Day one of the Congregation of the Virgin.

I feel comfortable giving lectures and discussions. My hands start shaking.

Day two of the Congregation of the Virgin.

emotionally unstable. Suddenly he laughs out or depresses.

Day three of the Congregation of the Virgin.

Start making things that will be 'gol goods' at the suggestion of your second daughter.

Make stickers, badges, posters, etc. and decorate your room where you are staying, using a true photo of the Gold Wolf that you have saved for photography.

Slightly, restore calm.

The Fourth Day of the Congregation of the Virgin.

Signs of toddler regression begin to appear.

I started speaking baby language all the time, and without my second daughter's escort at night, I stopped slumbering.

Day five of the Congregation of the Virgin.

Toddler regression goes further and begins deception with the three women.

The deception with the three women seemed to be well done, but this time it was a bee.

I had a note about which would play the role of Goldwolf, but my second daughter, who went into arbitration, can push the role.

The second daughter was playing the role wearing a goldwolf face, but it lit up and bit her.

But the wandering goldwolves were well received by the sisters, saying they were fresh.

Day 6 of the Congregation of the Virgin.

Finally, I start to see hallucinations.

The statue that was decorated in the venue starts to be called 'Gol' and becomes inseparable.

The statue is brought into her room, somewhat, to restore calm.

Day 7 of the Congregation of the Virgin.

Start calling the statue 'sir'.

I have her speech that day and I can always listen to wonderful speeches filled with charity......

Only this time, he had put the statue aside and even told about his husband with his pupil's open eyes, confusing the participants.

Day 8 of the Congregation of the Virgin.


The Congregation for the Virgin continues for another two weeks, but we left on the way.

Since assembly is one of the sacramental duties dear to the Virgin, renouncing it is considered a major problem.

But if you stop, your life could be lost. It was momentum, so the second daughter begs forgiveness by flat apologizing to those involved.

From all around, she was even told that the Virgin was deprived of her status, but she runs out in a stolen carriage.

The carriage of the Holly Doll family caught up on the way, and the second and third daughters persuaded them.

Transfer the carriage.

Day 9 of the Congregation of the Virgin.

Her second daughter, who loses her enthusiasm, decides to abandon the Congregation of the Virgin and accompany her to Greysky Island along with her.

She didn't eat or go through her throat in the last few days, she didn't sleep a single night again, and she was slowly skinny, so I guess she couldn't have let her go alone.

Day ten of the Congregation of the Virgin.

The closer she gets to Greysky Island by boat, the more she regains her sanity.

As soon as my parents gave me a holiday call to school, I suddenly felt better, like a child.

She was on board, playing "recap" with a wolf.

I just saw Graysky Island, and I can't wait to pop out.

But...... the Marine Guard ships on this island are approaching...

to the present day.

... Woohoo (Oh)...!

What a cruel thing to say about fate......!

Just ten days, etc., I don't know...!

Even though it was an eternal separation, equal to a hundred years for a girl...!

That's the tip of your eyes and nose......!

Reach out like yoga and you say it's far enough away to be likely to reach...!

Again, they tore me apart...!

The girl who collapsed and fell to the big letters,


I was making the cry of my soul echo in the Great Sea Plains.

"Awwwwww!! To Gol!! Finally...!! I thought I could finally stay put on Gol. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Wow!!!

The momentum just falls on the ship, shaking his big tits off.

It was a very unusual sight.

There is a girl like the Great Sea, synonymous with the Virgin Mary, who constantly smiles softly and smiles "Oh, well" at what...

Because he was crying like a toddler.

That's not all.

By the time she gets here, use the 'Goll Goods' she made......

"Armed Loveliver" was also turned into "Armed Gold Wolfer"...!

Every time Osama's face rolls over a body affixed like a human sore, a dress adorned with Osama goods like a lass boss, Osama's face rises like a storm of flowers.

"Oh... sister! Cheer up! Oh... with your uncle's pillow!

My second daughter is fine, and among the goods, I appreciate the "uncle's pillow," which works well.

"Ahem! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh! You can't be such a gol!! Gol, but not Gol!! Golchan, leave me alone!! Leave Golchan alone!! Wow!!!!

Scratch the pillow burly and top it with feathers on Osama's face, which is scattered.

Finally even the hull shakes out with grass.

By the way, the ship was wrapped in Osama's face, "Painful Ship Specifications" without a pain car.

Move left and right very hard so that it is stirred by high waves......!

"Calm down, calm down! Dear Reincarnation!

"Ahhh!? Falling!? Falling uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!?

"Ah!? Wow!? Wow!?!?

The young men of the Shinsengumi group who had come aboard had been slammed down into the sea one after the other.

For some reason, all her sisters and servants who were accompanying her are safe.

But crying doesn't stop like a broken siren instead of withering.

Finally, like ultrasound, it begins to tremble the air.

"Gol, Gol, Gol, Gol, Gol...!! Golluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

... dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

A Marine Guard ship moored nearby explodes as if it had received an invisible shell.

Shortly after all the young men of Shinsengumi, who were on board, were thrown into the sea,

Geez...... aahhhhhhhh!

Suddenly, a high wave is seized.


"Become!? What the fuck!? What the heck?!?!?


"Whew!? A shark!? A shark. Uhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

The scene is no longer a mayhem.

By just one waster, one ship sinks.

Usually the quiet sea was rough and rough, gathering up to the unusually absent sharks, and developing into a catastrophe while panic films.