom to say it!? Meh, meh, meh!

"Ho... I'm so, so sorry! The Grand Virgin like Liincarnation insisted that she should never be allowed through until the safety of the island was assured that something should not happen to her...!

At the moment, a wild dog mask is like a terrorist standing hostage to a mountain.

You can't invite the Grand Virgin to a place where there are such dangerous people.

As for the response, the muscles were actually passing through.

Reincarnation was turning bright red and protesting, but he was cut off the support of his last heart...

When it turned as crisp and bright blue as a signal, it collapsed into a snare.

And...... cute red fever again.

One girl finally blows up.

It's on a ship owned by the Holly Doll family.

It was only a small space on the deck...

But it was so faint that it was in the history of the Virgin.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Reincarnation Holly Doll, 17.

As the eldest daughter of the Holly Doll family, she serves as the mother, who is the head of the family.

He was the best Virgin in neighboring countries, sparingly giving a lot of charity to his surroundings and also known as the rebirth of the goddess.

Such a sudden bringing to her, great sorrow......

It's called "The Tragedy of G," enough to be told off...

Write down the end of the sad story "Super Sud Story" here…!

"Grief, hello......! Me, Mama...!

Seven days before separation.

When the separation was decided, she immediately entrusted the message to the owl she was keeping.

To the King to the host country of the Congregation of the Virgin Mary, as well as the Grand Virgin who participates.

It is too late for a letter by mail, and a magical message becomes a message from the people in charge.

In order to convey the intent more accurately and faster, it seems to be using a biographical bird (tegamidri).

The content of the message was a proposal to postpone the holding of the Congregation of the Virgin.

I claimed that day was the worst day of my fortune, but it was unacceptable and did not lead to a postponement.

Five days before separation.

Begin five scales a day (Mizuori) in the mansion's baths.

It was hard and harsh, but she went on without saying a single cry.

"Mother is purifying herself for the Congregation of the Virgin, and she is disobeyed," the servants admire.

But from her sister,

"Um... if I catch a cold, I think the Congregation of the Virgin Girls can rest... My uncle doesn't think he's going to take my sister on a business trip with a cold..."

They spotted me full of evil, and then they stuck me in a hole in the operation, and I stop in two days.

Three days before separation.

Train your body round and dive into the trunk. But my chest was in the way, and I couldn't.

Ordered large trunks for express rates.

I plot to let my companion, Coolaraka, have it, but Goldwolf finds out because it was an unnatural size.

Two days before separation.

I say stop mothering.

A day before separation.

To create a final memory, I propose to Goldwolf, uh, feed him, knee pillows, bathe with him, accompany him to bed, etc.

But all are turned down.

I reached out to the 'ticket to hear Gol say anything' that had been left in the vault, but I refused to say that my original purpose would no longer be achieved.

The day of separation.

Dropping off Goldwolf's departure, like a family headed for the battlefield, she herself sets off for the Congregation of the Virgin, to be held in a neighbouring country.